The 21 Best Travel Writing Jobs That Pay Beginning Writers

The 21 Best Travel Writing Jobs That Pay Beginning Writers

The 21 Best Travel Writing Jobs That Pay Beginning Writers

When most people think of travel writing, they imagine being on a beautiful beach, pounding away on the keyboard, describing the amazing breakfast they just devoured at their hotel.

But being a freelance travel writer is more than just writing about vacations while drinking strawberry-infused margaritas. There are many different types of travel writer jobs, even for beginners.

It’s a great way to boost your freelance writer income while living your best life.

Before we get into our list of the best places to find freelance travel writing jobs, let’s explore what freelance writing for the travel industry is all about and how much the average travel blogger makes.

We’ll start with a quick job description.

What is Travel Writing?

Travel writing is writing about the people, places, and things you experience when you go on trips. It also covers topics like how and when to travel, all while keeping the reader in mind.

Your stories could end up on your travel blog, travel magazines (online or print publication), or in marketing materials for hotels and tourist boards.

How Much Money Does a Travel Writer Make?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for a full-time travel writer was $73,250. That rounds up to about $35/hr or $6,000/month.

That’s a tidy salary for doing what you love.

As a freelancer, you can make upwards of $300/piece writing for small travel magazines, while large magazines can pay as much as $1,500/travel article.

But the best gigs are copywriting projects for hotels or tours. These job opportunities can fetch you as much as $6,000 per project.

Now that we’ve got money out of the way, let’s get to our 21 best websites for travel writing opportunities.

The 21 Best Places to Find Travel Writing Jobs

Numerous travel publications and websites need content writers and are willing to pay well.

Some are established, while others are niche or indie.

But all have one thing in common: you can make good money!

1. Los Angeles Times Travel

travel writing jobs las angeles times

Looking to write for a major travel publication?

The Los Angeles Times travel section is always on the lookout for pieces with great visual storytelling. Trips can’t be more than two years old. And writers must follow LA Times ethical guidelines, the most prominent one being that writers must not have received any compensation in the form of reduced rate or meal in exchange for the story.

What They Pay

They pay $200 – $750 for stories that go into their print edition. For online-only pieces, you can expect about $500. The Weekend Escape section pays $200 per post, plus you get extra bucks for original images.

2. Travel Magazine

travel writing jobs travel magazine

If you love writing inspirational and informative pieces for people looking to travel, Travel Magazine is a great gig. They welcome writers who can put together quality, relevant and original guest posts.

But they won’t take pieces that have been published elsewhere or those that are overly critical of companies or individuals.

Before submitting your guest post, make sure to read their writer’s guidelines.

What They Pay

The Travel Magazine budget for freelance writers isn’t public knowledge. But, if you are interested in writing for them, send a great pitch to the Managing Editor.

3. Lonely Planet

travel writing jobs lonely planet

The Lonely Planet website is famous for its destination guidebooks and feature articles that capture the travel experience They also publish guest posts and other travel content.

With this amount of content going on, they are always on the lookout for freelance travel writers, as well as permanent writing roles.

What They Pay

Their writing rates are currently a closely guarded secret. However, Who Pays Writers (a writing job board) speculates they pay about $0.30/word, depending on your writing skill.

4. Matador Network

travel writing jobs matador

Matador Network works with freelance writers for their Matador Travel section. They value original writing and image contributions that highlight the culture and identity of people globally.

They pride themselves on working with both travel experts and young guns looking to kickstart a writing career with their first published piece. Join the Matador Creator Community, so you don’t miss out on the latest calls for submission.

What They Pay

Who Pays Writers claims Matador’s average pay is $0.06/word for a 1,000 – word editorial and $0.02/word for a 2,000 – word piece. Expect to get paid within 15 days of your submission.

5. Wanderlust

travel writing jobs wanderlust

Wanderlust is a British travel magazine that publishes 10 highly coveted issues a year. For a beginner, it could be challenging getting your work published, but it’s worth a try.

