Where to Shower on the Road

Where to Shower on the Road

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Planning a road trip across America? Debating on whether vanlife is for you and how to stay clean on the road? For those looking for a warm shower at night or in the morning before hitting the road, finding a place to shower while camping can be as easy as showering at home.

Below are a few travel hacks for those wanting to shower on the road.


Campgrounds, national parks or state parks are going to be the easiest way for you to shower on the road. Whether you are up in the mountains of Colorado or in the harsh Utah desert, you will certainly find a dozen campgrounds with facilities.

If you can’t or don’t want to spend the night in a campground, know that the majority of these campgrounds allow access to their shower facilities to those who are not spending the night. For a fee of $5 or less (typically), campgrounds often provide one-time access. An effective way to enjoy a hot shower (most of the time) between two long stretches on the road.

Recreation Centers

CREDIT: Aspen Rec Center

Whether you are already subscribed to a recreation center or not, most gyms offer daily accesses to their facilities. Between $5 to $20 per person per day, recreation centers often provide hot showers with plenty of pressure to wash your hair after a few days on the road. Some also have spas and saunas! Yeah, baby!

Hot Springs

There are tons of hot springs around the USA. Some charge a little fee, others are completely free. Since many of these hot springs have showers, isn’t it always good to have a soak before showering off? Not in the mood to swim? No stress! Just skip the swimming and head straight to the showers!

Truck Stops


One of the most easy way to grab a shower: truck stops! Down side: most truck stops are located near a major highway. However, if you plan your travels accordingly, that you know you will come across a certain highway on your trip before diving deeper in the outdoors for a couple of days, might be a good idea to stop. Truck stops like Pilot & Flying J’s are cheap (around $10), easy to find and provide surprisingly quality hot showers.

Portable Showers

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A great alternative to avoid trying to find a shower facility is to bring your own portable shower. These only require a one-time purchase, are easy to carry around, and allow you to shower when you want, where you want. Not into cold water? Fill up your portable shower in the morning, let it sit under the sun for a couple of hours and we promise you, the water will be as hot as your regular shower at home!

Rent one of our solar showers for just $50/trip.

Rivers & Lakes

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For true lovers of #vanlife and for those who want to live a true outdoors adventure, rivers and lakes are always an alternative for showers. Although the water is not always hot, it is still very abundant and allows you to cool off on the road. Take out your bar of bio soap, dive into the water and enjoy!

Advice: On colder days, let your Campervan run and blast the heater. The van will be hot on your return and you will quickly forget the cold plunge you just took. You’re welcome!

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