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In a very short time we knew which of our children’s books were best sellers.

The orders showed clear trends. The children’s books bestsellers that were the favorites at the beginning continue to be our children’s books bestsellers. Nothing has changed.

The 5 best-selling children’s books mentioned below still hold their place. Although the other personalized children’s books on our website are also very well received, there is a noticeable difference to our 5 best-selling children’s books.

There is no absolute favorite among our 5 children’s book bestsellers, although the “Children’s Bible” (for Easter and First Communion), as well as the book “A Day at the Zoo” (interestingly in autumn) are often bought for seasonal reasons. For boys, of course, “1: 0 my big football book” is always a hit. In summer and autumn, "Pony Farm" and "My start of school" are in preparation for the new phase of life.

To get a feel for a story in a personalized form, you can request a FREE HISTORY here.

Now I would like to introduce our 5 best-selling children’s books to you in detail:

Children’s book bestseller No. 1 – "Children’s Bible"

Unique to the idea is the personalized children’s Bible to teach children how to deal with others. In the stories mentioned, Jesus speaks in parables about certain life situations in which the child is mentioned by name. The child can unconsciously make comparisons to their own life and decide which way they want to go.

This children’s book is a real hit as a gift for birth, baptism or first communion. What could be better suited to these occasions than this personalized children’s Bible.

Order options for this children’s book: girl / boy, name of the child

Languages: German, English, French

The book has 20 pages at a price of € 14.70

Children’s book bestseller No. 2 – "A day at the zoo"

Which child doesn’t love the zoo? An unforgettable experience for the child, on a tour of the zoo. Everything is admired. The elephants, the giraffes, the hippos and the chimpanzees, and the child learns a lot about the life of the animals in the zoo. An enrichment!

Order options for this children’s book: girl / boy, name of child, name of woman / man as accompanying person

Languages: German, English, French; Spanish, Portuguese, Romanesque

The book has 20 pages at a price of € 14.70

Children’s Books Bestseller No. 3 – "1: 0 My Big Football Book"

How could it be any different? At Buben, this personalized children’s book is a hit! Preparations are underway – the big game against the team in which the “Lange” is playing is just around the corner. Everyone is excited. Nothing is left to chance in preparation. The hero in this story, as well as his friend, are getting ready for the game. An incredibly exciting time lies ahead of the children. Can your child win the game??

Order options for this children’s book: girl / boy, boyfriend / girlfriend, girlfriend / boyfriend, name of the team

Languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian

The book has 20 pages at a price of € 14.70

Children’s book bestseller No. 4 – "Pony Farm"

Two children have the opportunity to spend a few days on a pony farm. It goes there with anticipation. Learn step by step the children, the correct handling of the horses. This affects feeding as well as the care of the ponies. The information is always interesting and worth knowing. Not only that! Then it goes back home with great joy.

Order options for this children’s book: girl / boy, name of the child, name of the riding stable

Languages: German, French,

The book has 20 pages at a price of € 14.70

Children’s Books Bestseller No. 5 – "My Back to School"

The new phase of life begins! The events at school are excitedly perceived by the child. There is a greeting in the auditorium instead of, and other important stages before the first lesson are described very sensitively. In any case, the child’s joy and curiosity is aroused.

Order options for this children’s book: girl / boy, child’s name, boyfriend / girlfriend

Languages: German, French,

The book has 20 pages at a price of € 14.70

You have the entire selection of our personalized children’s books HERE !

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Personalized children’s books are books in which certain content, such as the name of the main character, can be changed. Often additional things like the name of the soccer team or the name of the best friend can be changed. Some personalized children’s books can be changed to such an extent that you can not only personalize the text, but also the pictures. With some customizable children’s books, you can also have the hair color, hairstyle and eye color of the characters individually adjusted and even determine whether the characters in the story wear glasses or not. As you can see, there are all kinds of personalized children’s books.

Even normal children’s books are always a suitable gift. They impart new knowledge to the child, stimulate their minds and convey new ideas and relationships in a playful manner. Personalized children’s books go one step further and make the gifted child a hero in their own story. Imagine how great your child feels when he suddenly finds himself in his very own pirate story? Personalized children’s books are a very personal gift. You show your child that you really care about them. After all, you didn’t just give him a book, but a personalized children’s book! Personalized children’s books capture your child’s imagination even more by putting your child right in the middle of the story. Your child feels even more addressed and his creativity blooms.

Here on this website you will find many different personalized children’s books. There is bound to be a story that is just right for your child (or the child you want to gift). 1. Select a children’s book that you want to personalize by clicking the button on the respective children’s book "to the book" click. 2. Now enter the personalization data (name of the main character, etc.) and click on "Add to Cart". 3. Now complete the ordering process and you will receive your personalized children’s books by post within one week!


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