Belgrade, Serbia Travel Guide

Belgrade, Serbia Travel Guide

Some travelers call Belgrade as the Gateway to the Balkans and low-cost Paris. The capital of Serbia is also beautiful and glamorous, like the French capital, but it is more economical. This city is one of the oldest cities in Europe after Istanbul and Athens. For many centuries Belgrade has been a participant in wars and occupations. The echo of the war left traces on the appearance of the city, but in no way spoiled it, but on the contrary, it was proof of its strength and beauty.

Translated from Serbian, the name of the city means “White City”. Hospitable Belgrade is always happy for tourists and offers them beautiful embankments, the best beaches, original Serbian culture and much more.

Belgrade How to get there?

You can reach Belgrade by plane or train, from many European countries there are regular buses here.

The Nikola Tesla International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Serbia. It is located 18 km from Belgrade. You can get to the city center by city bus or taxi.

Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia Travel Guide

Another way to get to Belgrade is by train. Belgrade’s main railway station accepts trains from various cities in Serbia and across Europe.

Another form of transport is the bus. You can get to Belgrade by bus or by car through European cities. There are 2 large bus stations in Belgrade: BAS and Lasta. The first accepts flights from Montenegro and other nearby countries, the second serves only domestic routes.

Sights of Belgrade

Belgrade includes 17 districts. For tourists, 3 of them may be of particular interest: Stari Grad, Zemun and Novi Beograd. The first is the most interesting area for tourists, since it is here that the most interesting sights of the Serbian capital are located. The most important historical monuments of the city are the Belgrade Fortress and the Cathedral of Saint Sava. On the street of Prince Michael there are many restaurants with national cuisine and buildings of the 19th century. The most bohemian part of the city is the pedestrian quarter Skadarlie, almost Belgrade Montmartre. The most scenic areas are located in the Botanical Gardens and Tashmaydan Park.

District Zemun is another famous and rich in tourist sites area of the city. You can walk for hours along narrow streets with neat houses, colorful courtyards, cozy cafes and public gardens. Here is the hill Gardosh and the famous beach of Lido.

Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia Travel Guide

Here are some attractions that you can also visit:

  • Prince Mikhailov Street
  • Republic Square
  • Church of St. Mark
  • Kalemegdan Fortress
  • Ethnographical museum
  • National Theater
  • Modern Art Museum
  • Belgrade Zoo
  • Bayrakli Mosque

Hotels in Belgrade

There are many different hotels in Belgrade. In the Novi Beograd area, modern business hotels are concentrated, in Stari Grad and Zemun there are cozy hotels of various comfort classes.

Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia Travel Guide

In the city of about 2000 properties. You can choose any hotel, but experienced tourists prefer to rent an apartment. In Belgrade, there is a large selection of apartments, each of which is equipped with everything necessary and most importantly have very affordable prices.