Height: 1775 meters

Arosa summarized

  • High altitude, living ski resort
  • Nice après ski and family friendly
  • Huge ski area with lift to Lenzerheide

Skiing in Arosa – this is winter sports in the probably best air of the Alps. Long before Arosa gained fame as a ski resort, he became known as a lung health resort. Today, the small, lively ski resort is famous for its fantastic, varied pistes around the local mountain Weißhorn (2,653 m). Family friendliness is very important here. There is a small ski area for the next generation of skiers. But also for the big ones there is a great slope and powder offer. Especially since the merger with Lenzerheide.

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publication history

Publication Date:24 July 2008 (online)

Summary of the

Background: The therapy of choice for macrocystic lymphangiomas is complete resection. However, due to the growth pattern of this congenital malformation and the main localization in the head and neck area, resection is often only incompletely possible. An alternative is sclerosing with Picibanil. Experience with the use of Picibanil in infants has so far only been available in the form of case reports.

Patient/Method: From 2002 to 2006, retrospectively the data of 8 children, aged from 2 weeks to 12 months, who were treated with Picibanil for macrocystic or mixed cystic lymphangioma as part of a curative trial, were processed. The follow-up period was 3 months to 3 years.

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To assess fertility, doctors use a spermogram to analyze male seminal fluid according to fixed criteria. If the desire […]

To assess fertility, doctors use a spermogram to analyze male seminal fluid according to fixed criteria.
If the desire to father a child does not come true, there are many reasons. These reasons may lie with him or with him, with both or are sometimes not easy to determine.

First of all, important aspects of the man’s fertility can be determined with a spermogram. The doctor analyzes the sperm of the man by a proven standard procedure. The focus is on the microscopic assessment of sperm in terms of their shape, number and mobility.

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What does dentures cost?

According to the Federal Dentists Association, the German health insurance companies spent in 2015 more than 13 billion euros for the subsidization of dental treatments including dentures.

For the individual costs must be differentiated, since each denture depending on the amount and condition of the material, the existing teeth, depending on the patient (whether private or cash) differently expensive.

Crowns cost between 300, – and 1,000, – Euro, bridges between 1,200, – and 3,600, – Euro, prostheses 550, – to 2,000, – Euro and implants can be up to 5,000, – Euro expensive. These costs may be reimbursed in part from health insurance or dental insurance.

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Silver snakes

Through the black, towering forest goes quietly the lonely blue
midsummer night.-
Silver scatters them on the root-veined path.
Softly she whispers. She tells the quivering flowers fairy tales of peace and happiness. And her voice sounds in the secret noise of the branches hold like the church bells in the village on Sunday.
The flowers are intoxicating.
They raise the hanging heads and look so grateful the night in the serious blue eye.
And the birds shake in their sleep and feel the blessing of the silent dream-scattering goddess.
Silence around.
As silent as the tiny heart is the innocent, bright-eyed child, so quiet now unfolds the infinite nocturnal world.
There – but cuts through the forest a mighty gray mound.
Two glistening snakes crept over the outgoing dam.
Soon they glow in blue, secret light, soon they dive again in twilight, the long, curling bodies.
Alas, it’s as if the snakes were destroying peace.
Far away they lose themselves – far away in the darkness of the moonlit night.

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Professional teeth cleaning for well-groomed and whiter teeth

It is always advisable to perform a tooth cleaning before whitening your own teeth. Whether you do this yourself or take a professional cleaning of the teeth, of course, is up to you. Of course, professional teeth cleaning is recommended in order to lighten the best possible effect when teeth are being whitened.

This is done by a dentist or a specialist with appropriate training.

How does the teeth cleaning work?

The short version looks like this:

When cleaning, the plaque is removed above and below your gums. The area below the gum is the tartar, below the gum is called concretion. The specialized employees remove everything that is visible. The invisible plaque may only be removed by the dentist.

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Long-term care insurance for private provision in old age

A useful part of the pension plan

You can find that on the page

Private retirement provision is becoming increasingly important. In doing so, she has become more diverse today than ever before. On important component of old-age provision is the care insurance. Although many services are already covered by the statutory long-term care insurance, they are usually not sufficiently secured. A more or less big one care gap remains. If you want to close this gap, you can extend the legal protection to private supplementary care insurance.

Identical benefits for private and statutory insured

In long-term care insurance, private and statutory insured persons receive the same benefits. That’s because it’s one binding statutory catalog of benefits which applies equally to all providers. From a performance point of view, it does not matter whether you are a member of a statutory long-term care fund or a private insurance company. That may seem a bit strange at first glance. After all, there is a strict separation between private and statutory health insurance in health insurance. In the area of ​​care, however, both the long-term care funds and the private long-term care insurers are part of the statutory long-term care insurance. In the case of private providers one speaks accordingly of the private long-term care insurance, which is identical to the statutory long-term care insurance.

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Pulling in the bar

If you have pain in the groin (in the area between the abdomen, the hip and the thighs), then this can have different causes. The pain is usually a pull, but it can also occur a squeeze. Men are generally more affected than women.

There are relatively many causes of a pull or pain in the groin, but there are also sex-related causes. Some are less harmless than others, and the pain varies.

In most cases, a hernia is the cause of a pull in the bar. However, such a hernia is not always painful, sometimes this shows up only in a kind of protrusion in the groin area. Other causes may include joint wear, hip or bone disease, varicose veins, urinary tract infections or sports injuries such as muscle strain. Also, certain inflammations or pinched nerves can trigger pain in the groin, as well as lymph node swelling. A pull in the groin can also be triggered by a urinary stone or osteoporosis. There are relatively many causes and in any case they should be checked and diagnosed by the doctor.

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What to do in the fall holiday in the Karwendel? Our autumn vacation tips

Fall vacations

Autumn holiday in the Karwendel

What can you do in autumn in the Karwendelgebirge??
I love the autumn weeks in the Karwendel region. Autumn is the time when customs in Karwendel are particularly revived. As the days get shorter in September and October, only a few days go by without a folklore event. Celebrations are still celebrated on the pastures before the cows leave the Karwendel a few weeks later. Around the Almatbrieb and the harvest festivals is the time, where traditions and customs are in the focus. The second big theme is the enjoyment: enjoy nature while hiking and cycling and enjoy good regional food. You should see it for yourself and try it.

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Eye lasers: health insurance - cost coverage?

Eye lasers, health insurance and reimbursement

Anyone who decides to have an eye laser surgery may, in the best case, completely dispense with a visual aid in the form of glasses or contact lenses. However, the cost of laser vision deficiency treatment is not very low. While it may be possible to save costs through operations abroad, you still have to finance the biggest factor yourself. How does it look in this regard with the Assumption of the costs by the legal and / or private health insurance out? Our guide explains.

The cost of an eye laser surgery at a glance

When it comes to the price of eye surgery, various factors are relevant to the calculation. Among other things, the price will be influenced by which eye laser provider you choose for the procedure. In addition, it depends on the cost of which you have defective vision corrected. Basically, the following treatment methods have good success rates:

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