root canal treatment

Thanks to new technologies, root canal treatment today can be carried out with considerably less pain and much more effectively.

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The most important information at a glance

The following animated video illustrates how root canal treatment works.

Does the health insurance pay the costs of a root canal treatment?

The costs of a root canal treatment vary depending on the extent and effort involved. The costs can be between 200 and 1000 Euro. An exact cost plan can therefore only be made after a detailed examination by the dentist.

The guidelines of the health insurance companies on the subject of root canal treatment were changed in 2004. Treatment is only paid for if the rules of the Joint Federal Committee (G-BA) apply to the tooth in question, i.e. if the prospects of tooth preservation are promising.

All other endodontic therapies can only be billed privately to the attending physician according to the German Dentists’ Fees Schedule (Gebührenordnung für Zahnärzte – GOZ) by statutory insured persons.

It is therefore advisable in any case to inquire in advance with your dentist about the costs incurred.

Root canal treatment – costs at a glance

approx. 200 – 1.000 EUR Root canal treatment

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