ETA South Korea for New Zealanders

ETA South Korea for New Zealanders

Apply Online for a South Korea Visa from New Zealand

The ETA South Korea (K-ETA) is an electronic visa waiver available for New Zealanders.

New Zealanders can apply online for an electronic travel authorization to visit South Korea. The K-ETA is obligatory to travel without a South Korea visa from New Zealand

On this page, travelers can learn how to apply online for an ETA for South Korea from New Zealand and the requirements they need to meet.

Do New Zealand Citizens Need a Visa for South Korea?

It is not necessary to have a visa for South Korea from New Zealand for stays of 90 days or less for purposes of tourism and business. However, a South Korea ETA for New Zealanders is required.

Those planning to visit for longer than 90 days, or to work or study, need a South Korea visa for New Zealand passport holders. Applicants will need to submit their request for a visa for South Korea from New Zealand from an embassy or consulate.

South Korea K-ETA for New Zealanders

The K-ETA from New Zealand has been introduced to remove the need to apply for a travel permit in person at an embassy or consulate. New Zealanders can obtain the Korea visa waiver completely online.

The online application form for the South Korea visa waiver for New Zealand citizens can be completed in just a few minutes. Applicants receive their approved ETA sent by email, making it an incredibly convenient process.

How to Get a K-ETA from New Zealand

Travelers can obtain their South Korea visa waiver from New Zealand online by following 3 simple steps:

1. Fill out the online K-ETA form

2. Pay the ETA fee and submit the application

3. Receive the approved ETA for Korea by email

Most applicants will receive the approved K-ETA for New Zealanders in 24-48 hours.

However, travelers from New Zealand who urgently need an approved authorization can now select the priority service to have their ETA processed in 1 hour.

Korean ETA Requirements for New Zealand Citizens

In order to successfully obtain a Korean ETA from New Zealand, travelers will need to have three items in their possession. These items are:

  • A valid New Zealand passport
  • An email address
  • A debit or credit card

Once these requirements for the South Korea visa waiver are met, NZ applicants can complete and submit an online application form.

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Korea Visa Waiver Application for New Zealand Passport Holders

To complete the K-ETA application form, travelers from NZ will need to provide:

  • Basic details, including their full name, their date of birth
  • Passport information, including passport number, date of issue, and expiry date.
  • Answers to some questions that relate to general health and safety issues.
  • Credit or debit card information to pay the Korean eTA application processing fee

Before submitting the form, It is essential to check all the information entered on the application form, as any mistakes or omissions could lead to processing delays and disrupt travel plans.

New Zealanders should be aware that any minors traveling with them from NZ will need to obtain their own Korean eTA in order to enter the nation, although parents and guardians are permitted to assist minors with the completion of the form.

Requirements to Enter South Korea from New Zealand: Documents Required

It is necessary to present the following documents at the border to enter South Korea from New Zealand:

  • An approved ETA or South Korean visa for New Zealanders
  • The same New Zealand passport used to apply for the K-ETA

There may also be some COVID-19 document requirements that New Zealanders need to meet to enter South Korea during the pandemic. It is important to check the latest health requirements before departure.

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Travel to South Korea from New Zealand with a K-ETA

Holders of a K-ETA can use the travel authorization to travel to South Korea from several cities in New Zealand.

Direct flights to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, frequently operate from Auckland International Airport (AKL). A flight from Auckland to Seoul takes approximately 12 hours.

You can also travel to Seoul from Christchurch or Wellington on indirect flights, via connections in Auckland, Melbourne, or Sydney. Flight time on these services is around 15-20 hours.

South Korea Embassy in New Zealand

It is not necessary to apply for a South Korea visa from New Zealand from an embassy for tourism or business stays. New Zealanders can obtain their K-ETA for South Korea exclusively online.

Those who require a South Korean visa for other purposes should contact their nearest embassy or consulate of South Korea in New Zealand. The main embassy is in Wellington, but there are also consular offices in Auckland and Christchurch: