Active holidays on the North Sea – active recreation is possible here

In addition to the Baltic Sea, the North Sea coast continues to be one of the most popular holiday regions in Germany. In 2010, many holiday resorts along the coast and on the islands could point to increasing numbers of tourists. This trend should continue in the current year. For 2011, those responsible expect positive visitor numbers again. In order to meet the new requirements of the tourists, the North Sea starts with numerous offers for active vacationers in the holiday season. In the future, hotels, holiday apartments providers and local tour operators want to work together even more closely and offer holidaymakers plenty of new offers. Very big on the rise is the riding holiday. More and more farms offer holidays on the horse farm and allow exploring the landscapes on the back of the horses. At the same time, the North Sea coast remembers its old traditions. Thus, Norderney will expand its own Thalasso offer.
The new focus of the tourism associations is also on the active holiday, it should be offered to the tourists a wealth of offers for this form of holiday. The holiday resorts on the North Sea want to take even more of the trend towards sustainability and more variety. For example, the trails were modernized and expanded to further establish hiking on the North Sea. It should be more comfortable for tourists who are planning a stay on Sylt. In order to save your energy for an active holiday, you can already look forward to numerous new air connections from spring, which will be implemented by several German airports. On Heligoland the offer of the ferry service is to be extended. Thus, with the Fair Lady, an already known ship is sent back to Heligoland traffic.

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Market research: finding new employees

publish a job advertisement

Long range in the target group "market research"
In the job market of you can reach your target group directly without wastage. Our site statistics show not only a high range, but also a very low bounce rate: anyone who visits the job market is in good hands and quickly finds what they are looking for.

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Hereby I book the following option:

Traineeships, internships and working students

The Publication of free training places costs 190,00 EUR plus VAT at a term of 6 weeks: To book single ad training place.

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Everything about the topic family in the socko – family magazine and family guide. If people in Germany are asked what is most important to them, the family is right at the top. The term has a very special meaning and high status in our society. We would like to support you in mastering everyday life with children and to give parents good ideas on a wide range of topics. Family from A to Z with tips and advice and news to simplify family life and family life.

The topics that move families are as colorful and diverse as life: education and child care, fashion and leisure, crafts and games. There are also questions about life models, lifestyle and the cohesion of a family, regardless of whether this is just to be strengthened by a wedding or by divorce is in transition.

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It’s a real nightmare scenario for all mothers: The waiting room at the paediatrician’s is crowded and the offspring screams like a spit because they’re afraid of the doctor. But also in the treatment room the screaming continues and at this point at the latest most mothers are finally at the end of their nerves. A visit to the doctor is pure stress for mother and child, the fear of the doctor is particularly great if the child has already had bad experiences.

Good preparation is everything

If an appointment with the doctor is pending, then good preparation is half the success. The evening before, the insurance card, the vaccination card and the yellow examination booklet should be prepared and if there are questions to the doctor, parents should list the questions and the list of the necessary papers. The child should be dressed in a “doctor-friendly” way, i.e. shoes with Velcro, clothing to slip in and trousers with elastic band. In order to reduce the fear of the doctor, the pacifier and the favourite cuddly toy should also be included. This makes the offspring feel safer and the doctor can listen to the cuddly toy before going to the actual examination.

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  • A candidiasisis indeed oneharmless disease in babies and children, but still has to treated consistently become. If left untreated, more serious illnesses can follow, such as an infection of the blood. Which in the worst case can also lead to liver, lung or meningitis.
  • Symptoms of a fungal disease in the intestine are watery diarrhea, frequent abdominal pain and food intolerances. In children, not only the intestinal activity is often impaired, but they also express malaise, have to vomit and have a sore bottom.
  • To treat the fungal disease, be antifungal drugs (antifungals) used. At the mouth, the doctor prescribes drops or a suspension. Are skin areas affected, support Ointments, creams and suppositories the healing process.

A sore butt goes through every baby or toddler. The warm and humid climate under the diaper, the Skin contact with stool and urine as well as the mechanical irritation by the diaper the inflammation. These are the best Conditions for infections with yeasts, like Candida albicans. Mushrooms form a large and species-rich group of living things, which also occur everywhere in our natural environment. Because the immune system of infants and toddlers is not fully developed, yeasts find favorable growth conditions. In our guide, parents learn what they can do to treat their children‘s yeast infections.

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The birth, the most incisive and most touching experience

Birth or delivery is a complex but completely natural process. Many women are afraid of the birth and the pain involved, wondering if they will endure it. Knowing what happens at birth, how to survive it and what possibilities there are, relaxes and calms many women enormously.

Prepare for the birth, take fears

Good preparation for childbirth helps to reduce anxiety and relieve birth pain. Our birth preparation courses support the pregnant women and provide comprehensive information about the birth and the time afterwards. Childbirth – also called childbirth or childbirth – is an intimate experience, so a trusting relationship with the midwife and the doctors is very important.

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Telematics: Federal Dental Chamber - Arbeitsgemeinschaft der deutschen Zahnärztekammern e


Positions on telematics

The leading organizations of healthcare providers have prepared a position paper on telematics. The common goal is to create a safe, workable and future-oriented information highway in the healthcare sector with added value for patients and service providers. The position paper was sent to members of the Health and Care Coalition Working Group.

Electronic dentist badge

The electronic dentist card (e-dentist card) is the electronic health professional card (HBA) for dentists. The first applications of ezahnarztausweises are online applications of chambers and KZVen seen, this may include:

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Schinder (1,808 m) and Schinderkar hike from Valepp

The mountain tour on the Schinder – a hike that will be remembered!

Schinder – the peak from below

Basically, there are two Schinder peaks, right next to each other. The Bavarian Schinder with 1,796 meters altitude and the Tyrolean Schinder on the Austrian side, actually Trausnitzberg means and is the summit goal of this circular walk.
It goes over the Trausnitzalm on a summit offers the magnificent view “on 1000 peaks” and down through the Schindertor with spectacular scree surf deposit over the Schinderkar.
Attention: For this tour you definitely need real mountain boots, sure-footedness and a little head for heights.

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District of Kaiserslautern: home

American foulbrood in bees

Further information can be found in the general decree on the restricted area

Changed opening hours of the Elterngeldstelle

For our parental benefit office (Am Altenhof 6, D-67655 Kaiserslautern) from now until 31.12.2019 limited service times apply:

Monday – Friday: 8:00 to 12:00
Thursday: 8:00 to 12:00 and 13:30 to 18:00

During the service-free times, the phones will not be busy, it will be redirected to the voicemail.

Changed opening hours of the maintenance advance fund

For the maintenance advance fund (Am Altenhof 6, D-67655 Kaiserslautern), until 31.12.2019 limited service times continue to apply:

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The German photo service provider CEWE is continuing its success story: At the end of September 2017, CEWE presented the 50 millionth photo book. At the anniversary celebration in Paris, the French trading partner was Fnac.

Personal labels with CEWE print

The advent season has begun and with it the yearly recurring search for creative, individual, exciting Christmas presents. Market leader CEWE has come up with some innovations at Christmas time, which make Christmas presents even more beautiful: Own photos are transferred from the smartphone, USB sticker, memory card or CD to the instant image machine and transformed into small photo stickers with text or graphics. The stickers decorate Christmas mail to friends or relatives living abroad and their own gifts.

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