15,000 euro credit – now securing the lowest interest rates

15,000 euro credit - now securing the lowest interest rates

15000 euro credit

Do you need 15000 Euro credit? However, there is still the question of which bank may finance your personal project?

Do not hesitate. More favorable than today, nobody finances you the money.

How to find your preferred loan, what to look for, we summarize in the post.

15000 euro credit – low interest

The current interest rate level remains very low. Although rumors continue to forecast the rise in interest rates, the ECB is still not moving.

One of the most popular loan amounts is 15,000 euros credit. This amount offers sufficient scope for various purchases, open invoices or other investments.

According to a study on loans, around 8 percent of all applicants in Germany receive 15,000 euros. Incidentally, the average financing amount is 18,567 euros.

If you, too, aspire to this loan, then certainly not groundless, without pursuing a specific goal. Medium-sized loans are most likely to be used for a particular purpose.


Especially because of the gigantic offer of loans of medium height, please do not rush anything. Take your time to compare the different offers of the banks.

Well prepared, your loan is cheap and paid out within three days at the latest. Take the time to plan, prepare and compare.

Comparison of loans – the nuts and bolts of sound financing

If you are looking for a 15000 Euro loan, then you have to go through an exact planning in advance. The credit comparison is the first step towards your wish loan.

Not every offer is ideal for you. No credit and no lender are the same.

15000 Euro Credit – Apply for Application Conditions:

  • The permanent and permanent residence must be in Germany
  • You must be at least of age
  • The income must be in the attachable range
  • You must have a German bank account
  • Your Schufa should have no negative characteristics
  • You should have a regular (secure) monthly income, either through self-employment or non-self-employment

These points form the basic requirements for a 15,000 euro loan and any other loan amount. And it only plays a minor role, for which lender you decide in the end.

When fulfilling the conditions, every borrower is treated equally. There is no exception for any applicant.

Different are the individual requirements that banks place on their target group. Some banks take a higher risk while others take a closer look.

Be sure to make a prior comparison of all interesting offers. Only the exact comparison apparently, in which offer you wirklcih save.

The comparison will only cost you some time. But then you pay for your 15000 euro loan no assets for interest.

On the Internet, there are some portals to compare. Choose a trustworthy portal.

By a precise comparison, you will certainly save several hundred or even a thousand euros. Compare is risk-free and costs you nothing but a few minutes time.

15,000 euros credit – not for everyone

With 15000 euro credit, the Bonitäsanforderungen are still manageable. Nevertheless, not everyone can get such a high credit.

Although many potential borrowers are convinced of their ability to pay, reality speaks a different language. For a loan you need a sufficient income to ensure the rates.

Above all, the income above the seizure exemption count. Only this money may actually pledge the bank in case of failure of the installments.


It is always important to determine for yourself if you can afford the € 15,000 loan. Make a list of all monthly fixed costs.

Calculate not only the fixed costs such as rent, electricity and heating, but the total demand. So also the costs for:

  • foods
  • care products
  • Insurance
  • cars
  • clothing
  • free time activities
  • additional pension
  • Etc.

If you then deduct all items from your monthly net salary, you will see your financial flexibility. But do not use it completely for the monthly installments.

A good part of it may serve to pay off the loan. However, unused money must be left as a buffer.

Unexpectedly, as you know, life often happens. When it comes to unscheduled issues such as:

  • the repair of your washing machine
  • a high billing on electricity, water heating oil
  • or if you hit the tracks on vacation

then the buffer is the salvation. This money remains, despite the rate of the loan.

At the same time you realize realistically, with which monthly rate you repay your 15000 euro credit safely. Incidentally, you can easily adjust the installment rate over the runtime.

Factor running time at deH1 stat H2 .m 15000 Euro credit

When applying for your 15000 euro loan, pay attention to the term. It is decisive for the magnitude of the monthly installment in the household budget.

In addition, the term (via compound interest) has a massive impact on your real credit costs. It’s hard to believe, but even very small effective rates are quite expensive at long maturities.

Therefore, calculate your rate adequately. The higher the monthly payment, the shorter the term.

But do not overdo it with the quick repayment, think also of bad times. Even with loss of income, such as unemployment or illness, the money must be paid in installment.

Be sure to pay attention before applying for the loan:

  • the annual percentage rate
  • Minimum sum and maximum amount for lending
  • the scope of the offered terms
  • possible special conditions
  • Service and accessibility of the bank

All of the above points make a significant contribution to choosing the right lender. Of course, a walk to your house bank can not hurt.

But complete this offer by a proper comparison online. Actively compare at the current daily interest rate.


Do not forget to consider the benefits of special rates, such as an optional rate break.

15000 euro credit from the network

Previously, it was customary to take out a loan of 15,000 euros at the local bank. Often one knew the clerks of the two-digit even privately from the club life.

A “certain loyalty” to the house bank paid off then often. Although interest may not have been optimal, but the personal relationship with the employees solved many a problem.

This is quite different today. In principle, it is no longer the clerk who decides on the € 15,000 loan, but his loan program.

If the software says no, then no vitamin B helps to lend. In addition, more and more stores are closing down, thus losing personal contact.

