11 Playgrounds for happy children, with fun hamburg

11 playgrounds for happy children

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Swing, slide, climb – as a child, there was almost nothing better than spending the afternoon with your best friends on your favorite playground. Every now and then a detour to Mama, who not only had sand toys in her big bag, but also lots of goodies. Of course, there was still a ball of sky blue when the iceman turned into the playground street.

Well, most of you are probably too old to go to a playground now (unless you ignore the questioning looks of mothers-in-law and irritated fathers). For this, some of you probably already have your own offspring or take care of children who are just as happy about visiting a playground as you were back then.

This is reason enough to recommend the eleven most beautiful playgrounds in Hamburg, where not only the children will be amazed.

© Lisa Schleif Knight’s castle on the Schemannstrasse playground

Your kids are guaranteed not to get bored at the Schemannstrasse playground. There is everything, really everything, that makes a good playground – different climbing frames, a cable car, swings, slides and even a knight’s castle. The grown-ups can let off steam on a football, basketball or volleyball court. You can celebrate birthdays in a small wooden pavilion – ice cream and other snacks can be bought in the kiosk next door. There are also barbecue areas and a toilet. Particularly cool: some play equipment is suitable for the disabled.

  • Playground Schemmannstrasse
  • Schemmannstrasse, 22359 Hamburg
  • always accessible
  • free

© Lisa Schleif Ride the cable car in the playground at the Appelhoff pond

Lovingly designed wooden devices make the playground at the Appelhoff pond a real insider tip. A tractor, a carriage, a barn and a shop invite children to discover life on the farm. There are still plenty of slides, swings, a cable car, a trampoline and ball courts.

  • Playground at the Appelhoff pond
  • Steilshooper Strasse, 22039 Hamburg
  • always accessible
  • free

© Lisa Schleif pirate playground

The playground was only completely redesigned in 2013 and has been worth a visit ever since. The entire playground is designed in a pirate style. So that means: Large wooden climbing ships, climbing nets, a water feature, a crawling barrel and much more make children’s dreams come true. For parents there are comfortable seating areas that invite you to picnic. The Unileverhaus is right next door, so ice is also provided!

Suitable for: Children from 1 to 12 years
Bus and train: With the U4 to Überseequatier

  • Pirate’s Playground
  • Am Grasbrookpark, 20457 Hamburg
  • always accessible
  • free

© Lisa Schleif Guinea pigs caress in Baui Eppendorf

Every child in Eppendorf knows the Baui. No wonder, because there you can pet guinea pigs, feed goats, drive in children’s vehicles, climb, bolt and of course work. The Baui also offers vacation trips and a colorful program. There are toilets in the house. There is a small playground right next door, which is also worth a visit outside of the Baui opening hours.

  • Baui Eppendorf
  • Frickestrasse 1, 20251 Eppendorf
  • Monday – Thursday 10 a.m. – 12.30 p.m., Monday – Friday 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.
  • free

© Lisa Schleif Explore nature on the forest playground in the Niendorf enclosure

If it is important to you that your children spend a lot of time in nature, you should definitely take a trip to the forest playground in the Niendorf enclosure. After a short walk in the forest, you can go directly to the varied and spacious playground, which has plenty of space to run around. A climbing forest, a mountain slide, swings and other play equipment make the playground stay almost as if by itself.

  • Forest playground in the Niendorf enclosure
  • Bandenwald 80, 22459 Hamburg
  • Opening times: Monday – Sunday: 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.
  • free

© Lisa Schleif Watch out for ancient rocks on the dinosaur playground

Your child loves dinosaurs? Then it will fall around your neck when you visit the dinosaur playground. The playground owes its name to a large stone dinosaur that you can climb onto. In addition, a dinosaur hid in the grove. But a visit is also worthwhile for less dinosaurs – a cable car, swings, a rotating carousel and a trampoline convince every child.

  • Dinosaur Playground
  • Datendeich, 21035 Hamburg
  • always accessible
  • free

© Lisa Schleif let off steam in the former goat playground

Well, goat playground can actually no longer be called the playground in Eichtalpark since the 27 goats housed directly on the playground had to leave their property in 2010. Nevertheless, the playground in Wandsbek is a popular destination because today’s parents already played there. A large cable car, a climbing frame, a turntable, sandboxes, playhouses and a basketball court provide lots of fun. The park is also right on the wall – perfect for feeding ducks. Tip: Salvatore comes by with his ice cream truck every afternoon, be sure to try!

  • Former goat playground
  • Ahrensburger Strasse, 22041 Hamburg
  • always accessible
  • free

© Lisa Schleif Slides in the playground in Walter Möller Park

A playground on the Reeperbahn? Why not! If you now have pictures of syringes in the sandpit or junkies on the park bench in your head, you can hit them straight out of your head. The playground has a lot to offer – a small water play facility, climbing frames, swings, two cable cars and a huge slide, at the sight of which even papa gets weak knees. Nothing like there!

  • Playground in Walter Möller Park
  • Dosenstrasse 22, 22767 Hamburg
  • always accessible
  • free

© Lisa Schleif Climbing on the playground at Lake Bramfeld

Anyone who attaches great importance to clarity in playgrounds is in the right place at the playground on Lake Bramfeld. This does not mean that there is little to discover on the playground. On the contrary – various climbing frames, a net swing, sandboxes, slides, a rotating carousel and a cable car make every child’s heart beat faster. You can also grill at a fireplace.

  • Playground at Lake Bramfeld
  • Borchertring, 22309 Hamburg
  • always accessible
  • free

© Lisa Schleif At the playground Planten un Blooming are climbing to the max

You don’t know the playground in the Planten un Bloom area? Then it is high time to get to know each other! The huge yellow-brown climbing mountain is the focus of the playground. It’s not just a huge slide – there is a small paddling pool in the middle of the mountain. But of course that’s not all – numerous swings, slides, climbing frames and a water feature also ensure pure fun for your kids over several hours. There is a separate play area for the younger children. Toilets and a kiosk are also already available.

  • Playground Planten un Bloomen
  • Holstenwall, 20355 Hamburg
  • Hours of Operation: January – March: 7 AM – 8 PM, April: 7 AM – 10 PM, May – September: 7 AM – 11 PM, October – December: 7 AM – 8 PM Clock
  • free

© Lisa Schleif Betting swings on the playground in the city park

The, or the playgrounds in the city park are, of course, a classic for Hamburg residents. There are numerous play equipment around a huge pool of water. From climbing ship to swings to tunnel slide, everything is included. Next to the playground there is a second one, which has the right one for children of all ages. Of course, snacks, toilets and plenty of lawn and sand are provided.

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