CHEAPEST CSGO Knife Skins 2020 – [Top 5] Lowest Price

CHEAPEST CSGO Knife Skins 2020 – [Top 5] Lowest Price | Get Free

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CSGO doesn’t have much by way of customization, but it does offer a wide variety of skins that you can either win at the end of a match or from a case opened with the corresponding key. Among the most sought-after skins are knife skins, some of which cost well over $1000! If you want your own knife skin ASAP, you should consider the cheapest CSGO knife skins.

This information is based on the Steam Market. Stat-Trak is not included.

The cheapest csgo knife

Here’s the winner.. or the loser, depending on how you look at it. The most unattractive CSGO knives and also the cheapest ones. A lot of the Navaja Knifes are at the low price of ~65£. However, the Safari Mesh and the Scorched were the absolute lowest and it didn’t feel right to only mention Navaja Knife.

2. Navaja knife | Forest DDPAT

cheapest csgo knife with good exterior

The Navaja Knife doesn’t have the coolest inspect visual effect but it does look small and clean. Which is something some people prefer over the visual effects of the knife. As one of the cheapest CSGO knives, the Forest DDPAT trades from ~60$ – 80$ depending on the exterior. FN is very rare and you can expect to pay at least 10x the money for that exterior.

3. Shadow Daggers | Boreal Forest / Safari Mesh

cheapest csgo knife - shadow daggers

This option is one of the cheapest knife on the market today, together with Rust. They have a cool inspect feature and is found at a price as low as ~60$ for the Battle Scared version up to 120$+ for the MM and FN version. With that said, this might be a cheap CSGO knife to buy that will be worth your money.

4. Gut Knife | Safari Mesh / Scorched

5. Falchion Knife | Safari Mesh / Urban Masked

A good option if you’re looking for a cheap knife in CSGO since it’s higher exteriors has approximately the same price as the lower ones. You can, for example, get a Minimal Wear knife for the same price as a Battle-Scarred one. Price ranges between ~60$ – 85$. The price can cross the 100$ mark if you decide to go for a stat-track version of the knife in a higher exterior.

How come the Cheapest CSGO Knife is so cheap?

Well, it’s hard to say that it is cheap since it’s still a skin and nothing that will directly affect your gameplay. It is, however, less expensive than a lot of other knives. The reason a knife is low in price is either that the exterior is worn out, or that the design of the knife is unpopular and rarely seen as a good looking one. The cheapest CSGO knife has it’s price cause it’s a mix of both worn exterior and an unpopular design.

Factors that Affect Skin Price

There are several factors that can affect the price of a specific knife skin in CSGO. Understanding these factors will help you figure out which knives are cheap and which ones can fetch a good price on the Steam market. More importantly, this will also help you predict the value of knife skins that will be introduced in the future.

Skins Exterior Quality

All weapon skins in CSGO are available in various levels of exterior quality. Factory New (FN) skins are free from visual imperfections and considered the most valuable quality, while Battle-Scarred (BS) ones look the most worn-out and are valued the lowest. If you check the Steam Marketplace at any given time, you’ll find that the cheapest knife skins in CSGO are either BS, Well-Worn (WW), or Field-Tested (FT).


Some weapon skins in CSGO will have the word StatTrak™ in their name. StatTrak™ is a built-in kill counter that shows how many kills you’ve made using the weapon with the skin equipped. A StatTrak™ either looks like a digital counter (for guns), or etched numbers on the surface of the blade (for knives). Because of this novelty, StatTrak™ skins are always more expensive than their regular counterparts.

Cheapest Knives in CSGO

IMPORTANT – The kill count on your StatTrak™ skin will reset if replaced with another StatTrak™ skin unless you use a StatTrak™ Swap Tool to transfer the values from the old skin to the new one.


Some skins are considered souvenir skins, which come from limited edition crates. These crates are awarded to players that watch professional CSGO events such as E-LEAGUE, PGL, and MLG. For easier identification, souvenir skins have yellow-colored names. These skins also vary in quality and may or may not have StatTrak™ integrated, but they will always have limited edition stickers already applied to them. Souvenir knife skins are significantly more expensive than their regular counterparts.

What’s Cheap Right Now?

With these three price-affecting factors in mind, we took a quick look at the steam community market to see what the cheapest CSGO knife skins are during the last few months. Here’s a quick overview of what we found.

