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Anyone who has ever had a really cool idea for a gift that the recipient was actually happy about knows that gifting is actually much nicer than being given a gift. So instead of just waiting this year to find out which wishes your wish list will fulfill, we would have another idea for you: just donate your Christmas bonus to something that is close to your heart!

Almost everyone has thought of donating before. Most of the time, however, the considerations fail because one is not sure whether the eleven euros that have been scraped together really help to stop the extinction of polar bears. The solution: Donate to local projects! To do good you don’t necessarily have to turn to huge and non-transparent organizations, there are also many great concepts in and around Munich. We have collected 11 wonderful projects from Munich for you, which you can support with your donation. And the best thing about it: You can also visit everyone on site and convince yourself that your money has been used well.

1. Creating a home for refugees with Thinking outside the box

What does home taste like? While you are thinking about it, we have a special tip for you: Prove it as an intercultural integration encounter cook project Out of the box regularly that eating and cooking together are more fun! Outside the box is a social enterprise that is run jointly by refugees and locals. Behind the project is the non-profit association "Über den Tellerrand München e.V.", which organizes cooking courses for refugees, free cooking meetings, picnics and much more in Munich. With that, they sit down "for a better we" and living together at eye level. You can support this great project with donations or a visit to the café!

Outside the box | Visit the café, take part in the cooking evenings, or donate money More info

2. Give culture with KulturRaum Munich

Our Munich theater, concert and art culture is so enriching and diverse that it also deserves a colorful audience. Not everyone can afford entertainment just like that. Behind the nonprofit association KulturRaum München e.V.. is the nice idea to enable cultural participation for all people, regardless of their wallet. Specifically, this means that with your donation you can give a person with a low income a lot of fun at an event. The free offer is aimed at adults, children and young people. People with disabilities or refugees cultural area additional volunteer cultural sponsors to the side. Accompanied doing everything more anyway fun! In addition to donations, you can also become a cultural partner, for example by providing tickets for concerts, readings, visits to the cinema or exhibitions.

KulturRaum München e.V. | Donate money, help volunteer with the card mediation, become a cultural sponsor or help with ticket donations | More info

3. Help the homeless through the winter with the Munich refrigeration bus

Winter and freezing temperatures devour the substance, especially in people without a refuge. While most Munich residents can warm up in their fluffy beds, the cold season is unfortunately life-threatening for the homeless. The Munich cold bus provides mobile acute help for all who accept it. The volunteers give out food, drinks, hygiene items and specials, such as vouchers for the municipal indoor pools. Very important: The cold bus is not a 24-hour emergency facility that transports homeless people to accommodation and is not a collection point for used clothing. If you see a homeless person in apparent emergency, please dial 911. At the Kältebus on the other hand, you help quickly and effectively with a cash donation, donation in kind or long-term sponsorship. But you can also donate your time and work regularly as a volunteer.

The refrigeration bus Munich | One-time donation, donations in kind, sponsorships and voluntary work possible More info

4. Support queer life in Munich with donations to Sub and LeTRa

As much love the Munich people show for their colorful city and all the wonderful projects, there is still a lot to do when it comes to queer life. The Sub (gay communication and culture center) and the LeTRa (the lesbian equivalent), the two largest organizations for gay and lesbian people in Munich, do a lot. Whether violence against homosexuals, health education, coming out, or the feeling of belonging – they cover topics that otherwise find little or no support. At the same time, they act as a mouthpiece, for example, they organize the annual Idahobit. A day where people demonstrate, speak and work for equality, recognition and tolerance towards sexual minorities. You can support them with volunteer work and donations.

letra | Volunteering, donating money | More info | Sub | Volunteering, donating money | More info

5. Support sustainability and environmental protection with a donation to Green City, Rehab Republic or Clean up

Do you also think that Munich should become even greener in many places? Green City just do it! The non-profit environmental protection organization carries out over 150 campaigns per year on urban design, energy, education and mobility. The more people get involved, the more political pressure can arise from citizens’ appeals. Among other things, this means that no trees are felled in the city. With your donation you support the diverse projects. Or you engage yourself! The project is equally great Clean up, who campaigns for less garbage in the city. We also love the Rehab Republic projects. They are committed to environmental protection in a holistic manner: in addition to urban gardening, the green village in the city and environmental education in schools, for example, the project 1-2-3 plastic-free! They also organize the club mob, where you can dance until dawn to support the clubs in their environmentally friendly renovation.

