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It doesn’t always have to be English Garden or Luitpoldpark. In Munich there are many centrally located parks and green spaces for a break in between. 10 tips for your little breather in Munich.

Cabinet Garden: The gem for those seeking peace and quiet

Somewhat hidden, this gem at the edge of the Residenz, next to the Allerheiligen-Hofkirche, awaits those seeking peace and quiet. In the Cabinet Garden the hustle and bustle of the old town is far away – sun worshippers or bookworms who want to relax in peace usually come here. A fountain as well as two symmetrically arranged water basins provide for cozy water splashing, in addition some mighty and many smaller trees donate some shade and an opulent flower planting sets coloured accents. A garden for connoisseurs. The architect Peter Kluska received the Landscape Architecture Prize 2005 for his design of the Cabinet Garden.

Old Northern Cemetery: An Unusual Resting Place

A little time-out at the cemetery? That sounds a bit irreverent, but nobody has been buried at the Old Northern Cemetery in Maxvorstadt for a long time. Since the Second World War, the area near Josephplatz has been used as a public green and recreation area for residents and visitors – naturally in a moderate and quiet setting. After all, there are still people from Munich who come here and look after the graves of their ancestors. And yet the Old Northern Cemetery no longer radiates a morbid atmosphere: People relax on picnic blankets and read books, children play on the playground in the former blessing hall, and even joggers have long since discovered the grounds for themselves. More about the Old Northern Cemetery

Petuelpark: Art and view included

Cars used to rush through here, today children play on an adventure playground, families cycle around on their bikes or friends drink coffee together. The Petuelpark was built on the “roof” of the tunnel of the same name, which laid the Petuelring underground. This is why the park is comparatively narrow, but all the longer. The Nymphenburg Canal splashes past the lower end of the two-stage area, and numerous works of art, some of them bizarre in nature, await visitors at the top. If that’s not enough for you, you can still enjoy the great view of the Olympic Tower. More information about the Petuelpark

Denninger Anger: The district park for everyone

Pretty much every part of town has its little park, which he doesn’t let anything get to. Those who live in Bogenhausen swear by the Denninger Anger. You can relax wonderfully in the 20-hectare green area not far from Richard-Strauss-Straße. The hilly landscape offers one or two beautiful views, and in the eastern part of the Denninger Anger there is a geological garden and a small lake. By the way, the park is not only popular with Bogenhauseners: a few years ago it was even voted the most beautiful green area in Bavaria. More information about the Denninger Anger

Bavariapark: relaxation in the back of the patron saint

You don’t stab a woman in the back, especially not the “Mama Bavaria”. But the Bavariapark behind the statue of the same name and the Hall of Fame is allowed to do that. With its dense tree cover and many cycle and walking paths, the seven-hectare park has established itself as an oasis of peace for the inhabitants of the Westend. Many picturesque monuments such as a bronze deer or a reclining spring nymph also attract art lovers. And school classes like to come here to observe nature. By the way, Bavariapark is surprisingly cosy even during the Oktoberfest. More information about Bavariapark

Maximiliansanlagen: Built close to water

Hardly any other green area in Munich presents itself as unspoilt as the Maximilians parks – and that is mainly due to the Isar river. The noise of the river can be heard almost everywhere in the spacious complex between Max-Joseph-Brücke in the north and Ludwigsbrücke in the south. Here you are very close to nature. The river roars most impressively at the barrages at the Maximilianeum. Even the joggers and cyclists, who like to use this idyllic route, sometimes stop and listen. The fact that the Angel of Peace is also part of the Maximilian complex is only mentioned here in passing. More information about the Maximiliansanlagen

Maßmannpark: Popular all year round

The small, secluded green area in Maxvorstadt actually enjoys great popularity all year round. And yet it is never hectic, but wonderfully relaxed. In winter, the little ones enjoy tobogganing on the snow-covered slopes of the Maßmannbergl, a few metres high terrace in the middle of the park. And in summer, residents and visitors alike breathe on the benches and enjoy the ambience. Those who like it more action-packed can enjoy the skate park, which has been located in the Maßmannpark for several years. More information about the Maßmannpark

Rosengarten: Blossoming landscapes in Giesing

The rose garden of the Bischweiler nursery makes the heart of every flower enthusiast beat faster – but of course also the hearts of couples who have just fallen in love. Because here you will find the most romantic of all flowers in opulent variety. Numerous benches invite you to linger and sniff the scent of flowers in the air. No question, the rose garden in the middle of Giesing is a real gem and immediately conveys holiday feelings. More information about the tree nursery Bischweiler

Dichtergarten: Relaxing in the shade of the Hofgarten

The Hofgarten is almost within throwing distance – and yet its hustle and bustle hardly stains the poet’s garden. On the contrary: the park radiates a quiet, almost enchanted atmosphere. Some ancient trees provide much shade, and in the middle of the park there is a cave grotto, which is supposed to be a monument to Heinrich Heine. As if that were not unusual enough, there is also a monument to the Chinese national philosopher Confucius in the Dichtergarten. Above all, however, the park is one thing: a wonderful oasis of peace in a central location. More information about the Dichtergarten

Old Southern Cemetery: Peace between Promigrabs

The cemetery is only a few minutes walk from the Sendlinger Tor. Today nobody is buried here any more, rather the residents use the nearly 7 hectare large area as a quiet park and for walking. On the gravestones between the many old trees one finds numerous names of prominent Munich residents, such as the great master builder Klenze and gardener. The atmosphere is gruesomely beautiful and steeped in history, which makes everyday life far away. The entire area is now under a preservation order. More information about the Old Southern Cemetery

Further leisure tips

Parks and Gardens

English Garden, Olympic Park, Luitpoldpark.

Tips for romantic places

There are great places for a trip in Munich.

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