10 Places in germany that families with children must have seen

Germany one-sided? Boring? No way! Germany is impressively diverse, beautiful, surprising and innovative! White sandy beaches, crystal clear lakes, lots of culture, first-class cuisine. No wonder that more and more Germans are living in their own country vacation do. StadtLandTour – Family Vacation in Germany has selected 10 favorite places in Germany for families with children.

We want to pick out the most beautiful and impressive travel destinations in Germany for families. The spots that might make a special impression on children and as a nice holiday memory in your memory stay. The places where families feel comfortable and get to know a good piece of culture, nature and home. And the parts that are simply worth seeing once in your life – with or without a family. The criteria? By feeling. And experience. Why is the Baltic Sea not included in the list? Not the Moselle? No winery in the Palatinate? Because we had to make a choice. Part 2 of the list will follow soon.

Travel on and around the Königssee

At Königssee in the Berchtesgadener Land in Bavaria, it is wonderfully beautiful everywhere: on a bench at the "Malerwinkel" in the northeast, which has already inspired many artists, after a strenuous ascent on the summit of the Grünsteins or a non-strenuous gondola ride at the mountain station of the Jenner. Anyone who has sailed across the emerald-green Königssee in a silent boat of the Königsee fleet and has given in to the panorama of the lake and the backdrop of the Watzmann knows what paradise could look like – especially in summer. On the trip to the island of St. Bartholomä you are surrounded by the lush green of the meadows, the crystal lake, a bright blue sky and the white peaks of the Alps. What an unforgettable color frenzy!

Verewigungs tip: Rummage out stories about Ludwig II of Bavaria or pick up a brush and paper yourself.

Drive to the Mecklenburg and Brandenburg lakes

The around 1,000 Mecklenburg lakes are a paradise for a family trip with children: ancient avenues, historic villages and castles line the banks of the lakes and rivers. And if you need culture and the city, you can go to Waren (Müritz) Neustrelitz or Plau am See.

It is usually heavenly quiet on the Müritz, on the Stolpsee, on the Neuruppiner or Neukloster See (not so much on the Müritz in high season). Families can watch the water birds, carve, paddle or swim together, dangle their legs in the water and simply be in the middle of beautiful nature.

Verewigungs tip: You will never forget a sunset under the wide market sky, a dinner around the campfire while the crickets are chirping, the glitter on the water during a canoe trip.

Cruise past the Loreley on a Rhine ship

Pure Rhine romance! On the Rhine boat trip from Cologne or Bonn to St. Goar, you will pass the Drachenfelsen and six graceful mountains and castles on the right and left, past the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz to the Loreley.

Verewigungs tip: “She combed her golden hair and sang a lovely melody that was so enchanting that the skippers overlooked the dangerous reefs and shoals because they only had eyes for the beautiful woman. And for the moment they gave their lives. ”A good time to tell his children about the myth about the Loreley and to dig into his poem and memory treasure.

Marvel at the Walhalla near Regensburg

A sublime piece of Germany. The Walhalla Memorial has honored personalities with a “German tongue” with marble busts and plaques since 1842: for example Albrecht Dürer, Copernicus, Mozart, Einstein. There are certainly larger gaps in the presented selection of "important personalities" (where are the Social Democrats? Karl Marx? Thomas Mann? Heinrich Böll?), But a visit there is always impressive. 4 places are still free after the last Heinrich Heine (who by the way didn’t like Walhalla at all) was immortalized there in 2010. From up there you have a wonderful view of the Danube and when the weather is good you feel almost like in Greece in summer.

Verewigungs tip: Who is who? The guessing game. Do the adults really know all personalities?

Have a chat in the morning at the cathedral or in Päffgen in Cologne

In a Kölsch brewery you don’t have to be a happy Rhinelandian to feel good. With children in the brewery? Yes absolutely! Because a Cologne brewery is the best example of tolerance and a happy get-together. Young and old, thick and thin, educated and simple, poor and rich gather with Rhenish nonchalance and joie de vivre on 1, 2, 3 or more Kölsch.

Do not tell anyone, but it is actually quite similar in Füchschen or in Uerigen in Düsseldorf, even if there is of course Alt and no Kölsch. If necessary, but not as in the original, the StäV in Berlin also works.

Climb to the Wartburg with Martin Luther

A visit to the Wartburg is unique. The castle breathes German prince and church history (here Luther translated the Bible into German and supposedly drove the devil out with an inkwell). There is a fantastic view over the wide country and with a corresponding budget a luxury hotel, if you want to enjoy the Wartburg silence after the day tourists have left.

Stroll in Goethe’s Park on the Ilm in Weimar

It is most beautiful in the lovely landscape park on the edge of Weimar’s old town, maybe in spring when bushes and trees are in full bloom. Goethe’s garden house, monuments and bridges are there in the park, in which, like Goethe once, you walk rather than go for a walk (and at the end of the park you can see a real model Bauhaus, the Haus am Horn). And of course the Goethe Garden House, the Anna Amalia Library, and much, much more.

Climb the Laberberg near Oberammergau

The Laberberg in the Ammergau Alps offers an impressive 360 ​​degree view from the Zugspitze to Munich. About 1 hour from Munich, the non-resident city dweller is offered a unique spectacle with little time. Because the Laberbergbahn is at the top of the summit and in the middle of the Alpine panorama. You can hardly get from one cosmos to another faster. He is 1,700 meters high, the Laber, not the largest, but with many beautiful hiking trails, streams and mountain pastures that children can have fun too. At the top there is an alpine pasture where you are provided with delicious Kaiserschmarrn and homemade cakes. What more do you want?

Tip 1: Be sure to try the echo!
Tip 2: If you do the approx. 3 hours descent, you should treat yourself to a cooling off in the WellenBerg bath (approx. 20 minutes from the foot of the mountain).

Treat yourself to a refreshment on the vineyard in Werder

When the weather is clear and the sun is shining, the bouquet at Wachtelberg is almost like Tuscany – and it is only a good half hour away from Berlin’s vibrant city life. Why does that belong in the favorite places for families? Because it’s so quirky and pretty there. Because there are so many grape varieties on the hill in a tiny space as is common in several wine-growing areas. Because onion tart and Federweißer are so delicious. And because it makes you happy to be there.

Digging on the beach on a North Sea island

Sylt, Amrum, Föhr, Spiekeroog – every beach is different and unique. Green dikes, colorful beach chairs, lighthouses, the tides shape the flair of the North Sea islands. The salty air, the vastness and this incomparable light will surely be remembered by the whole family. With the handcart and sand toys from the holiday home to the sea, a bike ride to the Pellworm lighthouse, eating oysters on Sylt – everyone on the North Sea vacation is suddenly completely satisfied. Parents, children and grandparents too.


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