They publish round-up feature stories, travel guides, long-form destination features (2,200 words+), travel tips and more. They always want to work with the crème de la crème of travel writers.

What They Pay

They pay £220 (about $307) per 1,000 words. But rates vary depending on what you are working on. For example, they pay £90 ($125) for fact pages (750 words).

6. Viator

travel writing jobs viator

Viator is known globally as a resource for all things travel and is a great place to build your freelance writing chops. They prefer to work with experienced writers, knowledgeable about specific regions or a variety of destinations.

You’ll need to write 300 – 500 word pieces frequently. These articles can cover popular festivals, things to do, or how to navigate the area.

What They Pay

Viator pays $45 for the 300 – 500 word pieces. If you prefer to work on 1,000 – 2,000 word articles, they pay a standard rate of $150 per article.

7. The Verge Magazine

travel writing jobs verge

Verge Magazine is a Canadian digital-only publication looking for pieces focused on purposeful travel experiences. This could be in the form of volunteering, studying, or working abroad.

Their audience are socially aware individuals looking to make a difference. Verge will reject any article that’s focused on self-promotion or a particular organization.

What They Pay

They pay CAD $0.10 ($0.08) per word. Their articles are typically 800 words if you are writing a department article, while features are 2,000 – 2,500 words.


travel writing jobs gonomad

GoNOMAD publishes articles on destinations, travel activities, and experiences. Their articles are categorized into mini travel guides and first-person accounts called ‘Journeys.’

They are big on authoritative facts and original stories. And since they serve a well-traveled, discerning audience, you should avoid promotional content, fluff, and generic descriptions that readers can find elsewhere.

What They Pay

They pay $25 per article. However, they also promote writers’ websites and feature them on their homepage, providing more exposure and the chance to land new clients.


travel writing jobs rova

Do you love the thrill of the open road?

Send your pitch to ROVA Magazine. They are focused on stories about the thrill and adventure of road trips.

All you need to do is fill out the application form with a pitch for your story. ROVA only responds to writers they’ll be working with, so if you don’t get a response after two weeks, your pitch probably didn’t make the cut.

What They Pay

ROVA pays $200 for every blog post or photo essay that’s published on their website.

10. Travel + Leisure

travel writing jobs travel + leisure

Travel + Leisure is an internationally recognized travel website and a great addition to your freelance writing portfolio. They boast over 6 million readers.

Travel + Leisure focuses on personal travel stories, feature articles on the joys and hazards of traveling, and destination guides loaded with practical information.

Most of their content is written by freelancers, so pitch away.

What They Pay

Travel + Leisure pays $1,000 for online-only articles and $2/word for articles on the print version. They only accept original content that hasn’t been published anywhere else. So make sure to take that into consideration before sending your pitch.

11. Outpost Magazine

travel writing jobs outpost

Outpost Magazine is a Canadian travel brand that publishes insider travel guides, local gourmet recipes from destinations all over the world, feature articles, and thrill seeker stories.

They have both print and online editions. They tend to publish more Canadian content. However, they also publish stories from regions all over the world.

What They Pay

Outpost pays CAD $50 ($39) for 800 – 1,500 word pieces. Rates for longer articles (2,000 – 4,000 words) vary but are competitive, depending on your writing chops.

12. Listverse

travel writing jobs listverse

Listverse isn’t a travel website. However, they are always on the lookout for writers with interesting and unique listicle topics, travel included. If you have a fresh perspective on a destination, send in your pitch.

The list must have a minimum of 10 items, and all blog post ideas must be original.

What They Pay

Listverse pays $100 per listicle, and they only pay via Paypal.

13. Road & Travel

travel writing jobs road & travel

Road & Travel is an online magazine focused on cars, personal safety, and travel. Their core audience is female business travelers between the ages of 29 – 59, although they stress that their magazine isn’t only for women.

What They Pay

They pay $100 per approved piece.

Before sending in your pitch, check their site for the editorial calendar. You don’t want to send in a pitch on travel when the topic they are currently focused on is automotive.

