Bali Travel Tips 2019 – Weather in Bali

Bali Travel Tips 2019 – Weather in Bali

One of the perks of being an island on the equator is having relatively consistent weather throughout the year. Bali is located about eight degrees south of the Equator, providing tropical weather year round.

Whether you plan on trekking to the mountains, scuba diving in the crystal clear water, visiting safari park, chasing waterfalls or sunbathing on the beach, Bali is the perfect place to do so. Regardless of your agenda, it is still wise to check in and observe the weather in Bali as well.

Bali Travel Tips 2019 – Weather in Bali

Because the weather and season does have an impact on the accommodation prices as well as the activities that are open to engage in.

Also as an island rich in culture, there are many religious ceremonies that must be considered because some locations may offer you exclusive events that you can list in your agenda while you’re visiting Bali.

In this article we’ll share some insight and recommendations based on the weather, to make sure you can plan your agenda of activities accordingly.

How is the weather in Bali?

Bali has 2 main seasons, dry and wet. Despite this fact, the temperature range consistently hovers around the mid 20s to low 30s (degrees Celsius). There is usually high humidity that hover around 85 percent.

The exception is the Kintamani region north of Ubud, where Mount Batur provides just enough shade and elevation to even make the weather chilly and drizzly for travelers.

Bali Travel Tips 2019 – Weather in Bali

Peak Season

The peak season in Bali is typically between the months of July and September. The weather is dry with moderate temperatures and clear skies. This is also one of the busiest times on the island, with the other being Christmas and New Year’s holiday.

Peak season will have you open to any and all activities across the island. The skies are clear providing you with the best visibility for scuba diving in the brilliant waters around Bali or sunbathing on the many excellent beachfronts. You can expect to have more breeze during these months.

Keep in mind that during these times, prices in accommodation are expected to be higher and popular destinations may be more crowded than usual.

Bali Travel Tips 2019 – Weather in Bali

Green Season / Low Season

The low season is marked with frequent rains and is often referred to as the green season. The months stretching from November to March are the wet months in Bali, expect rainfall in all parts of the island with occasional sunny days.

Despite the weather, Bali is still busy with guests coming in for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Some people may actually opt to travel during the low season because accommodation is generally cheaper, with many upgrading their rooms for a significantly lower price.

Other perks of the low season are the fewer amount of tourists on the island, allowing you the freedom to visit popular destinations around Bali with relative ease.

Timing your travel to Bali with the weather in mind can help you plan out your agenda and maximize your time in the island.