Fever is one of the most common reasons why parents go to the doctor with their child. The fever also increases the parents’ concern. Toddlers tolerate a high fever temperature surprisingly well, but the fever should be lowered if you notice that your child is increasingly exhausted.

When do we talk about fever in children?

Fever only occurs when the body temperature rises above 38 degrees Celsius (measured in the rectum). High fever is reached from a temperature of 39.5 degrees. Fever is a defence reaction of your child’s immune system to fight pathogens. The body of small children reacts more frequently with fever than the body of adults. Parents should be aware, however, if the fever child already suffers from a high temperature in the morning or if calf compresses simply do not help. You should familiarise yourself with the correct calf compress technique before use.

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Professional dental cleaning is recommended by dentists once or twice a year. In addition to tartar removal, dental plaque is also carefully removed. This prevents tooth decay and periodontitis. Already from 50,- Euro you can have your teeth cleaned by a professional.

This costs a professional tooth cleaning

Professional dental cleaning costs between 50 and 250 euros. The average price for a treatment in Germany, depending on the state, condition and number of teeth treated, is between 75,- and 85,- Euro.

The costs also depend on a billing rate that each dentist sets for himself. This amounts to approx. 3.50 euros per tooth for a normal amount of work. If the expenditure is higher, the costs can amount to approx. 5.50 euro per tooth.

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Summer is over and the dark and wet season begins. With children you have to make up a small alternative plan so that you can spend a nice day even in bad weather. Here are a few ideas when the mood is on the ground:

indoor playgrounds

If it is wet and cold, but the children still want to let off steam, then indoor playgrounds are ideal. The children’s club is located in the 15th district of Vienna. Here you can find playground equipment and toys for children up to 10 years on approx. 200 m². For the very little ones there is a crawling area, for the midis an active area and for the maxis the giant tube slide is definitely a highlight.

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DISCOVER NOW Current event tips for Hamburg

Far away from football, Hamburg is in many ways a parade sports city, whether for watching or participating. Cheer, applaud and cheer at Hamburg’s sporting events. Sport in Hamburg is very diversified and does not only include football, handball or the Ironman. Dancing, yoga, ballet, water sports – the range of sporting activities is wide and we have put together our favourites for you.

Crocodiles Hamburg – Season 2019/2020

  • 25.10.2019
  • 20:00
  • Iceland Farmsen


  • 14.10.2019
  • 10:00
  • Sports Centre HT16

© Barclaycard Arena / Thomas Ebert

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How parents avoid “power struggles” with their child

30.01.2015, 13:01 hrs | Nicola Wilbrand-Donzelli, t-online.com

In a power struggle between parents and children, there are no winners. (Source: Thinkstock by Getty-Images)


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  • For parents, power struggles with their offspring are often a balancing act: On the one hand, they do not want to impose their will too authoritarian on their child, but on the other hand, living together only works with certain rules, which everyone should adhere to. But what can be done if the little “thick skulls” don’t want it as mummy and daddy imagine? An expert gives tips on how to avoid annoying and fruitless arguments as much as possible in stressful situations.

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    Siksika Nation: Planning for Seven Generations

    Stronger Neighbourhoods: United Way and BMO

    Lifting Each Other Up: BMO Capital Markets Celebrates Diversity

    BMO GAM team discusses Responsible Investing strategies

    BMO’s Sustainability Leaders Podcast Examines Climate Change

    BMOâs Gender Pronoun Initiative

    Sharing knowledge through BMO’s Indigenous Banking Education Program

    A Message From Our CEO

    Business conduct

    BMO is committed to doing what’s right and operating with transparency and good governance. Our employees are empowered to live by our values – integrity, empathy, diversity and responsibility.

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    Vacation at the North Sea – a fresh breeze, rough sea and of course the unique Wadden Sea. Hikes to sandbanks with countless seals, boat trips and of course sun and beach! For families the North Sea is a wonderful holiday destination, we have put together a small selection of beautiful places.

    A holiday at the North Sea is not for cowards! Those who prefer to lie on the beach from morning till evening and sizzle in the sun and need this as a guarantee for a successful summer holiday should rather not head north. In contrast to the Baltic Sea, which splashes peacefully, the North Sea is rough and wild and so is the weather: unstable and moody. Which is not to say that it is constantly raining, on the contrary, the summers on the North Sea can be wonderful. As a child I spent many summer holidays there and remember the smell of warm Danish ice cream wafers, the fresh breeze that blew around my nose on the dyke during the long bike tours, long beach days in the beach chair and of course exciting hikes through the Wadden Sea.

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    Family Travel and Lifestyle Blog

    Wellness with children – Blogparade

    Wellness with children – is that even possible? Ich selbst fand lange Zeit die >

    But what exactly does “wellness with children” mean? What experiences have other family bloggers had with it? And what tips and tricks are there for a successful wellness holiday with a child? In order to answer these questions as comprehensively as possible, I am starting the blog parade “Wellness with children” and would be happy if as many mums and dads, grandparents and everyone else who has already done wellness with a child as possible report on their experiences.

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    While Europe is estimated to be the region with the lowest rate of foodborne infections in the world, hundreds of thousands of cases are reported in the European Union every year. 2 Many people fall ill from food that has not been properly prepared or stored at home, but the good news is that many cases are mild and we can all protect ourselves from foodborne infections by following a few simple rules.

    What causes foodborne infections?

    Foodborne infections, often referred to as “food poisoning”, result from the consumption of food contaminated with pathogens that cause disease. Symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on the cause and usually include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, weakness, loss of appetite, fever, muscle pain or chills. In severe cases, foodborne infections can lead to hospitalization or even death. Three important triggers of foodborne infections are: 3

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    Holiday in Morsum

    Talk to the island experts and get free travel information according to your personal taste.

    • Living tradition and culture
    • Morsum Cliff
    • Tips from island experts
    • Accommodation mediation
    • Telephone advice
    • Cultural events & celebrations

    Your holiday in Morsum

    Morsum is the most eastern place of the island and convinces by its originality. The east of Sylt stands for agriculture, peace and tradition. Most of the people who live here are locals and some still speak the Frisian language Sölring. Between yellow shining rape and golden cornfields rise their farms and Frisian houses. Those who are here should definitely plan a visit to Morsum Cliff. The geological structure of the cliff is unique in Europe. Black mica clay, red limonite sandstone and white kaolin sand give an insight into millions of years of geological history.

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