14. Go World Travel

travel writing jobs goworld travel

Go World Travel is a travel website for travelers, explorers, and adventurers. They accept submissions from both writers and travelers. You only need to have a descriptive and straightforward writing style.

They prefer articles focused on destinations and everything travelers need to know before they head to a new place.

Submitting 850 – 1,600 word articles, loaded with anecdotes, personal insights, and detailed descriptions about a place is sure to catch their attention.

What They Pay

Go World Travel pays as much as $30 – $40 per published article.

Before sending in your article via email, make sure to study their submissions guide.

15. Pathfinders Travel

travel writing jobs pathfinders

Pathfinders Travel is a magazine focused on people of color. They want articles no longer than 1,000 words and are strict about their writer guidelines.

Pathfinders expect freelance travel writers to send in completed articles via email, rather than pitch topics.

What They Pay

Pathfinders pays $150 per travel story.

16. Yoga Journal

travel writing jobs yoga journal

Yoga Journal is an online magazine focused on promoting yoga. However, with yoga retreats popping up across the world, they work with freelance writers on the topics that blend yoga and travel, new yoga destinations, and other essential topics.

The majority of their content is created by remote workers.

Their articles are in the range of 3,000 – 5,000 words. So, if you prefer short-form pieces, this is probably not your beat.

What They Pay

Yoga Journal shells out between $800 – $2,000 per article.

Read this before you pitch.

17. My Itchy Travel Feet

travel writing jobs my itchy travel feet

My Itchy Travel Feet is a personal travel website focused on active baby boomers. They target their audience with content that’s original, informative, and relatable.

This means your typical ‘top 15 list’ pitch won’t pass muster. Before submitting a pitch, check out their guest writer guidelines.

What They Pay

My Itchy Travel Feet pays $30 for 700 – 800 word articles. Once your article is published, they pay you via PayPal.

18. The Penny Hoarder

travel writing jobs the penny hoarder

If you’re familiar with The Penny Hoarder, you’re probably wondering “How the heck can I get a freelance travel writing job on a personal finance blog?”

While Penny Hoarder is an uber-famous financial education website they also publish tons of articles about traveling on a budget. They love evergreen topics and have an audience who wants to know how to earn and save money.

So, if you have an evergreen angle that blends travel, saving, and earning money, send them your pitch!

What They Pay

They pay freelance writers $75 for 700 – 900 word articles. Check to make sure they haven’t covered the topic you want to pitch.

19. Horizon Guides

travel writing jobs horizon guides

Horizon Guides publishes feature articles and what you might call ‘special interest travel guides.’ These downloadable in-depth guides cover niche topics such as fishing in Hawaii and snorkeling in Newfoundland.

You get credited as the author once your article is published. Plus, you also get backlinks to your website and social media.

What They Pay

Horizon Guides pays great rates to contributors, starting at $400 per guide and $200 per feature article.

20. Escapees Magazine

travel writing jobs escapees

Escapees Magazine is a travel publication geared towards RV travelers. They prefer articles on locations accessible via RV over the standard travel destination posts.

One thing to note is that articles submitted by magazine members get published before contributors. They also only accept fully written articles that meet their specifications.

What They Pay

Escapees Magazine pays between $50 – $100 for 100 – 500 word articles. Feature articles can command as much as $100 – $200 depending on the length.

21. Trailer Life

travel writing jobs trailer life

Trailer Life is another RV-focused monthly publication.

They provide their audience of RV enthusiasts with technical and travel information that supports their RV lifestyle. They expect submissions on spectacular RV travel destinations and special campgrounds.

What They Pay

Trailer Life pays $600 per 1,800 word articles.

Fully written stories can be sent in via email or post. You can find the writer’s guidelines here.

Ready, Set… Pitch Your First Travel Writing Job

Whether you’re doing it full or part-time, travel writing jobs are a great way to make money writing.

Your first few gigs may pay less than you prefer, but the important thing is to continue improving your writing, growing your portfolio with excellent writing samples, and pitching.

Before you know it, you’ll be doing your dream job and living your best life as a digital nomad.