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100 Modular Climate Change Survival Christmas Angels

Mifactori’s Pre-Use Climate Change Survival Fortune Angels / Mifactori’s Pre-Use Climate Change Survival Kit Fortune Angel

100 Angels 2018 (see all) / 100 Angels 2018 (see all)

Climate Change Survival? / Climate Change Survival Kit?

English: The angles are pre-use. They are modular made from nuts and bolts. You can disassemble them and win them for something else. When climate change comes and goes away your house, you can use it. In other words: It’s christmas angels for preppers.

German: The angels are pre-use. They are modularly composed of screws and nuts. All materials can be recovered in their purest form and used for something else. When climate change comes soon and the house is washed away, angels can be used to build vital equipment. In other words, they are Christmas angels for preppers. .

Price / Price

4,50 EUR – per piece / per piece

16,00 EUR – set of 4/4-pack

30,00 EUR – Set of 8/8 pack

13,00 EUR – DIY kit material for 4 angels / DIY kit for 4 angels

(Product and ordering info below / Product and Order Information below)

Order / Order

How to order?

Just send an email ([email protected]) with the order request. We then send bank details or a Paypal address. The shipping costs 7 EUR within Germany. Shipping to other countries is possible. You can also pick up the angels in our workshop in Berlin-Schöneberg and save shipping costs.

product Info

Single pieces – Let us know if you want a specific number. If you do not send a number, we will gladly make the selection for you.

packs – Let us know if you would like to have certain numbers of your pack. We will try to put together your package just like that. Do not give numbers, let’s put something together.

DIY kit – Each kit contains material for 4 angels. The parts can be combined into angels in many different ways and can be solved and reassembled over and over again until you have built the angels you really like. Thats fun!

How to order?

Send us an email ([email protected]) with your order and we’ll send you your bank details or a paypal details. Shipping costs is 7 EUR within Germany, for other countries we’ll let you know in our email reply. If you are in Berlin you can come by our workshop and get your angels shipping costs.

Product info

Single piece – Tell us in your email if you want to get an specific angel or specific angels and let us know the number (s). If you do not send us a number we are happy to make the picks for your.

sets – You can tell us if you like to see specific angels included in your kits. Let us know the numbers. We’ll try to make it work.

Kit – The Kits include materials for 4 angels. The parts allow many many different combinations. You can disassemble and reassemble them as often as you like. It is a lot of fun.


BOM below / BOM below

BOM / parts list

Link broken? Have a look at the screenshots / Link broken? View screenshots

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