Argentinian Tango and Folklore

Argentinian Tango and Folklore

Embrace the colorful culture and warm hospitality on your tour of Argentina. Your journey will take you past scenic landscapes and mythical valleys to a land steeped in ancient history. Soak in the famous Argentinian joie de vivre and shake a leg to the pulsating sounds of tango as you sip on Argentina’s finest wines.

Itinerary Summary

DayPlaceHighlightsHotel Options
1 – 4 Buenos Aires Tango, Obelisk, Recoleta Cemetery and Grave of Evita, Asado Barbecues, San Telmo Legado Mitico Buenos Aires
4 – 5 Salta Plaza 9 De Julio Square, Cathedral, San Bernardo Hill, San Martín Park Legado Mitico Salta
5 – 6 Purmamarca UNESCO World Heritage Site Quebrada De Humahuaca Valley, Tilcara, Salt Flats, Train To The Clouds Manantial del Silencio
6 – 8 Salta Plaza 9 De Julio Square, Cathedral, San Bernardo Hill, San Martín Park Legado Mitico Salta

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Itinerary Details

Transfer from Buenos Aires Airport to Hotel

Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina is unique in the way of combining Latin American lifestyle along with that of European architecture and culture.

Retiro station, Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America

Eclectic Buenos Aires Excursion
Explore the pulsating Argentine capital on this fascinating day tour of the city’s iconic destinations and eclectic neighborhoods. Set off from your hotel in the company of your guide, enjoying a leisurely tour of Buenos Aires. Walk through the colorful working class neighborhood of La Boca, where the spirit and culture of its immigrants population lives on. Visit the contrasting locality of Palermo with its open green spaces, wide tree-lined avenues, and trendy bars and restaurants. Next, walk over to the chic French residential neighborhood of Recoleta, teeming with classy art galleries and cultural centers. If you’re lucky, you could even catch an exhibition or two while visiting the district. Visit the city’s iconic landmarks of the Colon Theater, the National Congress, and the Presidential Palace, before returning to your hotel. (Half Day; Duration: 4 hrs; Private Activity & Transfer; Fitness Level: Easy; Please bring comfortable walking shoes, and don’t forget your camera).

Tango Show and Dinner at Gala with shared transfers
Spend the evening at Gala Tango in the neighborhood of San Telmo, one of the historic centers of of tango. Enjoy a sensuous experience in which traditions are preserved and where the ambience exudes the charms of the bygone era and the best of Buenos Aires tango music and dance. An added bonus is the introduction to Argentine folkloric dancing and music typical to the Northwest of the country. (19:30 to 24:00, Shared Transfer to and from the Tango Show, Dinner Included)

Tango lessons at La Ventanas
Mi Buenos Aires Querido! Sensuality, artistry, and soulful music combine to create the magic of Tango. Match steps with an instructor to learn the basics or try out more the advanced steps and tricks that will help you own any ballroom. (19:00 to 20:00, Private Activity)

Transfer from Hotel to Buenos Aires Airport

Flight from Buenos Aires to Salta


Salta’s famous joie de vivre, adds a warm dimension to the scenic landscapes where time seems to stands still.

Argentinian Tango and Folklore

Visit to Purmamarca, Tilcara & Humahuaca
On day one leave Salta early in the morning and travel north to the town of Tilcara. Explore the rich indeginous history of the town before continuing on to the Quebrada de Humahuaca. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Humahuaca Ravine is a geological wonder with stunning views and amazing landscapes. Return to Tilcara in the afternoon and visit the local artesian markets before going to your hotel for the evening. On day two view the impressive Hill of Seven Colors in Purmamarca and then tour the historical town. Return to Salta in the afternoon (08:30-17:30 on Day One and 10:00 to 17:00 on Day Two, Private Activity)

Sights and Sounds of Salta
Explore the colonial heritage of Salta, the city with the best preserved colonial architecture in all of Argentina! Visit the popular landmarks of Plaza 9 de Julio, San Francisco Church, the Cabildo, and San Lorenzo, among others, as you learn about the city’s rich cultural heritage of local, Spanish and European immigrants. Accompanied by your guide, set off from your hotel and make your way past iconic monuments. Admire the sedate town square of Plaza 9 de Julio, helmed in by a host of historical buildings. The Cathedral standing by the town square, houses the Sanctuary of El Señor and La Virgen del Milagro, or the Miracle Lord and the Virgin. The Town Hall, or the Cabildo, is just next door. What used to house important Government quarters during the colonial era, has now been converted into the Northern Historical Museum. Look out for the beautiful San Francisco Church, which also stands by the town square. Visit the magnificent San Bernardo Convent, the oldest building in town, before driving up the pretty San Bernardo Hill. Brace yourself for a stunning panoramic view from the hilltop of the city and the Lerma Valley spread out beneath. Drive over to the picturesque San Lorenzo Village, well known for its spectacular ravine. Stop by the city’s colorful local artisan markets before returning to your hotel. (Half Day; Duration: 3 hrs; Private Activity & Transfer; Fitness Level: Easy; Please bring comfortable walking shoes, and don’t forget your camera; Note: The itinerary may vary, subject to weather conditions and your interests).