Trekking poles – Telescopic poles for the mountain tour

walking sticks are today sophisticated technical products to relieve the hikers and mountaineers. In addition, they help to maintain balance in rough terrain. Just on the descent they help to relieve the knees.
The heart of a telescopic Stocks is the clamp. There are different systems here. But otherwise there are details that you should pay attention to.


The “heart” of walking sticks is the clamping mechanism. There are now different systems. external terminals have the advantage that you can adjust them yourself and that they hold a lot. inside terminals have the advantage that they are less bulky and you will not get stuck anywhere. Since a short time there is also one Length adjustment by means of a pressure mechanism.

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Experience the Allgäu summer

Summer holidays in the Allgäu is exciting, invigorating and relaxing at the same time. Whether hiking, cycling or a trip to the lake, you get to decide every day how to plan your staff Allgäu holiday:

Cycling and mountain biking in the Allgäu

The Allgäu is ideal for easy or challenging mountain bike tours, e-bike tours or mountain bike trails. Bicycle racing is therefore a true thrill thanks to the proximity to Austria. Fantastic landscape impressions and the numerous lakes and ponds in the region. In addition, there is a wide range of themed cycling tours along the Forggensee Lake, various routes to Austria or the Emmental cycling trail which takes visitors past several dairies. Bring your bike with you or hire one on-site or how about an e-bike?

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In record time, the family splits into two parts: The father says “Nothing for me,” and the big daughter just turns her head in disgust. The mother thinks that an exhibition on meat in art must be watched, while the younger child can be persuaded by the somewhat grisly theme of coming to Villa Rot.

Jana Sterbak: “Vanitas: Flesh Dress for Albino Anorectic”

Our family split, which preceded the refusal of a friend who was actually with me to the opening of the exhibition “Carnality” wanted to come, but then saw the flyer and preferred to stay at home, is actually quite a success for the current show at the Villa Rot. When can art already polarize so before they have ever seen? In the Villa Rot in Upper Swabia Burgrieden (just 25 kilometers south of Ulm), in recent years, people have not shied away from tackling the arts from a very physical side: there was an exhibition on tattoos and one about hair, and recently it was about the topic of smell in art. Museum director Stefanie Dathe never shied away from a certain disgust factor.

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Dentistry, Computer Science, Political Science: New Professors at the University of Basel

Two new professors have been elected at the University of Basel: Prof. Dr. Michael Bornstein becomes Professor of Oral Health and Medicine, Prof. Dr. Ivan Dokmanić Professor of Data Analytics and Prof. Dr. Denise Traber Assistant Professor of Political Science. Furthermore, the University Council took note of the mission statement developed by Regenz.

The University Council of Basel has appointed Prof. Dr. med. dent. to the clinical professorship for Oral Health and Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine with employment at the University Centre for Dentistry Basel (UZB). Michael Bornstein. The dentist trained in Basel has been Professor in Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology at the University of Hong Kong since 2016 and Associate Dean for Research and Innovation at the Faculty of Dentistry since the end of 2018; he will take up his professorship on 1 January 2020.

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Free online education for teachers


You need more information? Here are the most important answers to the most frequently asked questions so that you are perfectly prepared for the free webinars.

What is a webinar??

A webinar is a seminar held over the internet. Each webinar of our Teacher Development Certificate course is one hour long and is held by academics from EF language schools as well as other well-known educational institutions such as the Oxford University Press.

You will be charged for participating in the webinar?

No, the webinars are free for teachers from all over the world.

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Everyone can support the campaign “Pilgern mit SiNN” with donations of any amount. With the proceeds the important work in the butterfly group is promoted. Individuals such as friends, companies such as clubs, teams, anniversary societies, classes or families can donate.

100% of the donations go directly to the EiGEN-SiNN foundation.

Simply donate online

Please select in the field “I donate for” the intended purpose “Pilgrim with SiNN”.

Donate by bank transfer

Recipient: Stiftung EiGEN-SiNN Purpose: “Pilgern mit SiNN” Account number (IBAN): DE60 6425 1060 0013 5219 47 at Kreissparkasse Freudenstadt

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Dentist fear, gentle treatment by dr

dental fear

Gentle treatments for sensitive dentists

About a tenth of the population in Germany is afraid to go to the dentist. That’s why Sensitive Dentists has come to a close treatment specializes in treating anxiety patients stress-free. The therapy is both sensitive and painless and offers treatment in just a few sessions.

In a first non-binding telephone conversation sufferers already have the opportunity with Dr. med. E. Unterhuber to talk in detail about their history. Whether it’s the causes of dental anxiety, the concerns about possible dental treatment and the current need for treatment, Dr. med. Unterhuber takes time for you and lets you tell about your story. In this conversation, you can already receive information about the course of a possible treatment.

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Chain pinion 13 teeth suitable for Zündapp 3 speed CS50 Auto & Motorcycle: Parts Chain pinion 13 teeth suitable for Zündapp 3 speed CS50 Auto & Motorcycle: Parts Auto & Motorcycle: Parts Chain pinion 13 teeth suitable for Zündapp 3 speed CS50 Chain pinion 13 teeth suitable for Zündapp 3 speed CS50 Auto & Motorcycle: Parts Chain pinion 13 teeth suitable for Zündapp 3 speed CS50 Auto & Motorcycle: Parts

Islandwide Taxi

Start your trip right away with Sri Lankas most beloved Taxi service.

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Anton’s whole world

A travel blog for mobile families

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Addition to the family! Woom 4 has moved in.

Kids, how time flies … You always notice that the kids are getting bigger, right ?! Did not we just look forward to it that Anton can ride a bicycle and that the first Woom bike moved in with us? Was not that quasi yesterday? No, that was two years ago and we had it on vacation in Croatia with the camper. On the coast, he made the first speedy driving attempts and after the holiday he was already super safe. The toddler is now in school and Ida could not wait to take Anton’s blue bike. That went just as fast as the big brother. Thank the impeller. Sit down, feet on the pedals and go! Experience after 2 years Woom Just because we were still so enthusiastic about the first bike after two years, it was obvious to buy the next size again at Woom. It was never necessary to do anything on the bike except pumping up tires. The brakes are still working like the first day. Ok, it has a few …

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Weather in Bavaria

The weather for northern and southern Bavaria today and in the coming 2 days TodayMorningFriday 14° 10° | 18° 9° | 18° 12° 10° | 19° 6° | 17°

At night partly clear, partly cloudy, cooling down to 11 to 2 degrees Celsius


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Tonsillitis Almonds: When should surgery be performed?

Every year 90,000 people are operated on the tonsils in Germany. The operation is one of the most frequent operations in the ENT area. For a long time it was controversial when and from which age surgery should be performed.

From: Tom Fleckenstein

In small children, the tonsils are still important for the development of the immune system. There have been many deaths after surgery. In Austria in 2006 even eight children died in one year due to heavy bleeding. A tonsillectomy is therefore not a trivial operation. According to the latest research, only part of the tonsils is increasingly removed. And there is a new guideline in Germany as to when surgery is recommended.

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