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10 wonderful short trips over New Year’s Eve

While some start planning for a spectacular New Year, New Year’s Eve comes as a surprise for others every year. Organizing is hectic. The selection is huge: some people want unforgettable parties in cool cities, others prefer to escape the hustle and bustle to quiet, romantic places. Are you a lead caster and firework fan or do you prefer to end the year relaxed with wellness and good food? Our tips make your New Year’s Eve trip something special – no matter how and where you want to spend it.

New Years Eve for families

Parents do not have to do without a New Year’s Eve party, even if the little ones and the little ones want to celebrate. So that children on a short vacation during the Don’t be bored waiting until midnight, offer themselves Games on or small hikes to a viewpoint from which you can enjoy the fireworks. Hotels and event locations often also offer evenings that are specially designed for that Celebrate with the offspring are aligned: A children’s buffet, games and face painting are part of it.

  • Mallorca

The days from Christmas to New Year on the holiday island are characterized by traditional customs. On New Year’s Eve you meet to count the chimes at the beginning of the New Year.

Many hotels organize gala dinners for parents and fun New Year’s Eve parties for youngsters. On New Year’s Eve you can splash around in the indoor pool or stroll through the winter wonderland.

The idyllic landscape makes the Harz special. New Year’s Eve celebrations in the pretty half-timbered towns or on the legendary Hexentanzplatz are unforgettable.

Party City Trips

With a city trip at the turn of the year, not only will New Year’s Eve become something special, you can go straight to the party with a short break trendiest metropolises in Europe connect! The party people meet here for legendary club evenings, unusual events and of course to toast to the new year together with unique fireworks shows. So put yours 2019 motto glasses and throw yourself in the party dresses or chic jackets: In these cities you will experience New Year’s Eve as varied as never before:

  • Lisbon

The perfect mix of modernity and nostalgia: on New Year’s Eve you can only take the famous tram through the alleyways and let it rip off in the evening at the Praca do Comércio with live music.

Magnificent old town, Czech delicacies and the best entertainment for party goers: Enjoy the fireworks on the Charles Bridge and then scurry back to one of the numerous clubs.

Amsterdam is also worth a visit on New Year’s Eve. First you marvel at the fireworks on Dam Square and then dance in the hottest clubs Paradiso or Escape until the wee hours.

New Years Eve in the mountains

Relaxed the New Year through the feeling of Warmth and coziness spend while you sitting by the crackling fireplace and looks outside into the cold winter – wonderful! If you like it a little more active, you can hike through the enchanted winter world on a short vacation in the mountains or even swing on the ski slopes. And of course you can enjoy the best firework shows at the numerous open air parties, because here the sky is clear and the colors are enhanced by the white of the summit.

  • Kitzbühel

The legendary place in Austria combines alpine idyll with exclusivity: New Year’s Eve parties with a celebrity factor rise here. If you fancy a noble ambience against a great natural backdrop, this is the place for you.

Celebrate into the New Year with a view of one of the most impressive peaks in Europe: The Matterhorn is a romantic place when the fireworks unfold high above the Swiss town.

Hiking, skiing, discovering the myths of the low mountain range: The short vacation in the Harz Mountains over New Year’s Eve becomes particularly cozy when the famous steam locomotive hisses through white winter worlds.

Wellness on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is approaching, freezing cold weather dominates the air and after all the Christmas stress only one thought dominates: wellness! Wellness trips are always nice, but it is particularly cozy Spa vacation in winter! Saunas or relax in infinity pools with magnificent views soothing massages Let yourself be pampered and end the New Year’s Eve with a good wine on the terrace. With our tips you will find the ideal destination for your New Year’s short trip and experience one Time out from everyday life full of relaxation for body and mind.

  • Lake Garda

Wellness is the modern term for what vacationers have always been looking for on Lake Garda: rest and wellbeing for the senses and body. You will find both in the charming hotels.

The numerous resorts in Tyrol offer cozy warmth in the outdoor whirlpool with a view of the snow-covered mountain backdrop. The New Year’s Eve doesn’t get any more relaxed!
Baltic Sea

Massage, beneficial body treatments, relaxing in the pool – and all with the Baltic Sea in view! You can enjoy New Year’s Day with long walks on the beach and delicious fish sandwiches.

Off to the island

New Year’s Eve does not always have to be associated with snow and firecrackers. Why not that New year on one of the dream islands of Europe spend? The Canary Islands rule all year round pleasant temperature, so you can even jump into the Atlantic! But the Germans’ favorite island or the southern regions of the Mediterranean also provide for one New Year’s Eve with a Mediterranean flair – in bathing suits instead of a thick winter coat.

  • Canaries

Sun worshipers who want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the warm without long flights are right in the Canary Islands: here there is both beach weather and a party. You have to decide which island it should be!

Another list in which Mallorca should not be missing. Who is surprised? The winters are mild, the surf soothing, few tourists frolic on the boulevards. On New Year’s Eve you will also find great parties and events here!

A real insider tip is Cyprus over the turn of the year. The short vacation on the island of Aphrodite is perfect for hiking, swimming or to celebrate lavish New Year’s Eve parties!

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