101 Ideas for summer activities with children

101 ideas for summer activities with children

No chance for boredom

Summer offers countless opportunities for fun and exciting activities with children! Can’t think of one? No problem, because here are 101 suggestions on what parents and babysitters can do with children in summer.

Bring variety to your summer vacation

If you want to make your child unforgettable this summer as a parent or babysitter, you need a few good ideas for summer activities – especially if your child is too young to go to a holiday camp alone.

Make the most of the warm summer days and balmy nights! Different summer activities every week provide variety and create memories that your child will live on throughout his life.

Here are 101 suggestions for your summer wish list that cost little to no money and are guaranteed not to be boring. You can also print out the list for yourself and your babysitter to see how many things you have ticked off at the end of summer. We wish you lots of fun and an exciting summer!

101 ideas for summer activities

  1. Take a trip to the beach and collect shells.
  2. Bakes cookies for ice cream sandwiches.
  3. Help out in a nature center or association.
  4. Compile a photo album or family yearbook.
  5. Holds a beach party in the garden or on the balcony.
  6. Builds a castle out of cardboard boxes.
  7. Visit a farmers market.
  8. Stages an "A to Z scavenger hunt", in which you have to find an item for each letter that starts with it.
  9. Go pick berries.
  10. Have a picnic in the park.
  11. Make your own ice cream.
  12. Drive to a lake and go canoeing.
  13. Build a sand castle.
  14. Write a story and have it bound to a book in a copy shop.
  15. Skip cooking and prepare an ice cream buffet for dinner instead.
  16. Help collect rubbish in a park near you.
  17. Make a campfire in the garden and roast sausages over it.
  18. Bakes pizza yourself.
  19. Take a walk and create a collage of the natural objects that you will find along the way.
  20. Have a water balloon fight.
  21. Watch ducks near a river or lake.
  22. Sells homemade lemonade.
  23. Practice origami folding and make figures that you can hang up at home.
  24. Organize a bike tour.
  25. Interview older relatives to find out what life was like when they were young.
  26. Pack up provisions and sunscreen and visit an outdoor pool.
  27. Visit the local library and borrow all the great children’s book classics.
  28. Boil jelly, let it cool down and refresh yourself with it on hot days.
  29. Play shadow games with your hands and try to represent as many animals as possible.
  30. Paint with Kre />
  31. Create your own herb and vegetable garden on the balcony or in the garden.
  32. Makes modern works of art by melting wax crayons on a canvas on hot days.
  33. Paints with paint on canvas or cardboard.
  34. Make yourself comfortable with popcorn and your favorite Disney movie on the balcony in the evening.
  35. Plant flowers in your garden or balcony to attract butterflies.
  36. Verkle />
  37. Creates a bird feeder by bribing pine cones with peanut butter and then turning them into bird feed.
  38. Mix water with food coloring, fill it in an ice cube mold, let it freeze and paint on paper with the ice cubes.
  39. Use chalk to paint a large target on the ground and aim it with wet sponges.
  40. Host an extravagant tea party.
  41. Open a tent in the garden or go to a campsite.
  42. Paint each other with children’s make-up and then wash off the paint under the sprinkler.
  43. Fills colorful balloons with sand and paints funny faces on the bags.
  44. Use a tent as a garden shed for the summer.
  45. Attend a workshop for painting porcelain.
  46. Organizes a game night with charade, bingo and activity.
  47. Painted a white t-shirt with fabric paint.

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