16 Inch kids bike test comparison (january 2020)

We present you the best 16-inch children’s bikes on our test and comparison portal.

Bicycling places high demands on motor skills and body control. When children have learned to ride a bicycle, they are very proud of it. A bike is still not just a toy, but also a piece of sports equipment.

Children can get a bike from the age of three. As a rule, the frame size of the bike is given in inches or centimeters. For this reason, 16 inches are specified in suitable tests. Find with our comparison table for current offers.

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Buying advice on the 16-inch children’s bike test or comparison: We will help you find your 16-inch children’s bike test winner!

  • Children’s bikes are usually not approved for road traffic. They do not have all the equipment necessary for road traffic.
  • Children’s bicycles come in different types. These include the classic bike, the cruiser and the mountain bike.
  • A children’s bike is suitable for ages 3 to 4 years. This statement applies because you can adjust the height of the saddle and handlebar.

Preschoolers need a 16-inch bike. However, this recommendation is not universal. Depending on the size and the length of the legs, a smaller or larger bicycle can also be considered for the child. However, you as parents should be aware that the 16 inch children’s bike is a play bike.

The child is not allowed to ride the 16-inch children’s bike for girls and boys on the road. When choosing, you have to decide whether you want one Mountain bike or a normal 16-inch children’s bike with gear shift or want to buy a simple bike. You can also buy a used 16 inch children’s bike.

1. The right age for a 16 inch children’s bike

When buying a 16-inch children’s bike for girls and boys it depends on the stride length. The child can only ride the bike safely if it can safely reach the ground with its feet. For this reason, you should measure your offspring. Only then can you buy your child a new children’s bike.

Promotion of motor skills

According to scientific studies, cycling has positive effects on the motor and intellectual development of children. For this reason, pediatricians advise very early on to offer children a bicycle.

Place your child with his back against the wall. Now clamp a thick book between your legs. This way you can mimic the effects of the saddle. After that, you need to use a tape measure to measure the distance between your feet on the floor and the top of the book.

If the value is between 55 and 59 centimeters, a children’s bike with 16 inches is the right decision. The realization is that such a bike is suitable for children aged four to eight years.

2. The weight of the children’s bike

Children generally have very little physical strength. Therefore, you should pay attention when choosing the bike, that your child can handle the weight. In addition, your son or daughter should be able to put the bike back on after falling over.

Children who are daintily built have more problems with a bicycle weight of 10 kg. Furthermore, it is not so difficult to move lighter wheels better. For this reason, a 16-inch children’s bike with aluminum frame is an excellent choice.

Tip: A lightweight 16-inch children’s bike also has some advantages for you. So you have to carry less weight when carrying or loading into your car.

3. Pay attention to the shape and height

There are great models for boys and girls. Unisex designs are also available.

In any case, you should make sure that you have the option of using the children’s bike Adjustable handlebar and saddle. You should also make sure that there is a deep entry. This particularly refers to the 16-inch children’s bike for boys.

Furthermore, it should be possible for your child to easily climb on the bike in an upright state. The frame size depends on the height of the child. Finally, the frame material of the bike should be stable and, if possible, light.

4. Equipment for children’s bikes vary widely

The equipment of the children’s or youth bike is also very important. The right equipment can avoid the risk of accidents. Ideally, it is roadworthy. In addition, you should especially check the brakes when buying. If the front brake fails, your child should be able to stop the bike with the coaster brake.

Look for a bike where the brakes respond quickly and are easy to use. So, 2020 tests for 16-inch children’s bikes have shown that the best bikes are one Front and coaster brake have.

The number of gears is also important. Children love to shift around the aisles. You can find a good circuit for example on a mountain bike.

We have the one for you again Advantages and disadvantages of children’s bicycles with gears listed:

  • Cycling also possible off-road
  • Circuits are great fun for the little ones
  • Gear shifting can make the purchase more expensive
  • Gear shifts often need to be repaired

You should also have a 16 inch children’s bike with training wheels be equipped if your son or daughter is very young. With the help of the training wheels, your darling can gradually learn to cycle without it tipping over.

You don’t necessarily have to buy a Hudora 16-inch kids bike with training wheels. Instead, you can attach the training wheels to another children’s bike. In any case, consider whether your child needs the training wheels when cycling.

5. Note further equipment features

In the following we have put together further secondary features of a children’s bike for you:

Furnishing description
Bicycle stand
  • highly recommended
  • protects frame from scratching
  • can be retrofitted
  • Transportation of toys and other small items
  • preferred on the luggage rack
  • makes driving difficult when attached to the handlebars
  • increases safety in poor visibility
  • can be easily attached

These are secondary features no Got to. However, a basket or reflectors, for example, can be very practical in certain situations.

6. The look of the children’s bike 16-inch

As parents, you decide on the size of the bike, while your children have a say in the design. There are a large number of suppliers today who offer bicycles with interesting and unusual designs. These include, for example, Scott’s bicycles.

In most cases, children want to have a bike, which has strong colors and looks striking. This is particularly evident in girls. Of course, the boys can also prepare attractive designs for children’s bikes.

According to many tests, there are enormous differences in the price of children’s 16-inch bicycles. But it shouldn’t be a problem today, to get a good bike cheap, without having to sacrifice quality.

For example, Toimsa’s bicycles do very well. Some of the Prometheus bikes are now and again children’s bike 16-inch test winners. The Bachtenkirch models are often crowned best children’s bikes.

But of course, high-quality bicycles also have a proud price, as is the case with the Ollo and Mondo bikes, for example. Finally you can Models from Disney and Dino Bikes and the Puky 16 inch children’s bike can also be used cheaply.

7. 16 inch children’s bike: buying advice

Never give up adequate protection.

The most important points that should be considered when buying a 16-inch children’s bike are listed below.

First of all, the type of bike is very important. Which bike you buy most likely depends on the look. It is crucial that the size is suitable for your child. Lots Bicycles have an age recommendation. This recommendation is linked to the minimum size of your child. The toes of your child sitting on the bike should touch the ground.

A heavy bike offers far greater stability. At the same time, they are more difficult to move. A light wheel, on the other hand, can be moved even with less effort. However, your child’s ability to react can be restricted in some situations.

A comparison found that a good 16-inch children’s bike or play bike is one backpedal brake should have. This brake is particularly advantageous for novice drivers.

Jockey wheels are part of the additional equipment. They should only be used when your child is very young. Furthermore, training wheels give a higher feeling of security. On the other hand, they make it possible, that your child trains the sense of balance. The Ideally, training wheels should be removable. This way you can remove them if your child no longer needs them.

A chain guard prevents your child’s clothing from getting caught in the chain. Furthermore, an unexpected stopping of the bike can be avoided. Do not forget that the bicycle chain often leads to accidents.

A Bell on the children’s bike is a useful utensil. Your child can do a lot better be perceived. In addition, its security is increased. Also Reflectors are a practical additional featurer. They increase security, especially in poor visibility.

8. Questions and answers about 16-inch children’s bikes

8.1. Which manufacturers are there?

There are a number of interesting providers for children’s bikes. For example, the 16-inch Puky children’s bikes are very popular. The Cube 16 inch children’s bike was also rated as good in several comparisons. If some bicycles are too expensive, you can also buy used 16 inch children’s bicycles. Mostly, children’s 16-inch bikes are also cheaper than larger versions.

The right bike for the whole family.

If you look for children’s bikes with 20 or 12 inches, you will also find good offers. Below you will find a list of the most well-known manufacturers and brands to find the best 16 inch children’s bike for you.

Because it doesn’t always have to be a high-priced 16-inch Cube children’s bike, as the following list proves:

  • Scott
  • Toimsa
  • Prometheus
  • Bachtenkirch
  • Aldi
  • Mondo
  • Dino bikes
  • BikeStar

8.2. How heavy is a 16 inch children’s bike?

Tests of children’s 16-inch bikes have shown that petite children with a bicycle weight of 10 kg usually have a hard time. In addition, the wheels are not easy to move. In this case, your child should better ride a bike, which weighs around 7.5 kilos.

8.3. There is already a test from the Stiftung Warentest?

Unfortunately, there is not yet a test for 16-inch children’s bicycles, so we can currently not name a test winner for the children’s bicycles. Nevertheless, it is worth looking at the website of the test institute. Because you will find many here Information about bicycles.

There are test reports on helmets and tires and of course reports on current laws. So you are well informed in all areas.


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