Work while traveling – tips for more productivity

Working while traveling - tips for more productivity

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Whether you're a blogger, a digital nomad, or traveling on a business trip, it's increasingly common to have to work while traveling. The unfamiliar environment and the lack of routine is a challenge for many of them. In the article you will learn how you can use exactly that to your advantage and work productively on the road.

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Find your place to work on the go

We all know: The environment plays a major role in whether you can concentrate well and work productively. So when traveling, it's important to know in advance where you can go. For example, go to a small cafe nearby or to a co-working space. There you usually have other working people around you – but also some through traffic. It is not usually so quiet in a cafe. Therefore my tip: Look for a hotel directly, in which you feel very comfortable. It's best to move away from 0815 rooms without soul and towards furnishings that stimulate your creativity!

Max Brown (Advertising*)

For example, I recently discovered Max Brown Midtown in Dusseldorf and fell in love with the retro design and the flashy wallpaper. Especially when you work creatively (z.B. blogs, writes, brainstorms etc.), a matching environment helps enormously. In the office or in many other hotel rooms, you stare at white walls when you think – here, jungle wallpaper and retro armchairs! If you don't get new ideas, you're doing something wrong. (And can otherwise also take a short walk directly to the Japanese quarter of Dusseldorf, so that he can still collect new impressions here).

By the way: Max Brown Hotels are also available in Amsterdam and Berlin. Definitely keep it in mind for your next trip there!

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Get input and fresh ideas

Being on the road in a foreign city is a huge opportunity to gain new knowledge! Observe people, strike up conversations and learn about the area. Go only when you are abroad? Nope! Especially in hotel lobbies many cultures meet each other – and what can be more exciting than playing billiards with other travelers??

You will be surprised how easy it is to start conversations with strangers if the hotel offers a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. And bringing a little fresh air into your own views never hurts. Even talking to travelers in your own city is great, because they have a completely different perspective on what may be commonplace for you!

Make a plan

However, so that work in the comfortable armchairs does not end in unproductivity, you should always make a plan in advance. What needs to be done by when and what are the priorities? Many new impressions help with creativity, but can also distract quickly. Therefore it is important not to just work on it, but to proceed purposefully. It's best to think about what you can do on the road before you go.

Cross out anything that requires you to have a lot of equipment or extra things (e.g.B. technical literature, which you would have to carry with you). Because if you awkwardly get a lot out of your suitcase and, if necessary. If you have to drag your bag into the hotel lobby or a cafe, you definitely don't want to do it. Especially when you know that you will have to squeeze it all back into your suitcase afterwards. In doubt, the work is then left with a bad conscience and nothing has come of productive work.

Apps for productivity can help you make a good plan beforehand and along the way.

Concretely good tasks for traveling are everything where you can only manage with a laptop: tinkering presentations, writing e-mails, brainstorming, texting, creating tables. It's not for nothing that there are so many digital nomads who can work from anywhere in the world with a laptop under their arm.

Have you ever worked on the road? What were the challenges for you?