Adam’s Peak: You should know that before the ascent

Adam’s Peak is Sri Lanka’s most famous mountain. At an altitude of 2,245 meters, it towers over the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Due to its religious significance and the fantastic view, every day hundreds of pilgrims and tourists are drawn to one of the most beautiful mountains in Sri Lanka.

Done! The ascent of the Adam’s Peak is an absolutely unique experience

You should climb the Adam’s Peak only in the period between December and May. In the other months, monsoon rains and strong winds make the hike a dangerous adventure.

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Generation contract - what is it?

generation contract

Problems of pension insurance through solidarity

One of the most important foundations of German pension insurance is the generational contract, whereby each generation receives its pension from the pension insurance contributions of subsequent generations. We check whether this solidarity community is still justified.

The generation contract and its fundamentals

The pension insurance, as it has been understood in Germany since the introduction by Otto von Bismarck, is based on the commitment of younger generations to provide for the older generations in the family, if they can no longer earn their own income. This moral obligation existed before the introduction of pension insurance towards the end of the 19th century for many generations. Economic and demographic conditions at the time of the Law on Disability and Old Age Insurance of 1889 were such that this traditional family model no longer seemed timely.

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Many children of addicted parents keep their worries to themselves because they want to protect their parents. (Picture: Getty)

“My mother wasn’t a bad woman.” With this sentence Sonja Keller begins to tell about her childhood. A childhood in which she had to get up independently every morning because nobody woke her up. In which she made her own breakfast and went to school alone. In which she had to clean the apartment because nobody else was able to do it and in which she and her brother got a can of ravioli or goulash soup to eat at noon and often nothing at all in the evening. “Sometimes, when my mother became aggressive through the alcohol, I hid our hammer from her so that she couldn’t beat us with it,” says Sonja Keller, who actually has a different name. The mother hit her anyway. She used the carpet beater instead of the hammer. Sonja Keller’s mother was an alcoholic.

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The palate – Limiting the paranasal sinus to the oral cavity – Function & Treatment for hard and soft palate

The palate or the palate is perceived by most people only in the context of food, and it is rather the tongue that is tickled by the food. But problems with this part of the upper jaw can be uncomfortable and can also have serious consequences. What exactly hides behind this part of the body is generally less well known, though the answer is strikingly simple. Because in the first place he separates the mouth from the nasal cavity. It consists of two parts, the hard and the soft palate. The front, hard part of the palate is formed by the upper jawbone and is completely covered by the oral mucosa. This is not movable. The soft palate section is different. It adjoins directly to the front area and consists of various muscles, which are stabilized by a connective tissue plate. Also the so-called soft palate as well as the centrally arranged suppositories can be found here.

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Building bridges in early education

Good child day care enables equal opportunities for all children. Child day care can make an important contribution to social integration, especially for children with a refugee background. They make contacts and learn the German language quickly. So far, however, not all families have benefited equally from child day care as a form of early education – although in Germany all children from the age of one have a legal right to a place in child care. Families with a refugee background in particular have found it difficult to find their way to child day care for a variety of reasons. With the federal programme “Kita-Ensieg: Brücken bauen in frühe Bildung” (“Kita Entry: Building Bridges in Early Education”), the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs is therefore promoting low-threshold offers that prepare and support access to child day care.

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Dental Implants forth, dentist dr

Dental implants

Dental Implants – Radiant smile with artificial tooth roots

Dental implants offer the best solution for the treatment of one or more tooth gaps as a fixed, esthetic denture. Gaps in the teeth are nothing to be ashamed of – because of an accident or a dental disease, the loss of teeth has happened quickly. With modern dental implants we can fill in the gaps in the dental practice. Close Ludwig and colleagues well again. The artificial tooth roots are in no way inferior to the natural teeth in terms of stability and bite resistance. Compared to conventional prostheses, they offer decisive advantages, such as optimal wearing comfort, a very natural appearance and hardly any problems when speaking or eating.

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German family insurance: digital property insurance

German Family Insurance has been offering a new household insurance policy since 19.09.2018. Household Budget Protection is the first of a series of new digital property policies that the Frankfurt-based Insurtech wants to launch on the market in the coming weeks. “Sixth Matrix” therefore contains household contents, liability insurance, motor legal protection and accident insurance.

Accident insurance in Germany, and what awarded a “very good” rating (1.3) by the German consumer organization, Stiftung Warentest on Wednesday. The structure of “16th Matrix Property” is based on the simple and clear structure of “16th Matrix Health” and is available in the variants Basic, Comfort, Premium and Exclusive. Dr. Stefan M. Knoll, CEO and founder of Deutsche Familienversicherung says: “In 2007 we launched the property insurance package Combi-5-plus on the German insurance market which offered a revolutionary new product solution. So, in 2018 we will be introducing the new “16th Matrix Property”; a product portfolio that is easy to understand and is based on the level of digitization of our supplementary health insurance.

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Minimalism: My conclusion after 18 months Magic Cleaning!

Magic Cleaning: From chaotic to minimalist?!

Since the beginning of January, the whole world is in the Magic Cleaning fever. Marie Kondo, the author of the book Magic Cleaning Amazon Affiliate Link is omnipresent! Whether on Netflix (-> Clean up with Marie Kondo), Spotify, Facebook, Udemy or Instagram: There is no way around the consistent mucking out this year. I bought the book of Marie K. many years ago and then with the implementation began. Today I want to show you how our home has changed since then. Contrary to the many reviews that I have read in the last few days, this book actually helped me. But look for yourself!

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Buzz! The great quiz game guide nrw

Buzz! The big quiz

Description of the game:
For all Rate foxes it goes to the first part "Buzz! The music quiz" With "Buzz! The big quiz" now in the second round.
As with the first part, the additional Buzz-Controller is necessary for playing, for all owners of the first part, who already own the controller, the quiz is also available separately. Further quiz variants are announced for the future, so that the existing controllers can be used later.

In a virtual quiz studio up to eight players (per Buzz controller four players can participate in the quiz) compete under the direction of the quiz master Buzz against each other.
The big quiz contains about 6000 questions from the fields of sports, art, science, humor and film. The answers are often presented in the form of pictures, and many answers are not given to text answers. Players can collect points themselves in different rounds of play, steal points from the opponent, but also receive negative points for incorrectly answered questions. A complete game lasts between 15 and 30 minutes and the winner may end up with a virtual prize. As a cruise forward and register with his score in a high score list.

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The feeling of plaque, also called plaque, is familiar to almost everyone: The teeth have just been brushed, the breath is fresh and the tooth surfaces feel smooth and clean. But only a short time later this feeling of freshness diminishes and new plaque forms. We explain how plaque develops, what its consequences are and how you can best deal with it.

What’s plaque?

The plaque is a structured, tough, felted plaque. It consists of saliva, bacterial metabolic products and bacterial cells. In the oral cavity, it preferentially forms at the so-called “caries predilection sites”:

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