11 Small theaters in berlin, which you should pay a visit to, with pleasure berlin

11 small theaters in Berlin that you should pay a visit to

Unfortunately, these prejudices about Berlin are true

Everyone knows the German Theater, the Schaubühne or the Theater des Westens. But theater not only takes place on the big, well-known stages, but also in many free theaters all over the city. Often enough you can already experience the stars of tomorrow there today.

© Janina Heppner, stage sets: Martin Chmilecki, graphics: Ivonne Schulze perennial favorite "Good times Bad Times" Watch at the Prime Time Theater

The Wedding pop theater has long since achieved cult status not only among culture lovers. The house favorite is the stage soap "Good wedding, bad wedding", who has been captivating audiences for over 100 episodes with a good sense of humor. In addition to the cult hit, the Prime Time Theater team also implements other series formats live on stage.

  • Prime Time Theater
  • Müllerstrasse 163, 13353
  • More info

© Ingrid Vogel One-man shows at the Garn Theater

The actor Adolfo Assor has been running the Garn Theater as a one-man business since 1988. He can be seen in all productions on the small stage, often as the only actor. Classics from Kafka to Dostojewski are usually on the program.

  • Yarn Theater
  • Katzbachstrasse 19, 10965 Berlin
  • Thursday – Monday: from 8.30 p.m.
  • Tickets: 11 euros, reduced 9 euros
  • More info

© Theaterdiscounter Contemporary stories in the theater discount store

The theater discount store has been doing theater in Berlin for more than 13 years. Since 2009, the venue has been located in the former telecommunications office directly on Alexanderplatz. In addition to numerous in-house productions, the theater discounter also offers a stage for directing and acting graduates and guest performances. What unites all productions is the desire to prepare stories in a contemporary way and to present them in new forms. If you like to be challenged in the theater, this is the place for you.

  • Theaterdiscounter
  • Klosterstrasse 44, 10179 Berlin
  • Tickets: 15 euros, reduced 9 euros
  • More info

© Andy Suess Improtheater and Poetry Slams in the theater elongated living room

The voluntarily organized off-theater extended living room has in addition to classic spoken theater always improv groups, live radio plays, poetry slams and comedians on the program. Under the banner "Open living room" interested guests are also regularly offered an open stage on which they can work themselves and try out their own art. So there is variety in a homely atmosphere.

  • Theater Extended living room
  • Frankfurter Allee 91, 10247 Berlin
  • Tuesday & Sunday: 6pm – 11pm, Friday & Saturday: 7pm – 11pm
  • More info

© Café Theater Schalotte Choral music and stand-up comedy in the Café-Theater Schalotte

Not far from the Richard-Wagner-Platz underground station Café-Theater Schalotte Friends of cabaret for changing events. From choral music to stand-up comedy to classic theater, there is something for every taste.

  • Café Theater Shallot
  • Behaimstrasse 22, 10585 Berlin
  • More info

© getoutski | FlickrCC BY 2.0 Free theater in the theater in the cinema

The theater in the cinema is one of the oldest independent theaters in Germany and already operates two venues in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. A standing cooperation with the Berlin School for Drama enables year-round play and helps to ensure that new faces and thoughts always have a stage here. The program is complemented by readings, concerts and parties, which take place primarily in the second venue at Rigaer Straße 77.

  • Theater in the cinema
  • Boxhagener Strasse 18, 10245 Berlin
  • More info

© Silke Haueiß Theater of Things in the showroom

If you are interested in the various other forms of theater art in addition to the traditional spoken theater, a visit to the Schaubude is recommended. Everything revolves around the theater of things: on the program is puppet, figure and object theater for young and old. Exhibitions and in-depth theater education offerings round off the diverse program.

  • show booth
  • Greifswalder Str. 81-84, 10405 Berlin
  • Tickets from 7 euros, reduced 6 euros
  • More info

© Beate Höckner See the stars of tomorrow in the theater under the roof

The theater under the roof on the former site of the IV. Städtische Gasanstalt is a permanent fixture in Berlin’s free scene. Established artists, but above all promising young talents, have the opportunity here to put their works on stage. Over the years, the theater has not only laid the foundation for numerous theater careers, but has also presented a lot of things that later won prizes and awards. If you want to know today who and what will be shown on the big stages tomorrow, go to the theater under the roof.

  • Theater under the roof
  • Danziger Strasse 101 (building 103), 10405 Berlin
  • Tickets: 12 euros, 5–8 euros reduced
  • More info

© Berliner Kriminal Theater Perpetrators advise in the Berlin Kriminal Theater

Crime fans cannot avoid visiting the Berlin Kriminal Theater. Classics of suspense literature and modern thrillers come alive here. Both Agatha Christie and Sebastian Fitzek take place on this stage. This makes the Berlin crime theater a real alternative for everyone who is looking for a dash of thrill in the theater.

  • Berlin crime theater
  • Palisadenstr. 48, 10243 Berlin
  • Tickets: from 19 euros
  • More info

Turkish-language theater in Tiyatrom

"Tiyatrom" is Turkish for "My theater" – a pretty fitting name, because Turkish-speaking theater has been taking place in Berlin for more than 30 years. The Tiyatrom presents its own productions in every season, but also likes to open the stage for other Turkish artists from home and abroad. If you want to immerse yourself in a completely different culture for an evening, you have the opportunity here.

  • Tiyatrom
  • Alte Jakobstrasse 12, 10969 Berlin
  • More info

© Frank Podding Cinema and theater in the bread factory

In addition to its small cinema, the bread factory in Weißensee is primarily known for its stage. From children to old people, a wide audience is provided with new creative theater projects. In addition to Berlin actors and plays, there are often award-winning guest performances from abroad. Before or after a performance, you can of course enjoy a beer or two in the in-house pub.

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