10 Huts for trips with the stroller, mountain worlds

Even with very small babies you can hike in huts – provided that strollers and huts are suitable. We present you 10 perfect destinations for trips with the youngsters.

Even with very small babies you can hike in huts – if the stroller has large and robust wheels and is equipped with a parking brake, if possible also with a handbrake. Off-road buggies usually have a safety loop that is attached to the wrist, so the car cannot roll away. As long as the babies are still in the carriage, you should avoid very steep and bumpy paths. As soon as the little ones sit, a little more jogging usually doesn’t bother them.

Always important with children of all ages: plan lots of breaks, play in between, provide variety. Don’t forget: in addition to the usual accessories, sun and rain protection and a blanket as an additional source of heat, it can get cool in the mountains.

Here are 10 hut tips with prams suitable for pushchairs for small and large first mountain adventures with babies.

1. Scharnitzer Alm, 995 m

Tyrol / Karwendel

Austria, Tyrol, Wetterstein Mountains and Mieming Range

Scharnitzer Alm

The small Scharnitzer Alm (995 m) is located at the entrance of the Hinterautal in the Tyrolean Karwendel. Without .

The hike to the Scharnitzer Alm is well suited for the first pram excursion. From Scharnitz along the Isar you can hike in 20 minutes on a flat road to the pretty, lovingly decorated wooden hut of the Scharnitzer Alm at the entrance of the Hinterautal. During the alpine season, Christine and Roland serve their guests with dishes from traditional Tyrolean cuisine and with homemade dairy products.

2. Gibler Alm, 1.208 m

Tyrol / Allgäu Alps

Austria, Tyrol, Allgäu Alps

Gibler Alm

The Gibler Alm snack station is located in the Allgäu Alps at 1,208 m above sea level .

The short walk (30 minutes) on a good and not steep forest road to the family-friendly Gibler Alm can be done well with the little ones in the pram and is also worthwhile with older children. The natural forest playground with many different play stations is designed in such a way that parents have good insight into the activities of their little ones from the snack station. In any case, you should try the homemade waffles!

3. Kloaschaualm, 887 m

Bavaria / Mangfall Mountains

Germany, Bavaria, Bavarian Prealps


The self-catering hut Kloaschaualm (887 m) of the German Alpine Club is located in the Schliersee .

If you want to get the little ones used to life in the mountains early on, choose the small self-catering hut in the Mangfall Mountains near Bayrischzell for a weekend trip. From the hiking car park at the Stockerhütte, the hut can be reached in half an hour via a well-developed forest path, but it is still very idyllic and secluded. The family-friendly hut is well equipped: with a kitchen, a spacious lounge and running cold water. You have to make a fire and cook yourself. Nobody disturbs children here, there is enough space to play around the hut. There are small camps with four places – those who come with babies or very small children are better off there than in the 12-person camp.

4. Amstettner Hütte, 922 m

Lower Austria / Ybbstal Alps

Austria, Lower Austria, Ybbstal Alps

Amstettner hut

The Amstettner Hütte is located at 922 m in the municipality of Waidhofen an der Ybbs in Lower Austria .

From the parking lot of the Forsteralm near Waidhofen an der Ybbs, the Amstettner Hütte on the gravel road can be reached in half an hour – even with a pram and with little effort. The hut is known for dumpling specialties and the delicious roast pork that can be enjoyed while the offspring is sleeping.


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