Dobsina Ice Cave, Slovakia Travel Guide

Dobsina Ice Cave, Slovakia Travel Guide

Would you be interested to visit a place that will make you forget about the heat in the summer? If your answer is yes, then welcome to Slovakia! Here is the Dobsina Ice Cave, the largest ice cave in Europe.

This is one of the natural attractions that you can see with your own eyes, deciding to spend a vacation in Slovakia. This unique cave is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The thickness of the ice here all year round is more than 25 meters. In the cave made a special trail and tunnels in the thickness of the ice for tourists. Read on to learn how to get to the cave, where you can stay nearby, as well as tips for travelers and tourists.

Information about Dobsina Ice Cave in Slovakia

Dobsina Ice Cave is located near the town of Dobsina, in the southwestern part of the Slovak Paradise National Park. Mining engineer E. Ruffini discovered the cave in 1870, and already a year later the first tourists arrived here. Interestingly, among them were the Bulgarian and the Serbian kings. At that time, it was the first and only cave in the world with electric lighting.

Dobsina Ice Cave, Dobsina Ice Cave, Slovakia Travel Guide

Inside the cave, there is a tourist route with a length of just over 500 meters. Even in the summer inside the cave is cold, so we strongly recommend wearing warm clothes, comfortable and non-slip shoes.

Tourists can visit the cave only in the summer months (June, July and August). Entrance to the cave is charged: 8 Euro for adults, 4 Euro for children.

How to get to Dobsina Ice Cave in Slovakia

The nearest airport to the Dobsina Ice Cave is located in the city of Poprad, which is Poprad-Tartha Airport. It serves both domestic and international flights, including low-cost companies. From the airport to get to the cave, you will also not difficult. On the RegioJet high-speed train, in 20 minutes you will reach the Spisca Nova Ves railway station. Here you need to transfer to the train Poprad-Tatry-Košice, which will take you to the cave. Your final stop is Dobšinská Ľadová Jaskyňa station. From the station after a short walk (no more than 10 minutes), following the signs you will find the entrance to the cave.

Dobsina Ice Cave, Dobsina Ice Cave, Slovakia Travel Guide

Nearest Hotels to Dobsina Ice Cave in Slovakia

You can find the nearest hotels to Dobsina Ice Cave in Dobsina. Here are some of them:

Villa Plaze Boutigue Hotel&Spa: This is a clean hotel with great views, a gym, free Wi-Fi and breakfast.

Hotel Glamour: This is a clean and safe hotel with plenty of entertainment for adults and children. It offers free parking, breakfast and Wi-Fi. Free airport transfers are also available.

Wellness Hotel Chopok: The hotel offers excellent service with free Wi-Fi and a sauna.