Green City | Become a volunteer in many activities, support financially More info | Rehab Republic | Participate on a voluntary basis or support with a donation | More info | Clean up | Participate or donate money More info

6. Giving opportunities with the sports projects from High Five and Bunt kicks well

The founders of High five and Bunt kickt gut are convinced that sport, such as skateboarding, snowboarding and soccer, can convey important emotional and social skills. Origin, culture, language and social status are irrelevant on the board, on the ramp, or on the football field – here everyone can learn from each other and find new friends. For high five, for example, you can make a donation of 34 euros to a child to attend the course for two months. Or you volunteer. Founded in Munich in 1997, developed Colorful kicks well to the pioneering project of organized street football. Around 150 teams kick in Munich in five age groups from eight years, including the women’s league. Training and league matchdays have a preventive effect on youth crime and violence. It is about freedom of play and freedom and about being a strong team. Contribute money and donations in kind, or participate in the league by volunteering. We find fair rules of the game!

High five | Donate money or volunteer | More info | Colorful kicks well | Donations of money and goods or voluntary work More info

7. Animals help with a donation to the Munich Tiertafel and Tierschutzverein München

Animals are somehow the better people in many ways. They can be an important support in everyday life, especially for old, sick and needy people. However, many people cannot afford the high expenses for food or medical care themselves. Here comes the Munich animal table comes into play, which supports over 500 needy Munich residents, feeds food and subsidizes veterinary costs. You can help! For food and other things, you can donate to animal benefactors. You can transfer general donations. On the Saturday of delivery, as a helper you will meet not only great people, but also many cute doggos and other happy four-legged friends. The employees definitely deserve the Bavarian Animal Welfare Award! If you want to do more, have a look at the Tierschutzverein München!

Munich animal table | Help on a voluntary basis or provide financial support | More info

8. Promote self-determined living with living: meaning

For RESIDENTIAL: SINN Inclusion means that everyone should decide where, how and with whom they live. This right should apply regardless of financial condition, disability, way of life or other personal characteristics. Do you think so too? Then you should take a closer look at the project from Munich’s Tobias Polsfuß. In association with various associations, such as living in the common good and learning to live together, so-called inclusion shared flats improve the living situation of people with disabilities. This is about a respectful coexistence, in which problem cases are not excluded and the completely normal, uh, sense of living is lived. The colorful coexistence is shaped by donations. If you want to donate regularly, you can even become a sponsoring member. But you can also give time and help in everyday life!

LIVING: SENSE | Help on a voluntary basis, become a supporting member, or make one-off donations More info

9. Get seniors out of loneliness with Die Gute Stube

When it comes to good stories, delicious Eating, home remedies and the wisdom of life is what grannies and grandpas have without a doubt in the lead! Stupid only when no one asks for tips and nobody listens to their stories. The Union The good room Themed loneliness and old become provocative and aptly according to the motto "stay curious or go die!" and give Munich senior citizens a variety of activities in the café, workshop and garden, from stage to leisure activities. Direct social contacts are made possible and promoted. The good room gladly accepts donations to further expand the project. The good parlor offers a great alternative to the TV armchair at home and the dreary Dinner For One from the microwave. Next time just say hello to grandma in the stairwell and take her to one of the great projects in the good room.

10. Support the integration of refugees and women’s rights at Bellevue di Monaco with Juno

A lot has happened in Müllerstraße 2-6. Some people suspect a new hipster hotspot in the corner café, but there’s a lot more to it than that. The Bellevue di Monaco is a Restricted, House that is open to discussion – for refugees and Munich residents. The info café is organized together with refugees. In the rear building there is a diverse cultural program with readings, concerts, language courses and much more. In the apartment building next door, youth welfare accompanies young refugees into an independent life. A ball playground is currently being built on the roof – in the middle of the city! The sponsors of the project welcome refugees and have created a space for Munich residents to negotiate on all pressing issues such as flight, migration, immigration and identity. Also JUNO is often represented at Bellevue as an initiative for refugee women, including poetry & Rap workshops for young women. Have a look, offer your time and help, discuss and learn. You invest your donations in very diverse projects!

11. Help many people with a donation to Condrobs

Sometimes annoying, but always important: being able to talk about worries, fears and addiction problems. Condrobs As a provider of social support services in Bavaria, in recent years it has grown far beyond prevention and help for those at risk of addiction. Here people, especially children, adolescents and young adults, find help in difficult life situations. Excluded, addicted or addicted people are supported in participating in social life. Condrobs also campaigns for better protection for women who experience violence. A wide range of projects can be found in the meanwhile around 60 institutions that support up to 12,000 people across Bavaria. Donations can be made once or monthly, Condrobs will be happy to inform you about possible honorary positions. Asking more precisely whether everything is in order is an equally good first step for support from family, friends and colleagues!


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