Caries (dental caries, tooth decay)

The most important facts at a glance

19.10.2016, 13:06 hrs | Ann-Kathrin Landzettel

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Caries is a disease of the teeth. Bacteria in dental plaque decompose tiny components of food residues and form acids. These attack the tooth substance and lead to holes in the enamel if oral hygiene is inadequate.

Causes: How caries develops

Even though enamel is the hardest material in the body, it is not indestructible. There are three main risk factors for tooth decay: frequent sugar consumption, poor oral hygiene and plaque. Plaque is the ideal breeding ground for caries-forming bacteria (especially streptococcus mutans and lactobacilli). If they decompose the food residues and the contained sugar, acids are formed as a waste product. These attack the tooth enamel and lead in the first step to a decalcification of the weakened tooth surface. The affected area shows a light whitish colour and offers the bacteria an additional surface of attack. Without adequate dental care, the enamel becomes softer and softer. Eventually a small hole forms. This must be drilled out by the dentist and provided with a filling. If this does not happen, the caries eats through the tooth crown to the tooth root and finally destroys the dentin bone and the tooth nerve.

Christina Cherry

Soon the little monsters and ghosts will rattle with their chains again – Halloween is on 31 October! Buaahh. So that the monster party doesn’t mutate into a pure sugar bomb party for the little scary spirits, I’m showing three creepy healthy snacks and decoration ideas for the Halloween party today. Your kids will love the creepy do it yourselfs!

These recipes and DIY ideas work of course not only for the Halloween children’s party, but also for adults. So braid your vampire’s teeth and jump at the cool scary recipes with yelling.

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Cape Coral cottage

In Cape Coral you can rent many beautiful holiday homes

Holiday house in Cape Coral

On Cape Coral cottage is perfect for you, of course Florida vacation with the whole family where you can enjoy a lot of space and privacy. Renting a holiday home in Florida, especially in Cape Coral for the holidays is very popular with families with children. You get a lot of luxury for a little money and if you stay in a hotel in Florida it will cost you more money than a Cape Coral vacation home.

What are the advantages

The benefits are certainly that of a typical Florida vacation rental at least three bedrooms, two bathrooms and one pool features. The pool is of course very popular with the children because you can let off steam here and spend the whole day there. For the parents, there is usually one more whirlpool where you can relax. As a rule, the villa is located directly at one Canal with access to the Gulf of Mexico. Many houses already have one boat and you can then go out with this directly from the house into the sea. For villas without a boat it is advisable to rent a boat. There are also many German providers who then drive the boat directly in front of the house.

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The Aphantasia is a special form of visual agnosia and corresponds to the complete inability to voluntarily retrieve visual images. The clinical picture probably goes back to brain defects. Therapies do not exist so far.

Table of Contents

What is Aphantasia?

The subconscious and the consciousness of man work on mental pictures. Visualization is a basic process of cognition. Cognitive visualization processes arise through a network of different brain regions, mainly through the areas of the parietal, frontal, temporal and occipital lobes. For cognitive visualization stored memories are crucial, the corresponding images call to consciousness.

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Cheap Maryland Bridge - save money with

Maryland Bridge

A Maryland bridge (also known as an adhesive bridge or adhesive bridge) is a fixed bridge that can be used to replace single missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. The Maryland Bridge belongs to the group of fixed dentures and is glued to the lateral abutment teeth with a special fixation plastic. The Maryland Bridge itself consists of a metal or ceramic framework, which is attached to the abutment teeth with one or two wings at the back. In the field of vision (anterior or canine teeth), a Maryland Bridge can be veneered in a tooth-colored color, so that it is not obvious from the outside that it is a fixed denture and not the patient’s real teeth.

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Yoga in yoga vidya stadtcentrum ostrhauderfehn

Yoga school Hanuman in Ostrhauderfehn

Welcome to the yoga school Hanuman in Ostrhauderfehn

Training as a yoga teacher.

Hartelijk welkom bij Yogaschool Hanuman te Ostrhauderfehn (Ostfr.),

Yoga cursussen, meditatie cursussen, spiritual counseling, life coaching, yogadocent opleiding.

Hanuman (the Monkey God) is considered the embodiment of righteousness, he is a true karma yogi who acted dynamically and powerfully without expectations.

Registration via ostrhauderfehn (at), registration button or WhatsApp


Hatha Yoga classes from October 2019

Prices in the second half of 2019 started in mid-August and end in October. You can find new courses here.

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THURSDAY 30.05.2019 / THURSDAY 30 MAY 2019

11:00 – 23:00Bazaar and craft market / Bazaar and craftmen’s market 12:00 – 20:00Children’s area open 15:00 – 23:30Wine tent – South Africa meets Franconia 15:00 – 23:30Open Air Cocktail Lounge (Cuban sounds and drinks) 17:00Opening by a guest of honour with the participation of the Lord Mayor of Würzburg and the Ambassador of South Africa, Havana Club Inauguration by a special guest with the involvement of the Mayor of the city of Würzburg and the Ambassador of South Africa at Havana Club (only invited guests)

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Invisalign® Munich, creative dentists, dr

Invisalign® – beautiful straight teeth without clasp

A beautiful and harmonious smile is very important in today’s society, professionally or personally. With a nice open smile you feel well and radiate joy. How to get a nice and straight smile without having to wear annoying brackets and metal clasps?

The innovative treatment with Invisalign® in Munich was developed especially for adult patients who do not want to have a fixed metal-colored braces. The Invisalign® treatment is based on almost invisible splints that can be comfortably worn in daily life. The rails are replaced every two weeks and replaced with new rails. Thus, the tooth malposition is corrected step by step.

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Our care

You can reach us by phone under the number 02305 9208389

Speak your message on the answering machine. We listen to the news regularly.

The supervision concept was developed by our pedagogical staff under the leadership of Mrs. Heinze and coordinated with the school management.

The Elisabethschule currently employs a total of seven teaching staff. Together they look after about 119 children of our school.

This is our care team:

From left: Christiane Heinze, Astrid Soathoff, Sabine Heyden, Michaela Volkmann, Yvonne Cebula, Ute Schymura

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First visit

The first appointment is purely an acquaintance appointment. In the first appointment we will usually “only” count the teeth. In this way your child will have confidence in us.

Preparation at home

You can prepare your child at home. You will help us to give your child a positive attitude. You can do many things with your mouth: laugh, talk, eat and kiss. Make your child aware that it is quite normal to deal with the mouth.

You will help your child a lot by only expressing yourself positively about your visit to the dentist.

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