Anguilla Water Activities

Anguilla Water Activities

You have chosen to head to Anguilla for a luxury vacation, and have a fantastic villa rental ready for your arrival. An Anguilla vacation is all about the gorgeous weather and the beautiful beaches, but no visit should conclude without at least one day spent enjoying the fantastic waters around Anguilla. There are many ways you can do this, and it may even be right from one of our amazing luxury rentals.

You might have a private beach, paddle boards, or other water sports equipment to enjoy the waters, but even if you do, you should still take a few of our tips for an unforgettable day on the waters of Anguilla.

Sandy Island

If you find it hard to tear yourself away from your pool or stretch of private beach, you will never regret doing so in order to spend some time at Sandy Island. Though the 33 beaches around Anguilla are some of the finest in the Caribbean, as well as the most picturesque and private, the little islands that you see just offshore are equally appealing. One of the most exciting is Sandy Island.

You can arrange for a small charter boat to take you across the waters to this stunning little island that features sugary white beaches, clear turquoise waters and one of the best restaurants throughout Anguilla. Offering fresh dishes prepared on the island, fantastic cocktails, and amazing service, it is a great way to spend a day dining, lounging on one of the many waterside hammocks or gently snorkeling around the edges of the little island itself.

Scilly Cay is another island popular for visitors and its restaurant is noted for serving one of the best rum punches also called the “mind eraser”.


If you are willing to spend only one day away from the world-class comforts and amenities of your villa, there are several stunning beaches to choose. Maunday’s Bay, Rendezvous Bay and Meads Bay beaches are always going to please, but Little Bay is a truly iconic destination. The trick to this picture postcard perfect beach is that you must go on a bit of an adventure to reach it.

You will have to head to the bluffs overlooking Little Bay and rely on the ropes anchored along the top to make your way down the steep hill and into the small cove, which is usually deserted or with only a few beach goers. Spend the day here and enjoy your fantasies of life on a deserted island.


You may not know that Anguilla is a boat racing center of the Caribbean, and some say it is the national sport. There are sailing regattas throughout the year, and if you are around during any of these events, your day on the water could be simply to watch the impressive teams of sailors do their stuff.

However, there are many watersports for travelers to enjoy, and the top are snorkeling, kiteboarding, windsurfing, non-motor sports. In fact, the island is one of the few with a long-standing ban on jet skis. The beauty and tranquility of the beaches and waters are a treasure to the people of the island, and so they uphold the ban to encourage visitors to spend more relaxing and peaceful ways of spending time on the waves.

This is why you will want to enjoy a kayak rental or use of one at your villa, take a windsurfing lesson, enjoy a sunfish rental at one of the top beaches (Meads or Shoal Bays are ideal), and pass the time truly savoring the waters, the beauty and the slow pace of this dreamy island destination.