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If the tooth hurts, there is only one solution: go to the dentist! Unfortunately, teeth often get on our nerves at unfavourable times. If the practice is already closed, it is worth taking a look in the kitchen cupboard. There are many household remedies hidden that can bridge the time until the visit to the dentist’s office. We name 10 popular home remedies for toothaches. #QuestionDentist

Toothache – as different as unpleasant

It throbs, it pulls, it stings to the core. Toothache has many faces and is one of the most intense pains we can feel. But the tooth does not appear without a reason: it sends S.O.S because something is wrong.

What causes toothaches?

  • caries holes
  • inflammations
  • Exposed tooth necks
  • Wounds caused by badly fitting dentures
  • Damaged tooth enamel
  • infections like sinusitis
  • Stress pressure with breaking teeth

Home remedies – that’s how they work

Garlic against toothache

For a tooth that finally gives rest, one or the other even accepts a garlic flag. The essential substances in the leek have an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. To do this, the person plagued by pain should halve one toe and press on the painful tooth or gum. The escaping juice takes a few minutes to take effect.

Tea tree oil against toothache

Also tea tree oil convinces with its effect against inflammations. It is particularly effective against toothache caused by infections. It can be used as a tincture directly on the tooth or as a mouthwash. Caution: Do not swallow highly concentrated tea tree oil!

Onions against toothache

Many swear by the onion as an effective home remedy for toothache. The essential oils in the tuber are supposed to fight inflammations successfully. The recipe against toothache: Cut the onion into small pieces, wrap it in a paper towel or a wound compress and press on the painful cheek.

Carnation (eugenol) against toothache

The carnation appears in almost every hit list for home remedies for toothache. It is said to help with severe punctual pain in particular. Her secret: Eugenol. The painkiller is released when the sufferer bites the dried carnation. Phenylpropanoid is well known in dentistry. It is used, for example, to treat pulpitis and periodontitis. It smells very strongly of cloves and is therefore also a popular additive in perfumes.

Globules against toothache

Globules are also said to have an effect on toothache. Aconitum is one of them. The substance against toothache is extracted from the buttercup plant blue monkshood and is said to help against pulsating toothache. The substance is very popular among homeopaths and has had a firm place in therapies for fever and inflammation since the beginning of alternative medicine.

Oil extraction for toothache

Everyone has oil at home. And if the tooth hurts properly, oil extraction is certainly worth a try. It is important to rinse only with cold-pressed and high-quality sunflower or sesame oil. One tablespoon of this is sufficient for acute self-made therapy. The oil is repeatedly pulled between the teeth – do not swallow! Due to its antibacterial effect, it can provide a balanced oral flora for a short time.

Toothache ice cream

If it hurts, the ice cube bag from the freezer also helps in an emergency. The low temperatures reduce the blood flow and thus provide pain relief. Important: Do not press the ice directly onto the skin, but wrap it in a kitchen towel.

Hydrogen peroxide against toothache

Hydrogen peroxide as a bleaching agent is part of the hairdresser’s standard equipment. The three-percent solution should also have a firm place in the emergency pharmacy at home. The liquid is well suited for disinfecting wounds and thus reducing the number of germs in the mouth. A few drops dissolved in water are sufficient as an effective mouthwash.

Toothache tea

Sage tea is particularly suitable for toothaches. But also peppermint tea, valerian, chamomile and St. John’s wort can help. It is best to boil the tea freshly, let it cool down and then rinse it several times.

Propolis against toothache

With propolis bees have given us an effective remedy against toothache. The substance inhibits inflammation and disinfects the affected area. Propolis can be applied undiluted directly to the painful tooth by tincture or diluted with water as a mouthwash to relieve toothache.

Other known home remedies for toothache

In addition to salt or salt solutions (Attention: Not suitable for small children who cannot spit) are used as home remedies against toothache:

As good as the home remedies are: Only the dentist can really help. Even if you are not sure which household remedies to choose, it is better to check with your dentist first. Use cloves, tea tree oil and the like only to bridge the time until your visit to the practice. The cause research is a professional matter.

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6 comments on “10 home remedies for toothache: What helps?”

An important topic that many patients are interested in!

Good success even with tea tree oil

Thank you for the good tips for solving toothaches. Sometimes the toothache lasts only very short or is very weak and then suddenly gone again. A friend of mine has this from time to time, a short time later a visit to the dentist follows. The dentist then finds out that a nerve has died and the root canal treatment is actually possible without anesthesia.

People can no longer bear toothaches, but they should still go to the dentist. Some ailments can be treated with home remedies, but this is not the case with all of them and before the diseases spread in the mouth and affect other parts of the body, one should calmly turn to orthodox medicine. Alcohol helps with any form of pain, but in the long run it also damages.

If you have a shaky tooth that is still stuck and you have a lot of pain and there is no dentist what can you do but pull the tooth

In any case ALWAYS visit the dentist. If nobody is nearby, call the DENTIST’S EMERGENCY SERVICE – NEVER act alone!

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