11 Beautiful playgrounds in munich, with fun munich

11 beautiful playgrounds in Munich

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Munich is bursting with green spaces and our surroundings are unbeatable anyway. It definitely sounds child-friendly and if you look at the density of strollers in inner-city quarters, it seems that Munich is the perfect city for bringing up youngsters into the world. But if you take a closer look, our city has a hell of a lot of concrete and not so child-friendly streets and car traffic. For the city child, the playground is therefore indispensable and so we have put together 11 of them. So: happy rocking, sliding, rocking and digging!

© Kimapa Feeding deer and sliding in the deer garden

The fact that the deer garden has earned its addition “royal” from children’s eyes is due to the huge area that makes up the meadow and park area. There is, for example, a fallow deer enclosure with around 30 animals on the site, which is conveniently located right next to the beer garden. There are no pachyderms on the elephant playground, but there is a sandpit area, climbing frames, swings and an elephant slide. The water playground, a small skate park, the Seidlhofstrasse playground in the east with slide and climbing tower and the playground near the allotment area in the northeast with seesaws and climbing net provide even more variety.

  • deer Park
  • Hirschgarten 1, 80639 Munich
  • More info

© Kimapa Playing with a view in the southern Olympic Park

The Olympiapark area itself with its many events, the lake and numerous indoor and outdoor sports facilities is already a large amusement park. But for the "normal days" the playground offers great views in the truest sense of the word: Located on Olympiaberg (at the ice rink over the bridge, up the mountain on the left), on clear days you can look over Munich and across the Olympic site to the Alps , The playground is somewhat hidden and the many trees provide shade when sliding, climbing and seesawing. The meadow at Olympia-Alm, about five minutes from the playground, is perfect for ball games; Drinks, snacks and delicacies – and seats – are available at the Olympia-Alm at 564 meters.

  • Olympiapark playground
  • Martin-Luther-King-Weg, 80809 Munich
  • More info

© Nina Vogl A lot of (play) space on Theresienhöhe

Between Westpark and Theresienwiese there are not only train tracks, but also a fairly large new development, which, in contrast to many others of its kind in Munich, is not that bad. First of all, the neighborhood square is an eye-catcher. If the children run from one end to the other and back again, it can take a while. On the 300-meter-long surface, the little wild ones encounter sand, lawn, concrete and obstacles such as climbing frames and trestles, as we know them from school. If there were a price for stylish playgrounds, this would be at the forefront here.

  • District square Theresienhöhe
  • Max-Hirschberg-Weg 5, 80339 Munich
  • More info

© Kimapa Climbing and scrambling in the Ostpark

The playground equipment in the Ostpark was renewed about two years ago. At the same time, the concept was also revised so that children in wheelchairs can now also use the water playground. This has a water pump and stowage and diversion options for even more variety. The braver kids can let off steam on the climbing garden, on the balancing bridge and at the Flying Fox, while the smaller ones can swing on the bird’s nest swing and play in the sand, the huts and on the tractor.

  • East Park
  • Staudingerstrasse 57, 81735 Munich
  • More info

© Kimapa Train the senses in the rose garden

If you have a particularly fine sense of smell, not far from the Schyrenbad, sniff the scent of roses. Because a colorful sea of ​​plants, consisting of more than 200 types of roses, has been spreading out in the rose garden on around 4,500 square meters since 1955. Even if the park is not a classic playground, the little ones are very busy here: the senses are trained in the touch garden for the blind, in the poison garden children learn about poisonous plants and a small stream provides refreshment. The kiosk on the Braunau railway bridge helps with cooling from the inside.

  • rose Garden
  • Sachsenstrasse 2, 81543 Munich
  • More info

© Sabrina Hasenbein Swings with a view of the Isar at the Reichenbach Bridge

There is no playground for throwing stones and cooling off your feet in the Isar. But a good alternative if the Isar water is too high or the berths are overcrowded is the playground at the Reichenbach Bridge. Officially up to the age of 14, the kids can slide, swing and rock here and watch the companions watch the bundles of energy on numerous benches. Practically, of course, the proximity to all sorts of cafes, which provide coffee-to-go and snacks to recharge your own energy stores, while the little ones diligently empty theirs.

  • Reichenbachbrücke
  • Fraunhoferstrasse 46, 80469 Munich

© Pexels.com Fun for young and old in the Grünwald amusement park

We like to connect Grünwald with large villas behind high hedges, which probably hide the in-house playground. Of course, there are also normal people here who visit normal public playgrounds with their children – for example in the Grünwald amusement park. My niece found it good, varied and sufficiently mushy. There is everything that is fun for climbing children in the early stages as well as for the young Reinhold Messner children. The adults can also do sports and all ice skating together in winter.

  • Grünwald amusement park
  • Dr.-Max-Straße 43A, 82031 Grünwald

© Maximilian Dörrbecker | Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.5 DE Water battle and slide fun at the water park Westpark

Building dams, balancing over suspension bridges, climbing through caves, whizzing down the slide and ideally all at once and a hundred times in a row. The water playground in the West Park offers heavenly conditions for city children, who mostly have to do without real streams in real forests. But even as a big child, you can let off steam. Adult people who are in playgrounds without their own children have to put up with being looked at wrong. Our tip: Borrow your nieces, nephews or godchildren and the problem is solved!

  • Water playground in the Westpark
  • Heiterwanger Str. 34, 81373 Munich

© Sabrina Hasenbein Carousel ride at the Chinese tower

Whoever chooses the playground at the Chinese Tower in the middle of the English Garden definitely has ulterior motives. The climbing frames and the historic carousel are in the immediate vicinity for serving beer, the cotton candy is only a stone’s throw away from chicken and knuckle sales. In any case, there is always a lot going on here and the kids quickly come into contact with many other game enthusiasts. A plus of this playground: Even in winter, to the Christmas market, the historic carousel continues. And that for almost 105 years!

  • Chinese tower
  • Englischer Garten 3, 80538 Munich

© Sabrina Hasenbein playing table tennis and swinging at the Münchner Freiheit

Even if you can find some remains of very old children from the night before, early in the morning, the playground of the green area at Münchner Freiheit is a great place where the little ones can let off steam. Climbing towers with slides, various swings, also in the form of tires and bowls, in which the youngest find space, and a water feature occupy the youngsters. Older children – and sporty parents – can also have fun on the table tennis tables. The abundance of refreshment options is also practical, be it around Feilitzstrasse or the farmers’ market on Thursdays.

  • Münchner Freiheit
  • Münchner Freiheit, 80802 Munich

© Sabrina Hasenbein seesaws, swings and slides at the Old South Cemetery

The old southern cemetery is always worth a visit, because here you will find the graves of many famous Munich people, such as the Pschorr family and a few others that you probably only know from well-known street names. There is also a playground for especially lively kids. Children up to the age of 14 are officially allowed to play here, in the green area at the Old South Cemetery. Surrounded by a lot of tree green, you almost feel like you’re in a park when swinging, sliding and rocking and having a coffee gossip on the edge.

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