Myanmar eVisa for Children: Visiting Burma With Kids

Myanmar eVisa for Children: Visiting Burma With Kids

Childrens in Myanmar

Families planning to travel to Myanmar with kids often wonder what to see, whether it is easy to get around the country, whether there are family-friendly options for accommodation, and what documents minors need to enter the country.

In this quick guide to visiting Burma with children, parents will find answers to all their most pressing questions about traveling to Myanmar with family.

What to see in Burma with kids

There are literally thousands of stunning Buddhist temples and tourist attractions to visit in Myanmar.

While a number of these historical buildings are located in bustling city centers, others are hidden away in more secluded areas in the middle of nature surrounded by lush greenery.

Some places worth visiting in Burma for kids either for their temples, monasteries, or ancient ruins include:

  • Bagan —travel tips to get the most out of your visit to Bagan
  • Inle Lake —insider travel advice for Inle Lake
  • Mandalay —a definite must-see, Mandalay is such an inspiring location
  • Yangon —check out our Yangon quick travel guide

Bagan is a great place to take a bike tour as well as a hot-air balloon ride. Nevertheless, if you are traveling to Myanmar with small children, please note that in order to be admitted on a hot-air balloon ride, kids have to be over 8 years old.

Inle Lake, in particular, not only has beautiful temples to offer but also breathtaking scenery, ideal for kayaking and hiking.

Remember to cover up well and wear sunscreen and proper mosquito repellent if spending time outdoors in Myanmar, especially with little ones.

Both Bagan and Inle lake are known for their artisan workshops for both kids and adults geared to educate visitors about how multiple items were traditionally made.

Some subjects covered in Myanmar artisan workshops for kids include:

  • Paper
  • Wooden boats
  • Metallic utensils
  • Thread for weaving

Another great family activity in Myanmar may be visiting an elephant sanctuary to learn about and help care for animals rescued from the logging industry.

Families may also want to visit some of Myanmar’s many UNESCO sites together. If so, the question of how easy it is to get around Burma with kids often arises.

However, before going around the country, it is important to cover what requirements kids need to enter Myanmar.

What Documents Do Children Need to Visit Myanmar?

Citizens of over 100 countries need an eVisa for Myanmar, regardless of their age. This means that kids visiting the country will need their parents to obtain a Myanmar electronic visa for children on their behalf.

The Burma visa for children is a mandatory entry document for kids over 7 years of age or those who have an individual passport —separate from their parents’.

If this is the case for your kids, you must apply separately for a Myanmar eVisa —one for each adult, and one for each minor. This means that both the minor and the adult must carry their own passport with an individual electronic visa for Burma.

Fortunately, the Myanmar eVisa for kids is quick and easy to obtain. The parent or guardian can simply fill out an easy-to-use online form with the minor’s personal and passport details. Most requests for an eVisa for kids visiting Myanmar are approved within 3 business days.

Kids under 7 years of age are only allowed to travel to Myanmar without an individual Burma visa when they comply with all of the following requirements:

  • The minor must be accompanied by their parent or guardian
  • The child must be included in the parent’s or guardian’s passport, and the adult has a valid Myanmar eVisa
  • The child’s details must be included in the parent’s or guardian’s Burma eVisa
  • Families who do not obtain adequate travel authorization for Myanmar risk being denied entry into Myanmar upon their arrival

Now that we have covered how to enter Myanmar with kids, let’s get back to how to tour around the country with little ones.

Getting Around Myanmar with Children

It is quite easy to get around towns and cities since distances are short and taxis are readily available.

If you would rather rent a car instead, you will find our guide on driving in Myanmar as a tourist particularly useful.

Make sure to reach out to the car rental company ahead of time and mention you are traveling to Myanmar with children. That way you know whether the car can include an adequate child seat or you can choose to bring your own car seat with you.

Visiting multiple regions with small kids can get tiring since some regions are quite far apart and going there by train or car could easily take 10 hours or more.

Therefore, if you are traveling long-distance in Myanmar, instead of taking a scenic —and potentially very long— train ride, you might like to hop on a quick flight instead.

Healthcare precautions when traveling to Myanmar with kids

Talk to your healthcare provider as well as your children’s pediatrician at least a few weeks before your trip. Make sure to get any necessary vaccinations for Burma for yourself as well as your children.

If someone in your family needs to carry prescription medication, keep it in its box alongside the doctor’s prescription during your trip.

Bring along sunscreen and DEET mosquito repellent if the family plans to spend time outdoors in Myanmar.

Remember to offer kids plenty of bottled water to drink to help them stay hydrated if you are visiting Burma with your family during the hotter months.

Family-Friendly Hotels in Myanmar

It is relatively easy to find agreeable accommodation for a family in Myanmar.

Here are a few things to look out for when choosing child-friendly accommodation in Burma:

  • Central location well connected to tourist spots with easy transportation
  • Quiet and spacious room with enough beds for all family members
  • Easy access to restaurants with a kid-friendly menu
  • Game room or board games and puzzles available
  • Children’s playground or activities
  • Children television networks
  • Breakfast included
  • Swimming pool
  • Hiking tours
  • Bike rental

Now that you know how to visit Burma with kids, what sites to visit, what precautions to take and how to get around the country with children, make sure to go over the requirements to visit Myanmar.

Having the necessary documents to visit Myanmar with kids at hand will help you quickly get back to the fun part of planning your family trip to this hidden paradise.