18 Inch children’s bike test – comparison (january 2020)

We present you the best 18 inch children’s bikes on our test and comparison portal.

Bicycling is particularly good for children because it improves mental skills and motor skills. Children are proud when they learn to ride a bike. Since a bike meets many requirements, it is a toy and sports equipment at the same time.

A child can ride a bike from the age of three. Usually the frame size of the children’s bike is given in inches. Therefore, the size of children’s bikes is often found in inches, as can be seen in several tests. Do you think …? Find current offers in our comparison table.

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Buying advice for the 18 inch children’s bike test or comparison: We will help you find your 18 inch children’s bike test winner!

  • Children’s bicycles 18 inches have no roadworthy equipment. Therefore, they are not approved for road traffic. Among others, mirrors, bells or reflectors are often missing.
  • Children’s bikes 18 inches are available in a wide variety of designs. The best known versions are the mountain bike, the cruiser and the normal bike, also known as city bike.
  • A children’s bike 18 inches is suitable from the age of 4 years. This is due to the fact that you can adjust the saddle height and the handlebar. Of course, the size of your child determines the appropriate frame height.

Your child needs a preschool bike with 18 inches. Depending on how tall your child is, the exact size of the bike may also differ a bit. Nevertheless, you should always know that an 18-inch children’s bike is a play bike and is therefore not approved for road traffic.

If you’re going to choose an 18-inch kids bike for your son or daughter, consider choosing a mountain bike or a classic 18-inch kids bike. If you want to save money, you can also buy a used 18 inch children’s bike at a reasonable price.

But which criteria are relevant for the purchase? There are bikes in all price ranges and with very different equipment. In our buying advice you can see all important information at a glance. So it’s a no-brainer to buy the best 18 inch kids bike.

1. Age recommendation for an 18 inch children’s bike

Your child can only ride an 18-inch children’s bike if it is reach the floor safely while sitting can. Therefore, you should first measure how tall your child is. The wrong size of the bike cannot give your child sufficient security.

To measure your child, place it on the wall and clip a book between your legs. Then use a ruler to measure the distance between the top of the book and your feet on the floor. Children’s bicycles 18 inches are suitable for children who are between four to eight years old.

Young children should use models with training wheels. These have for the child many advantages to offer:

  • also suitable for terrain and slopes
  • usually not that expensive
  • promotes balance training
  • not always removable

2. Select the correct children’s bike weight

Due to the fact that children have little strength, you should choose a bike that can be moved by your son or daughter. Your child should also be able to stand the bike upright again if it has fallen over.

Children who have a petite body stature will have problems using a 10 kg bicycle. An 18-inch children’s bike that weighs no more than 7 pounds is the better option. The frame material is aluminum for light models.

Tip: So that you have no problems carrying the 18-inch children’s bike, you should opt for a light bike.

3. The correct shape of the children’s bike-18 inches

Definitely not a good bike helmet dispense.

Always make sure that you can adjust the handlebars and saddle of the new bike. In addition, the 18 inch children’s bike should have a deep entry feature.

After all, the new bike should be easy for your child to climb on. Also make sure that the bike is stable and light. This way your child will have no problem moving the bike on their own.

4. The main characteristics of a good children’s bike

An 18-inch children’s bike should have primary equipment. This is the only way to ensure the safety of your child. Furthermore, when buying, you have to make sure that the brakes respond well. A Coaster brake always makes sense, because you can never know if the front brake works well in all situations.

So go looking for an 18-inch children’s bike where the brakes respond quickly. Many 2020 tests for 18-inch children’s bikes have shown that the best bikes are equipped with a front and back brake.

Next to the brake is the number of gears is also important. Comparisons for 18-inch children’s bikes have found that children love bicycles with a gear shift. As a rule, it is the mountain bikes that are equipped with good gears. You can also get these 18-inch children’s bikes for a good price.

Also Training wheels are part of good equipment, even if they are not really mandatory. Because wheels including training wheels are mainly suitable for very young children. By the way, you don’t necessarily have to buy an 18-inch kids bike with gears from the manufacturer Hudora. You can also attach these bikes to another children’s bike.