The time of loyalty to the house bank is therefore over. Almost every major bank now offers the service to apply for 15,000 euros credit online.

For you as a borrower, it is the right time to focus on the essentials. Search specifically for your advantage.

The borrowed money is always worth the same, no matter who lends it to you. It all depends on the conditions.

Decide as emotionless as your bank. The provider who makes you the best individual offer, you award the contract.

In all likelihood, this is a direct bank. Direct banks save on staff and on the branch network.

A part of these savings are provided by direct banks in the form of cheaper interest, cost-free service and special conditions.


Use our loan calculator. Sort the result list automatically according to your preferences.

Problem loan – co-applicant or guarantor?

For every loan and thus also for the 15000 Euro credit, the creditworthiness of the borrower must be correct. Banks may grant this loan many problems, but it can lead to complications.

In a difficult case most credit institutions offer an easy way out. Credit is possible, provided the additional hedge is correct.

The base for unsecured credit provides the applicant’s personal credit rating. It is based on income ratios, current expenses and (mostly) the Schufa score.

For example, if the Schufa burdened by negligent payments, the score is reduced. The default risk increases noticeably.

The first compensation for a higher credit risk is provided by the interest rate level. Risky unsecured loan can cost up to 20% interest in Germany.

Only endlessly can not turn on the interest rate screw, otherwise nobody could afford the interest. What the own creditworthiness does not give, must flow from “outside” as additional security.

At this point guarantors or co-applicants come into play. The second borrower secures with his good credit the 15000 euro loan to the bank.

The difference between guarantor and co-applicant is basically minimal. A guarantor is in fact only liable if the borrower can not demonstrably pay.

The co-applicant is immediately liable, on equal terms with the principal borrower. The apparent advantage of a guarantee of subordinate liability is in reality a tangible disadvantage.

A co-applicant informs the bank immediately if problems arise. In case of need, the fellow-prisoner bypasses by paying the installment.

The guarantor often hears of problems only when the loan is canceled. He is then liable in full and should not pay a rate, but equal to the total.

Credit Improvement Guidelines – in short

  • An excellent Schufa (no negative entries)
  • A high and fixed monthly net income
  • Optimal without further fixed monthly liabilities to other lenders
  • A co-applicant or guarantor can additionally secure the loan
  • Other collateral by persistent values ​​such as Real estate, jewelery and works of art

To counteract any cancellations and problems right at the beginning, it is worth 15,000 euros to plan credit. Create a personal account for yourself.

Check self-critically whether income, expenses and installment match each other. Doubts about your Schufa credit rating can be resolved by requesting a free self-assessment.

The score tells you whether you have difficulties or not. If you have played through and secured all eventualities in advance, the likelihood of a credit rejection drops significantly.


If the credit rating is not quite strong, as banks expect, this does not automatically mean you will not get credit. Easiest way to improve your credit rating.

For more difficult cases, there are loans that can still be approved even if the credit rating is down.

How to get your 15000 Euro credit

To get your 15000 euro credit, it is always advisable to deal with it in advance. For example, collect the usual credit check documentation.


  • Are all current statements for 3 months consecutively filed?
  • Do you have the last three pay slips yet?
  • Is your identity card still valid, because you need it guaranteed?
  • For a loan with a guarantor, the same documents are required for the second borrower.
  • Are the proofs to the Sachsicherung ready?

It is best to look for these documents before applying. Ask the second borrower or guarantor to do the same.

After the application, most borrowers are in a hurry to pay the loan. All the more annoying is it, if the bank suddenly more evidence, for example, the savings contract for credit protection, demand.

The alternative to the entire paperwork can be a purely digital online loan. Above all, borrowers with good credit ratings will be able to access this relatively new offer.

The bank checks the score and performs a scan of the checking account. The scan eliminates all evidence, because they are visible through the current account.

Faster than purely digital, requested by video ident, does not work. Theoretically, loan application and payment can be made in one day, with no bank guarantee.

Step by step to the 15000 euro credit

With a simple step by step guide, you can easily get your loan of 15,000 euros. The first step is to compare the loan providers.

This is where the comparison portals come into play. Only then can you quickly and directly compare a large number of providers and their offers.

In the loan calculator you enter the desired 15000 euro credit. Vote your desired rate over the term. Please use it prudently, because a too small rate costs the bottom line correctly compound interest.

What you have to pay up as interest at the end of the term is determined by a number of factors.

Therefore, take a closer look at the factors:

  • Effective interest rate
  • running time
  • Amount of monthly repayment installments
  • Special payments
  • unscheduled
  • rate pause

In the next step, make the application for your loan. The application online usually takes place quickly and easily by a few clicks in the designated places.

Also enter your name and address. Moreover, marital status, occupation and income.

In some cases, the lender also wants to have information on possible negative entries in the Schufa. You can give yourself an overview of your Schufa through self-assessment.

The next step is the identification of your person. In order for the bank to ensure that the borrower is really the claimant, the ID check is performed.

The last and probably the happiest step for you as a borrower is to pay out 15,000 euros in credit. Depending on the provider, the payment may take several days to even weeks.

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