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See (hnsucht)? We leave that with the bad puns and plunge into the floods. So pack your swimming trunks, your roommates and the seahorse, because this weekend it will be hot! We have located the most beautiful lakes in Berlin for you, because what is better than splashing around in the water at 30 degrees? Right: nothing!

© Sarah Hoffmann Relaxing at Liepnitzsee

Occasion: A lake with tradition and its own island!
Here’s how it looks: Sandy beach, ferries, rest.
Lake Extras: Family-friendly and with an “island sanctuary” that fulfills the wish of French fries to swim.
Directions from Alex: 45 minutes by car, 90 minutes by bus and train, more detailed directions can be found here.

  • Liepnitzsee
  • At Liepnitzsee, 16348

© Axel Mauruszat | CC BY 3.0 DE Lying on the beach, renting boats and bathing at the Plötzensee

Who at the "roach" thinks has either jail or the lake in mind. The fact that things are pretty bustling around the small body of water is due to the fact that Weddinger and Prenzlauer Berger enjoy themselves in the clear water after work. You can expect a well-kept beach, a boat rental and even a nudist beach. The lake is also popular with anglers, since pike, zander, catfish, perch and eels can be found here.

  • Plötzensee lido
  • Nordufer 26, 13351 Berlin
  • daily 9 am to 7 pm
  • 5 euros, reduced 3 euros
  • More info

© Sophie Bengelsdorf Jump naked and dressed in the crooked Lanke

Going to the lake quickly after work and jumping naked into the water is very possible on the Krummmen Lanke. There are lots of small hidden swimming areas where you can relax. There’s even a song about Fredy Sieg’s lake! "And then I sat on the bench with Emma, ​​the crooked Lanke below us" – if that’s not a summer hit.

  • Crooked Lanke
  • Quermatenweg, 14163

Sandy beaches and lonely bays on Müggelsee

Occasion: For swimming and if you want to go to New Venice.
Here’s how it looks: Sandy beaches and lonely bays, everything your heart desires. A little tip: the small Müggelsee is a bit quieter.
Lake Extras: MS Schatzinsel, the only water sausage stall in Berlin, sails on the lake!
Directions from Alex: 40 minutes by car, approx. 1 hour by S-Bahn and bus.

  • Müggelsee
  • Fürstenwalder Damm, 12589 Berlin

© Carsten Kretzschmar Lying on the sandy beach and eating fries at the Orankesee

You have your prejudices. A lido in Hohenschönhausen? "sigh", may think one or the other. In fact, the small lido is a real gem. The sand shimmers white, the water is invitingly clean and, contrary to the shore of the White Lake, the rest of the bank is densely overgrown and therefore not besieged by hundreds of people. The small slide and the crispy fries are clear plus points.

  • Orankesee
  • Gertrudstrasse 7, 13053 Berlin
  • daily 9 am to 7 pm
  • 5, reduced 3 euros
  • More info

© Berlin-Reinickendorf.com Boating, sliding and swimming at the Tegeler See lido

Occasion: Bathing, boating, sliding down a double slide and playing mini golf
Here’s how it looks: Green and pretty big. After Müggelsee, Tegeler See is the second largest lake in Berlin.
Lake Extras: Promenade, nudist area and promenade, where you feel a bit like on the Baltic Sea – see and be seen. With ice cream in hand, of course.
Directions from Alex: 40 minutes by car, 45 minutes by subway and bus.

  • Tegeler See
  • Bernauer Strasse, 13355 Berlin
  • daily 10 am to 6 pm
  • 5.50 euros, reduced 3.50 euros
  • More info

© Dreizung | Wikimedia CC BY 3.0 Finland feeling in the Sacrower lake

Occasion: Feel a bit like in Finland with one of the best water qualities in Berlin.
Here’s how it looks: Nice! Even if the lying surface is a bit small.
Lake Extras: The “Waldfrieden” beer garden with ice and beer.
Directions from Alex: By car 1h, by train approx. 90 min.

  • Sacrower lake
  • Krampnitzer Weg, 14476 Potsdam

© Strandbad Weißensee | Facebook Dive into the Weißensee

Occasion: Not in the mood for hipsters in the bathing ship and crested grebe.
Here’s how it looks: In 10 minutes you can swim through the Weißensee. Very small and very lonely in the morning.
Lake Extras: The fountain in the middle of the lake.
Directions from Alex: 20 minutes by car, 20 minutes by train.

  • Weissensee
  • Berliner Allee 174, 13088

© Borke Berlin Sunbathing on Schlachtensee

Occasion: If the Krumme Lanke is too small, you can continue to Schlachtensee.
Here’s how it looks: Green and with lots of FU students in summer.
Lake Extras: Rent a boat and cruise around or relax before swimming jog another lap (5.5 km) around the lake.
Directions from Alex: 45 minutes by car, approx. 40 minutes by S-Bahn.

  • Schlachtensee
  • Am Schlachtensee, 14163

© Kerstin Musl Relax at Lake Seddin

Occasion: Get out of Berlin when the city gets too much!
Here’s how it looks: Quiet, relaxed and with an island.
Lake Extras: Ice cream shop with soy vanilla ice cream. If that’s not an argument!
Directions from Alex: By car about 50 minutes, by train about 90 minutes.

  • Seddiner See
  • , Seddiner See

Splash in the Kiekebusch Lake

Occasion: Peace in the green.
Here’s how it looks: Gravel lake, sand dunes and forests, in which there is a lot at the Feel and Artlake Festival art and music hidden.
Lake Extras: In the best case you are alone or you dance with us to the festivals.
Directions from Alex: 45 minutes by car, 90 minutes by bus and train. The nice people from the Artlake Festival also wrote you down exactly how to find the lake.

  • Kiekebusch lake
  • Kiekebusch See, 12529 Schönefeld

Most of the lakes presented here have their own lido, but you will often find another entry point. Have a nice swim! visit Berlin has listed all the lakes again on a beautiful map.


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