5. Note other features and functions

Below we have more for you features an 18-inch children’s bike for boys and girls compiled for you:

Furnishing description
Bicycle stand
  • protects the bike from scratching
  • can be attached later
  • for transporting toys, provisions or similar
  • best to attach to the luggage rack
  • better visibility in darkness and fog
  • is easy to attach

You are not obliged to attach all other features to your children’s bike. However, tests for 18-inch children’s bikes have shown that one or the other additional feature is very practical.

6. The bike design

Practice cycling with your child in a safe environment.

In most cases, children have a say when it comes to the look of an 18-inch children’s bike with or without gears. After all, it is your children who want to be the center of attention by bike.

In the meantime it is Selection of bike designs excellent. There are many manufacturers who have not only interesting, but also unusual designs available.

Children love 18-inch children’s bikes that have bold colors. In terms of price, the price range according to tests for 18-inch children’s bicycles is quite large. On the other hand, today it is also possible to buy a good bike cheaply.

7. 18 inch children’s bike: buying advice

There are a few points to consider when buying an 18-inch children’s bike for boys and girls. For example, the type of bike is very important. You have to pay attention to the size of your child. In addition, optics also play an important role.

For the 18-inch bike, also pay attention to the age recommendation. In most cases, this is linked to the minimum size of your son or daughter.

Promotion of intellectual development

A bike is very suitable for a toddler because its spiritual development is enormously encouraged. This has been proven by many scientific studies.

Also consider whether you want a heavy or light bike. Your child can move a light bike with less effort, while a heavy bike is harder to maneuver.

Various comparisons for 18-inch children’s bikes have shown that Play bikes should have a back pedal. This brake is very suitable for beginners.

You should only attach training wheels to the Puky 18 inch children’s bike if your son or daughter is very young. Your child gets a better one with training wheels Feeling of security. In addition, an 18-inch children’s bike with training wheels helps to train the sense of balance.

Also, don’t forget that accidents happen often because clothes get caught in the bike chain. For this reason, it is recommended to contact your Children’s bike a chain fender to install. It is usually the best 18 inch children’s bicycles that already have a chain guard integrated.

Finally ask Bicycle bell and reflectors practical features for an 18-inch children’s bike.

8. Questions and answers about 18-inch children’s bikes

8.1. Which brands and manufacturers are there?

There is a good selection of manufacturers today that offer interesting children’s bicycles. The Cube 18 inch children’s bike is very popular. Light 18-inch children’s bicycles with 3 gears are also very popular.

Furthermore, children’s bikes with 12, 16 and 20 inches are also good alternatives. After all, you can also buy beautiful children’s bikes at low prices. Most have no idea which manufacturers the children’s bike with 18 inch test winner can be. Below is a list popular manufacturer Children’s 18-inch bikes:

There are also mountain bikes for children.

  • puky
  • S.Cool
  • Prometheus
  • Bachtenkirch
  • e&l
  • Scott
  • Toimsa
  • BikeStar

The cheap children’s bikes from Aldi or another discounter do not necessarily have to be a bad choice. Because here you can expect a very good price-performance ratio.

Also keep in mind that a children’s bike is only used for a short time. Children are often too big for the bike after one to two years.

8.2. Children’s bike 18-inch – Which body size is ideal?

18-inch children’s bikes are particularly suitable for children from the age of 4. Children should be at least 105 cm tall. After all, the child should be able to handle the bike properly. Since children develop at different speeds, you should always pay attention to the Please note the size and not the age.

8.3. There is already a test from the Stiftung Warentest?

Unfortunately, there is not yet a test for 18-inch children’s bicycles. Therefore, we cannot name a special test winner for the 18 inch children’s bikes at this point. But a look at the website of the test institute is still one good idea. Because there are many Facts and tips for cyclists to find. In addition to meaningful tests on various bicycles and accessories such as helmets, you will also find reports on the current legal situation.

Among other things, it will be discussed which lighting can be used on a bicycle and how to set it correctly. Even Ökotest has not yet carried out a test for 18-inch bikes.


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