1X teutonia folding joint, bracket, roof holder for roof, soft top mistral s

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  • Article no .: SW10035

1x holder for sunroof, soft top, soft top, soft top joint, soft top bracket, soft top holder, soft top adjustment, plug connection for Teutonia strollers from 2003 – 2006 inclusive – With a small limitation – see below – these convertible top brackets also fit securely on all strollers listed below from approx. 1999 (please also compare the pictures).
From 2007 to 2015 you will need our item number SW10036.
Both convertible top holders are original spare parts.

This convertible top bracket or convertible top joint is only complete. i.e. The cover caps are also not available separately.

Suitable for:

  • Mistral S
  • Mistral P
  • Mistral Classic, Mistral Country, Mistral Sports
  • Fun, fun system
  • Spirit S3, S4, S6, X3, X4
  • Primus, Primus Country
  • Pixxel
  • delta
  • Rocky
  • Y2K (jogger – front with a 12 inch double wheel)
  • Elegance
  • Team Alu S4 and S6 twin cars
  • and others (please compare she with our photos)

The Teutonia company only produces these convertible top brackets for the years from approx. 1999 to 2006 (as mentioned above). The successor top hinges can be found under SW10036.

If your convertible top holder looks almost identical – only with the The difference that the push button for your soft top is attached to the outside of the convertible top holder, this convertible top holder still fits on all models from approx. 1999 to 2002 inclusive. In this case, you can only button the fabric of the soft top on the soft top holder, which is guaranteed not to be a problem. From approx. 2002, the convertible top bars even lock / wedge themselves when they are inserted / inserted into the slots of the convertible top holder, since small thickenings / bulges have already been attached to the convertible top bars of these strollers, which ensure that the top bars do not come out of the Slip convertible top holder. If these thickenings / bulges are not yet attached to the convertible top poles, the poles also fit securely into the slots in the convertible top holder in the armrest, but do not lock / wedge themselves in the slot in the convertible top holder. In this case it is small Screw or a two-component adhesive very helpful.

Installation instructions are of course included.

The cap for the convertible top holder is not available separately.

The above Convertible top holder fits both the left and right side.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x convertible top holder – complete
  • installation instructions


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