Trans Siberian Railway

Trans Siberian Railway

The Trans Siberian Railway runs all year long, but during the warmer months, from March through October, see the most travelers. Our “Train to Ger” stopover, where travelers can get off and spend a few days staying with a real herder family, riding horses, enjoying traditional Mongolian food and experiencing daily life as herders live it today, is a popular activity with those using the railway. The Trans Siberian Railway is a great journey and visiting Mongolia along the route is a must see stop, giving travelers an opportunity to stretch their legs and experience a new country.

How to plan a Trans Siberian Railway Journey

When planning your Trans Siberian Railway Journey, you’ll want to read as much as you can about the countries the railway travels through, the people you’ll meet and the things you can do along the way. There are a number of stopovers to take advantage of, with Irkutsik on Lake Baikhal, Russia being a very popular place to spend some time. Here is a website to help with planning your Trans Siberian Railway Journey. It’s packed with lots of information.

The Local Mongolian “Train to Ger” Experience

Mongolia is one of the easiest countries to visit along the way. The people are very hospitable and welcoming and spending time with a local countryside family is a heartwarming experience. An authentic experience. Our own “Train to Ger” herder home stay with Yadmaa and Davasuren is one such activity that a growing number of Trans Siberian Railway travelers now have under their belt, and have written about and talked of fondly. One such person was Rachel from Singapore. She has detailed her Trans Siberian Train travel in her blog posts here, Mongolia to Moscow. She’s a great writer with humorous stories and anecdotes of her travels.

Stone Horse Expeditions Horse Riding and Gobi Trips

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If you’re going to take the time to travel across the world, or even if you just have a few weeks to visit Mongolia, there are some things you’ll really want to do. If you are interested in the horse culture and seeing some of this beautiful country’s cultural and wilderness landscape, then there is no better way to do this than on horseback. Stone Horse Expeditions Gorkhi-Terelj National Park and the Khentii Mountains Expeditions bring you to some of the most stunning places of scenery in Mongolia. Experienced horse riders will enjoy our Mongolian horses and the terrain we ride through and if you’ve got a keen sense of adventure and are reasonably fit the first time novice is welcome to join us on our horse riding adventures. We’ll give you lots of help along the way.

The Stone Horse Gobi desert trips take you into the heart of the Gobi desert, where you’ll see extraordinary desert scenery, meet and interact with the Gobi people. Our jeep excursions through the desert country of the Gobi travel way off the beaten path. With more than 17 years of working throughout the Gobi with conservation/development efforts Stone Horse has many friends among the Gobi inhabitants. Their hospitality is famous and they are our true guides. It is the Gobi people who are really the heart of the desert.

Mongolia has much to offer the traveler

Mongolia has so much to offer the traveler who comes through on the Trans Siberian Railway, whether its just for a few days stopover, or for a longer exploration of the country where you can immerse yourself in the culture and make your stay here a true learning experience of a lifetime.

Come to Mongolia. Contact us today and we’ll make your journey here a memorable experience.