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The children’s bike 12 inch test

Choosing the right one children’s bike, With the enormous abundance of offers, it can be quite difficult at first glance. And since we’re from that Children’s bike test know that fun is very important at this age, we support them with our Children’s bike test, a suitable one Buy children’s bike. For small children, the focus is often on design and appearance. With them the parents and also with us from Children’s bike test but above all that safety. After all, we don’t want the little rascals to have their first own Bicycle adventures with the Connect children’s bikes to bad accidents. That’s why we take each one in our test children Bicycle exactly for them apart and offer them in a detailed Children’s bike test for reading here on our site.
Since the 12 inch children’s bikes in our experience mostly the right one entry level for a Kinderrad our focus in the product selection is mostly on you. However, we refer to ours Children’s bike test others, of course children’s bicycles of different sizes to give you a comprehensive consulting services for her Children’s bike purchase to offer.

We from Children’s bike test know of course how quickly the little ones grow out of their things. And unfortunately that is exactly the case with children bicycles no different. Therefore, and above all, so that you can remember the time with your little ones not only thanks to your aching wallet but more through a variety of fun experiences, we deliver them through ours Children’s bike test always the cheapest children’s bicycles with excellent quality. So we are looking for them cheap children’s bikes in all sizes. Regardless of whether young wheels or girls wheels, thanks to our Children’s bike test you will find the right one wheel.
Because thanks to our Children’s bike test we also inform you about the best bargains! Of course only if that quality and especially that safety we also recommend that Buy children’s bike.

The best 12-inch children’s bikes at a glance:

test winner Price-performance winner
place 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
model Puky bike ZL 12 Alu Bikestar 12 Series Classic Edition Bikestar 12 Series Classic Edition Puky children’s bike Z2 Vermont captain 12 inches
test result

30 ratings

Wheel size in inches 12 " 12 " 12 " 12 " 12 "
suitable for Boys & girl Boys girl Boys & girl Boys
frame shape Wave style Wave style Wave style
low entrance
Wave style
low entrance
Wave style
frame material aluminum steel steel steel steel
Weight approx. 8 kg approx. 8 kg approx. 8 kg approx. 9 kg approx. 10 kg
    stable & durable LED rear light with parking light meaningful & roadworthy equipment
    stable & durable rear light with parking light meaningful & roadworthy equipment
    stable & durable especially for small beginners of non-toxic handlebar grips handlebars adjustable in height
    stable & durable rear light with parking light meaningful & roadworthy equipment
    stable & durable easily adjustable gear shift
to the provider to offer to offer to offer to offer to offer

Table of Contents:

What you have to consider when buying?


Safety is the top priority when buying a children’s bike! That is why this is also closely examined in our children’s bike test. Because cheap children’s bikes are not always the right choice when buying children’s bikes. In particular, the inadequate workmanship of cheap offshoots can become a real danger and spoil the little ones the fun on children’s bikes, as our test unfortunately shows. Therefore, you should always pay attention to a stable frame of the children’s bike when buying. The processing of the handlebars and the wheels of the bicycle is also very important, because this is where poor quality can quickly break a spoke of the children’s bicycle, which is a lot in comparison.

Therefore, you should always use certified tests that confirm the quality of the bike and protect it from unpleasant surprises. Of course, our children’s bike test also offers such an indication of safety.

How big should the children’s bike be??

The correct size of the children’s bike in comparison is always a sensitive issue, which many people find helpless. We from the children’s bike test are convinced that the 12 inch children’s bikes are good entry-level bicycles in the range, 12 inch children’s bikes. Because these are particularly easy to use and extremely stable. However, there is also a great advantage, the fact that these 12 inch children’s bicycles do not need a gearshift that is often too complicated for the little ones and are therefore even more beginner-friendly. You should never buy children’s bikes that are too big, because the worst thing is that our child is still growing in. At the moment, the too big children’s bike could represent an enormous safety risk for your child, as the comparison clearly shows. And in order to avoid that, it is important to start small, then you will grow big so quickly, but you must never forget, it’s about the moment. Because now and today your child should be safe and happy.

You should pay attention to these quality and safety criteria

The test shows that the quality of a children’s bike is a crucial aspect that should be considered when buying a children’s bike. In comparison, cheap children’s bikes are not always the smartest choice. Because even when it comes to the longevity of children’s bikes, quality is of crucial importance. This way you can throw your money out of the window very quickly. Especially children’s bikes from NoName or also from cheap brands are not always the best choice for children’s bicycles. A good alternative is therefore the advice from our children’s bike test. According to our test, they should pay particular attention to high-quality workmanship, because sharp edges and poor weld seams can spoil the fun of driving very quickly. Therefore, when comparing, especially the frame, you should always take a close look. Because if it is already warped or badly welded, we would advise against buying it immediately and without a test. You should also take a close look at the paint job. If you recognize small bubbles, this indicates either an inferior color or a poor base material. In addition, you should also take a look at the handlebar, which we specifically take into account in our test. If this is crooked or not symmetrical, the children’s bike pulls in one of the corresponding directions, which results in very poor and dangerous driving behavior. You should also always check the chain before buying a 12 inch children’s bike. In comparison, this should always be tense and not slithering around. The wheels themselves are also not to be neglected. According to our test, these should always run straight and be in flight. Otherwise, this can result in nasty falls. And who wants this? In any case, we from the 12 inch children’s bike do not test it. However, if this is a little too complicated for you, that’s not a problem. Because that’s what the children’s bike test is for. That’s what US is for! We always support you with competent advice and independent children’s bike tests.

What accessories for the children’s bike?

When it comes to accessories for a children’s bike, the good old training wheels are always the best choice. Because as the comparison shows, these help especially at the beginning of learning to drive with safe handling and stabilization. So in the 12 inch children’s bike test, even inexperienced riders and newbies have fun with the children’s bikes. Of course, there are also a number of other accessories that can be used to personalize the children’s bike compared to the one, but which of course can also make it safer. So there are horns and cute little fans as well as upholstery that protect against hard iron, as the test shows. In the children’s bike test, the accessories help to personalize the children’s bike. However, as already mentioned, you should never lose sight of safety and make bicycles less safe by using unnecessary accessories. A large selection You can of course find useful accessories on our website in our 12 inch children’s bike test. Simply click here.

The right children’s bike helmet

The right children’s bike helmet is, from the point of view of the 12 inch children’s bike test, an extremely important safety aspect for the small beginners. Because many make the tragic mistake of buying an expensive bike and then saving on accessories and thus often above all on important safety, as the comparison unfortunately shows. The helmet is the key >Check out the best selection of inexpensive and safe children’s bike helmets here. There are also reviews that we have created ourselves, because in the area of ​​safety, we put great emphasis on quality from the 12 inch children’s bike test comparison.

Good bike brands

There are really many children’s bike brands and manufacturers on the market these days. However, songs do not all meet the quality and safety guidelines one should expect from them. After all, this is about developing our future. Since you can of course not put all of these items and products through their paces, we take care of that for you before testing children’s bikes. So when it comes to good bike brands, Puky is of course at the top. However, Bikestar or Vermont also impress in terms of quality and safety. Of course, the joy of riding is always present with all children’s bike brands! However, you should always beware of cheap imports and counterfeits from China. These can have serious production errors and thus fatal security deficiencies. Therefore, you should always make sure that the bikes come from a reputable manufacturer. Just like all the bikes that we present to you in our children’s bike test. Because if a children’s bike has an origin that cannot be clearly determined, it will not find its way to our children’s bike test. It is therefore eliminated immediately. Because quality is just one of the most important features for the little ones and for the 12 inch children’s bike test.

How good are Puky bikes really?

Puky bikes are probably one of the most famous children’s bikes in the world. Often they are controversial, especially as far as their price-performance ratio is concerned. Nevertheless, the Puky bikes are among the most popular children’s bikes in the world. You have to say that the quality is lonely and there is nothing to complain about in terms of workmanship from the children’s bike test. Therefore, from our point of view, the higher expenditure of money is justified, because there are no negative aspects on the part of the offered product. Of course, this does not mean that there are no good children’s bicycles that could be had at a cheaper entry-level price. Nevertheless, Puky bikes are well worth their money. Because, as we all know, quality has its price.

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