For the 50th time, Prolit has now launched a bundled preview mailing for its publishers delivering to Prolit – currently with 68 participating publishers to over 3400 bookstores. That was the reason for today’s Sunday meeting with Prolit Managing Director Jochen Mende:

Already for 50 years there is a bundled preview dispatch with you?Jochen Mende: No – not since 50, only since 25 years – but now for the 50th time – because twice a year.

I mocked because you’ve felt that for ages. Why did you come up with the idea?

Christina Cherry

On the search for a successor for our VW T5 California we did not do ourselves easily and also the V-class of Mercedes considered. But at Volkswagen alone 3 models came into question. The California Beach, California Coast and the flagship of the California Ocean, which is also known as Hotel California. The decision was not easy for us.

baseline situation

We had our beloved VW T5 California for many years and were looking for a suitable diesel successor with Euro 6 standard to hopefully be able to drive to larger cities in the future. Last week we had an article in the Spiegel about VW stopping the delivery of the VW T6 because the nitrogen oxide values are too high. Not a good sign, but it can be fixed with a software update.

Christina Cherry

When orthodontic treatment is really necessary and what parents should bear in mind.

Like pearls arranged in even rows – ideally the teeth should stand and fit harmoniously into the jaw. But in the mouths of our offspring it usually doesn’t look that perfect. According to statistics, more than 50 percent of children and adolescents in Germany are affected by tooth and jaw malpositions. About half are congenital, other problems are homemade.

Reason for the braces

A frequent misalignment is the so-called narrow position. “There is too little space in the mouth for the permanent teeth, either because the jaw is too small or the teeth are too large. As a result, the second teeth grow crooked and nested,” says Dr. Gundi Mindermann, chairman of the Professional Association of German Orthodontists (Berufsverband der Deutschen Kieferorthopäden). Similar things can happen if milk teeth are lost prematurely due to caries, the neighboring teeth then push into the gaps and block the space for their successors. Many children also have a bite position problem: the upper and lower jaw do not fit exactly together – usually because the upper jaw protrudes further than the lower jaw. As a result, the upper incisors are in “overbite”, i.e. clearly in front of the lower incisors. If it is the other way round, orthodontists speak of a “prebite”. And also the “open bite” – a gap between the upper and lower front teeth caused by too long pacifiers or thumb sucking – still occurs frequently despite better information.

Christina Cherry

Often parents complain about their unfocused children. However, this only has something to do with a concentration disorder in a few cases. If a child prefers to continue playing with his mobile phone rather than setting the table, this is not a problem of attention.

Even if it does not hear the multiple calls of the parents. Use our Concentration checklist to find out how well your child can concentrate and whether there may be a disorder.

Does your child have problems with concentration?

Only gradually do children learn to concentrate on less exciting things such as homework or tidying up. Take our test and try to clarify what your child’s concentration looks like.

Christina Cherry

In the “Bank Statement” series, we regularly introduce people who tell us how much they earn, what they spend their money on – and how much they put on their pages each month. 40-year-old Ties from Berlin reports here.

My job

Occupation: I work as a visual artist in my studio in Berlin-Adlershof. I mainly create sculptures: from miniature sculptures to room-filling sculptures. But also installations, paintings and photographs. Many of my works are not understood at first glance, but that’s not my goal either. I want the viewer to make an effort. Recently, in the exhibition rooms of Lage-egal in Berlin, I built three columns up to 1.60 meters high out of my own household rubbish, each crowned with a white cube. I don’t always work alone, but enjoy working together with others. In the summer it’s “If Paradise is half as nice” again. Since 2013 I meet every summer with nine other artists in an abandoned building in East Germany and create new art together with the others.

Christina Cherry

Summer is over and the dark and wet season begins. With children you have to make up a small alternative plan so that you can spend a nice day even in bad weather. Here are a few ideas when the mood is on the ground:

indoor playgrounds

If it is wet and cold, but the children still want to let off steam, then indoor playgrounds are ideal. The children’s club is located in the 15th district of Vienna. Here you can find playground equipment and toys for children up to 10 years on approx. 200 m². For the very little ones there is a crawling area, for the midis an active area and for the maxis the giant tube slide is definitely a highlight.

Christina Cherry

What do you serve on Good Friday? We have four super delicious ideas for the whole family.

On Good Friday, traditional recipes are prepared with fish. They are accompanied by a light sauce, boiled potatoes or some bread. The fish can also be prepared in a completely different and extremely varied way, we prove to you with these four ingenious Good Friday recipes.

Healthy and varied: that’s why more fish should land on your plates

Fish has one big advantage: it goes pretty much with all kinds of herbs and vegetables. If you have children who don’t like fish so much, you can bread fish fillets and fry them in butter. I’ll bet that’s how children like to eat it. And it’s healthier than fish fingers from the freezer!

Christina Cherry

Influence of birth sequence on parent-child relationship and personality

Children with older siblings often have a less close relationship with their parents. They are also more emotionally unstable and fearful.

This is the result of an analysis by the Research Center for Demographic Change (FZDW) at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (Frankfurt UAS). The researchers evaluated the data they collected in a longitudinal study. The question of whether and to what extent the position in the sequence of births influences the personality of the child and its relationship to the parents has been an issue in psychology for almost 100 years. The assumptions are different: Sometimes they are single children and baby nestlings whose personality development allegedly suffers from the fact that they were pampered as children. Sometimes it is the so-called sandwich children who are predicted a problematic development, because they supposedly did not receive enough attention from their parents. There is also the thesis that firstborns tend to be more conservative and secondborns more rebellious. However, the current state of research assumes that the sequence of births has no noticeable influence on personality. The team at the Research Centre has now been able to refute this in part through its analysis.

Christina Cherry

Bread Box Parade: Ideas for the Bread Box

Bread tins >The Disney mini sausages are a brand new product for children, maybe you have already discovered them around supermarket. But now I don’t want to keep you on your toes – here come bread boxes to fall in love with – great snacks for Kita & school.

Bread Box Parade: Ideas for the Bread Box

I always like to be inspired by bread cans and regularly look at the ideas of my colleagues Anna and Rebecca from the lunchboxdiary blog. They also made me use colourful silicone moulds in the lunchbox. These are actually muffin moulds, but in the bread tin they provide even more space and structure, depending on the partition wall. Ingenious! I made a total of ten different boxes. Each box contains Aoste’s new break snacks – the Mini Meat Sausages. Kids just love meat sausage – but who am I going to tell … Let’s get started with the ideas!

Christina Cherry

International Day Care Center Bonn

International day care centre for children

The International Day Care Center has 120 full-day childcare places in eight groups. The childcare places are available to the children of employees of international organisations and of the Interessengemeinschaft Bund. With a time frame of 45 hours per week, children are cared for all day from the 4th month of life until the start of compulsory schooling. The services are offered bilingually in German and English.

Four groups of children aged between four months and four years are cared for, and a further four groups of children aged between two years and the start of compulsory schooling, four to six of whom are children aged between two years.

Christina Cherry