Visit Croatia for the First Time – Travel Tips

Visit Croatia for the First Time – Travel Tips

There are many beautiful countries around the world worth discovering. As a travel enthusiast, you probably choose a different destination each time, eager to explore new surroundings, get acquainted with different cultures and get to see new, and interesting attractions.If this is the first time you are planning to Visit Croatia, there are five things that you should know about before the trip starts.

Visit Croatia

If this time you’ve decided to direct your attention to Croatia, you might be planning the specifics of your future trip at the moment. What should you know about Croatia? What are the aspects that will allow you to enjoy your first Croatia travel experience to the fullest? The following tips will help you depart fully prepared, and enjoy an amazing vacation:

5 Tips to Visit Croatia for the First Time

Book accommodation somewhere central

Let’s start with the most basic planning consideration, and that is booking accommodation. Croatia is a small country, but you won’t be able to actually see everything you’ve planned during a limited vacation. In order to maintain an optimal schedule, and travel to your must-see places, we’d recommended you stay somewhere central.

If you want to visit more than just one place, choose a region that allows you to rapidly reach your targeted attractions. Many tourists opt for Split, this being a good base to explore Dalmatia. From there, you can easily go to the islands of Brac, Korcula, Vis, Hvar, and Krka Waterfalls. Dubrovnik is also not that difficult to reach if you’re staying in Split.

If you’re interested in Istria instead, stay in Porec – it’s close to many Istria attractions, and it’s far more affordable than Rovinj.

Note: Stay at vacation rentals

Just like in any other country, hotels are usually the most expensive accommodation type available, so if you want to keep your budget in-check, you should opt for another alternative. Airbnb has become highly popular in the country, making it easier for you to find a great place to stay at an affordable price.

Along the coast, many families are renting their own place, offering a better value for money and more amenities. So if you are searching for accessible accommodation, look into vacation rentals. You can read a few reviews first, if you have any safety concerns – staying with locals is usually safe.

If you change your mind and decide to have some luxury accommodation experience, you can always try luxury villas such as the ones offered by Croatia Luxury Rent.

Rent a car – the ideal country for road trips

Getting to do as many things as you want, and seeing as many places as you’ve thought about will be far more challenging if you rely on public transportation solely. Croatia has built a reputation for being one of the best countries for road trips in Europe, so you’ll definitely need a vehicle. Why? Besides having roads in top-notch condition, the scenery is also captivating – you’ll love driving from one region of Croatia to another.

If you’ve come to Croatia by plane, you should consider opting for car rental. There are plenty affordable possibilities available in this department, you just need to search for an offer online.

Croatia for the First Time

Once you check the Classic Collection travel guide, you’ll discover how many great options you have in terms of road trips. You can either go on a drive along the Adriatic coastal road, from Split to Dubrovnik, around Istria, or along the Peljesac peninsula. Having a car available will simply allow you to make the most of every moment spent in the country, and not stick to the pre-defined routes available with public transport.

There’s more to Croatia than Dubrovnik

One mistake many tourists tend to make is limiting their entire Croatia trip to Dubrovnik alone. While the city’s old town and breath-taking sunsets certainly make the location one that’s worth discovering, there are some other equally beautiful places in Croatia you should make the time to visit.

Split is the second most visited city in the country, and one you definitely shouldn’t miss out on. Boardwalks lined with restaurants, shops and bars, beautiful beaches, history-filled ruins – there are many great things that make Split a must-see travel destination. There you can see up close the 4th century fortress, popularly known as Diocletian’s Palace.

The list of impressive places in Croatia is quite a long one, but among the ones worth mentioning first are the capital of Zagreb, Plitvice Falls and Zadar.

You might not actually have the time to go everywhere, but include at least a couple of these locations in your exploration itinerary – once you discover their beauty, you’ll conclude for yourself that it was worth the effort.

Eat local

Great food is an important component of a successful trip abroad. Well, Croatia’s local cuisine will not disappoint you. While you will come across a wide selection of restaurants with different international menus, for an authentic experience, you’re advised to try out some of the most famous local dishes.

Avoid dining at touristy restaurants that offer the basic options, such as pasta and pizza, but find out the places beloved by locals and get your meals there. Roasted lamb, all kinds of salads, chutneys served with local cheeses, seafood prepared “ispod peke” – the selection is vast, so make sure to try out the authentic cuisine available.

Have the essentials on you

You probably already know what you should pack for your trip, but you also need to consider those essential items to always have on you when you are wandering through different parts of Croatia. Because during the summer season, you might have to deal with mosquito bites, so a mosquito repellent is the kind of product to always carry around with you. Considering the Croatian rocky beaches, your choice of footwear is also important. Get equipped with some proper water shoes.

Croatia has a huge amount to offer, and that’s why the number of tourists visiting the country is increasing with every passing year. If you’ve chosen this location as your next travel destination, you probably want to make the most of your stay and enjoy a complete and rewarding experience. While there is certainly much more to be said on the topic, these few tips can provide you with the guidance you need to plan a pleasant trip. Take into account these suggestions, and your first-time exploring Croatia is likely to be a total success. As the Croatians say, zdravo, or, welcome!

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