Regardless of the type of knife you want, these have been the cheapest skins on the Steam Community Market as of the beginning of 2020:

The five cheapest knives based on type are the following:

How to get a cheap CSGO Knife without buying one


Renting skins would be the absolute cheapest way to get your hands on a knife. You can rent any type of knife by subscribing to a service like LootBear. This is a great way to get high-end items without paying a fortune for them. However, you do not own these skins, you simply rent them.

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Gamble your way to a knife (High risk, high reward)

You can also use a site like CSGOEmpire (Use our code to start out with a free CSGO case: vbs. If you are lucky then you will get a knife in the first case that you getting for free, otherwise you can deposit your skins and try to bet them up to where you can withdraw a knife.

How to Buy the Cheapest CSGO Knife Skins

These are the cheapest knives in the game, but that doesn’t mean that they’re worth loose change. These days, even the cheapest knife in the Steam Community Market is still worth more than $50. How exactly can you get these knives?

First Method – Paying Up

The most straightforward way to get the cheapest knife in CSGO is to go to the Steam Marketplace and buy it with money from a valid payment method or with your Steam Wallet funds. While prices are generally stable, players will put up certain items for sale at a significantly lower price. This means it’s possible to shave a few dollars off the usual asking price for your preferred knife skin.

Tip – You can add cash to your steam account through online service sites such as (or Bitrefill if you like to use crypto) where they pay you cash for answering surveys or watching ad videos!

Second Method – Buy and Sell

This method takes a lot of work but it lets you buy a knife skin without having to shell out a lot of cash. You start by buying gun skins which cost a lot less than a knife skin and selling them for small profits. Depending on your initial stock of items, you may have to use profits to buy even better stuff to sell. After some time, you can use the profits to buy your preferred knife skin.

Third Method – Leaving It to Luck

This method is Steam’s “intended” means of getting knife skins and it involves buying a key (about $2.70) to open CSGO crates. Unfortunately, opening crates is completely random and you are more likely to get a cheaper gun skin instead of the knife skin in a particular crate. The main reason you’d want to go for this method is to get the chance to acquire more expensive CSGO knife skins.

Cheapest Knives in CSGO

Quick rundown

For those who want the answers fast, here’s a quick rundown on how to get a CSGO knife.

  • Top-up your steam wallet funds
  • Use profit from buying and selling other weapon skins
  • Purchase a key and hope for the best when opening a crate

Regardless of the type of knife you want, the cheapest CSGO knife skins will have the following qualities

  • A “low quality” skin (either BS, WW, or FT)
  • No StatTrak™ feature integrated
  • A non-souvenir skin

Keep in mind that prices will fluctuate depending on the availability of the skins. Under-priced knife skins may also show up on the Steam Community Market so keep an eye out for those!

Tips on Buying the Cheapest CSGO Knife Skins

Do you already have the means to buy the cheapest knives in CSGO, but still looking for something worth your cash? Here are a few tips to help you get started.

  1. Find out why you want it. – If you want a cheap knife because you plan to make a profit out of it, picking based on value is okay. If you want something you plan to use, you may want to look around for a cheap skin with a level of quality you’re fine with.
  2. Trash or treasure? – Remember that a knife skin’s beauty is not tied to its listed quality and cost. Some prefer the worn-out look while others prefer knife skins that look brand new. Always check low-priced options; you may find something there that you’ll like.
  3. Sell if you don’t want it. – Sometimes, the most expensive knives won’t suit your tastes. If you have a highly-valued knife in your inventory but want something else, you can sell it and use the funds to buy your specific knife. You can even use the excess cash to purchase other weapon skins.
  4. Careful with the waiting game. – Some players tend to wait for their preferred knife skins to go down in value. However, there’s always a risk that the knife’s value will rise up so you may have to buy the skin as soon as you have the funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

The prices vary from day to day but the cheapest knife in CSGO switches between Navaja Knife Scorched and Navaja Knife Scorched. Navaja Knife is the cheapest type of knife skin.

You can get a cheap knife in CSGO by either buying one directly from Steam Market at full price or rent a knife skin from platforms such as Lootbear.

The reason why the knives are expensive in CSGO is that the drop chance in boxes is so small compared to other weapon skins in CSGO. Therefore the knife is considered a very rare drop.

That wraps up our talk on finding the cheapest knife or knives in CSGO. For more game-related content, feel free to check out our guide to getting better at the game!