Your Free Guide to all things Fishing & Waterways in Port Arthur

Your Free Guide to all things Fishing & Waterways in Port Arthur

Rivers, bayous, marshes, the Gulf of Mexico, salt-and freshwater lakes- Port Arthur is surrounded by water! Our fishing community is strong, and anglers travel from around the US for access to some of the best saltwater fishing anywhere along the Gulf Coast.

Whether you’re looking to road trip for a weekend stay or day trip for a fishing excursion, Port Arthur is the perfect place to plan your next big fishing getaway. We are proud and excited and to unveil our new issue of the Sabine Lake Waterways guide. Here are a few insightful details to help you get out there and catch your trophy fish this Spring!

kayak feature

Tips, Tricks

Award-winning wildlife journalist Chester Moore, Jr. introduces our Guide with personal testimonies of fishing in Southeast Texas and later shares a Seasonal Lure Run Down of Port Arthur’s three favorite fish – redfish, flounder and trout. David Roberts gives an overview on all things kayak fishing in Port Arthur.

The 28-page guide is packed with tips and tricks from local fishing enthusiasts and professionals who want to make your time on the water as seamless and successful as possible.

Sea Rim Shore Fishing tips and information

All things Fishing – Lakes, Rivers, Shore, Boats

From fishing the slicks to casually casting from Pleasure Island’s levee roads, the Port Arthur Waterways guide will tell you all the ways you can experience fishing in Port Arthur. Even if you don’t own a boat, you can catch great fish at a local fishing pier or boardwalk. You can even hire a Fishing Guide to take you on a custom in shore or offshore trip of a lifetime.

clipping of Sabine Lake facilities map

Bonus Maps

In addition to an interior map detailing Sabine Lake’s Boat Access Maps and Area Facilities, you will receive three folded, waterproof maps in the back pocket covering Sabine Lake, Water Entry Points, Boat Ramps and Facilities, Marinas and Offshore artificial reefs, etc. The maps were generously created and provided to us by Texas Parks and Wildlife, Hook-N-Line and Texas Fish & Game. You can take the maps and leave the guide behind or store it all in your boat.

Snippet of boating rules

Safety First

As with any respectable guide, you can expect pages of detailed information about boat and water safety, navigation, weather rules all provided by local, state and national providers. Expect to see:

  • Boating facilities & Services Directory
  • Fishing & Navigation Information
  • Regulation Charts Anchorages

man holding fish

There is so much more to see in our brand new Sabine Lake Waterways Guide, and we can’t wait for you to see it. You’ll learn where to stay, when to come and how to put together a fishing trip with memories to last forever.

So, what are you waiting for?

Request your FREE COPY of our new Waterways Guide today!

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