15 Simple diy craft ideas for christmas crafts with children

15 simple DIY crafts >

15 simple DIY craft ideas for Christmas crafts with children

How happy we baked cookies with mom during Advent, painted pictures as gifts for the festival and cleaned our shoes on the eve of St. Nicholas’ Day. Today we pass on Mother’s best cookie recipe to our children, tinker with them Imp from pine cones and watch with a smile as the little ones bring their boots to shine. The pre-Christmas season is an exciting time for children, full of secrecy and creativity. Christmas crafts with children shortens the time to the feast and is just fun. Here are 15 DIY craft ideas.

Christmas trees are made from buttons

Buttons are a wonderful handicraft material! With them you can lampshades decorate and Decorate photo albums. Buttons are also great for crafting gifts and Christmas tree decorations! Thread four brown buttons of the same size with thick thread, this will become the trunk of the tree. Next, thread on various light and dark green buttons in size so that the tree becomes narrower towards the top. Finally, pull up a star pearl and tie a loop.

Another great idea with buttons is a Christmas tree picture. First sketch an elongated triangle on a solid piece of paper, then stick on two large brown buttons as a trunk and fill in the triangle with large and small green buttons. Glue on colorful buttons as Christmas baubles. A great gift for grandma and grandpa! More wonderful DIY Christmas gift ideas I put you in my article in front.

Aren’t these little trees delightful? Glue a small cardboard cone with green felt, then pin the buttons with pins. Use pins with shiny, colorful heads for the sapling, these look like Christmas tree balls.

Christmas trees tinker with popsicles

Do Christmas decorations with ice cream sticks? That sounds like an unusual idea, but this project is really easy to implement. Shorten a popsicle stick 2cm, then paint the shortened stick and two long sticks green. Glue the stems into a triangle, cut a trunk out of cardboard and decorate the tree with pompoms, tinsel or bells.

Color in ice cream sticks, then cut six sticks to different lengths. Glue the sticks across a dark ice cream stick. Decorate with a gold star and colorful half pearls. Attach a loop to the tree.

This idea couldn’t be simpler, either! Paint the ice cream sticks with white acrylic paint, then make a cylinder out of felt. Paint coal eyes and a mouth on the stem. Now cut a small triangle out of orange felt and stick it on as a nose. Cut a felt scarf and wrap it around your neck, then stick on buttons and the snowman is done!

Instead of a felt scarf, patterned adhesive film can also be used. More great ideas for Christmas crafts with children shows you Claudia in their contribution on the subject.

Place six ice cream sticks next to each other, then glue another stick slightly over the other ice cream sticks. Now paint the top half black, the bottom half white. Decorate the snowman’s top hat with a pom pom trim and cut a nose out of glittering cardboard. Glue on two different sized moving eyes.

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