Turkmenistan Travel

Turkmenistan Travel

Turkmenistan Travel

Turkmenistan is like all hidden treasure – hard to access and a little dusty, yet worth every ounce of effort and more. Turkmenistan travel will take you through the mysterious Karakum Desert, replete with Silk Road secrets and half-buried ruins. Just when you think you’ve left civilization behind, age-old traditions preserved by long-robed desert villagers will leave you stunned and impressed. On the desert’s sandy cusp, the Caspian Sea materializes like a long-awaited mirage almost too good to be true.

Capital city Ashgabat is an experience in itself, a trophy of grandeur clad in marble that embodies the definition of extravagant. Meanwhile, the mummified cities of Merv, Kunya-Urgench and Gonur Depe sprawl their sleepy foundations beneath the sun’s enduring glint. Akhal-Teke horses, the pride of all Turkmen, are a living link to the nation’s warring, nomadic past, a history barely detected in the poised, courteous manner of its citizens today who welcome curious visitors with a reserved yet distinct air of hospitality.

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Is Turkmenistan Worth Visiting?

Regarded among the least-visited countries on earth and covered in nearly 75 percent desert, the question of what attracts visitors to Turkmenistan is a valid one. Consider some of the top reasons why tourists who have gone before you have fallen in love with this far-flung oddity:

Turkmenistan is exotic in every sense of the word, a country lost in time whose tribal roots and ancestral ties to the Great Silk Road are still palpable everywhere you turn. Its traditional culture and sheer remoteness appeal to travellers who desire authentic, unpredictable experiences in one of the few corners of the planet not yet transformed by globalization.

Turkmenistan is eccentric, a land determined to be unique in any way possible. From strange holidays to distinctive headdresses to Guinness-worthy attractions, this country will not be put in a box. Vacationers who are seeking an out-of-the-ordinary destination sure to defy all your previous travel experiences need look no further.

Turkmenistan is endearing, not only for its uniqueness but for the history that exudes from its dusty ruins, the graceful and dignified people who inhabit its towns and the unmatched beauty of its prize-winning carpets, pure-bred horses and natural attributes. Those who wish to be impacted during their travels on a deeper, heartfelt level should consider Turkmenistan travel.

Your Dream Vacation

We realize that few people have ever placed ‘Turkmenistan’ and ‘dream vacation’ in the same sentence, which is a pity considering all that’s packed into this destination.

History buffs can spend days roaming archaeological sites and clambering through archaic city remains, while outdoor adventurers camp, trek and off-road their way through Turkmenistan’s wild terrain. Animal lovers will be delighted to come face-to-face with more camels than they’ve seen in a lifetime and meet true horse whisperers caring for Turkmen’s finest steeds. Cultural enthusiasts can lose themselves in the museums, bazaars and quirky monuments in the cities before brushing shoulders with desert and mountain dwellers in places you likely won’t find on a map. All will return home with stories to recount, memories to last a lifetime and a new land etched on their hearts.

Our Turkmenistan tourism packages vary in length from day trips around major cities to extended cross-country expeditions and tours that spill over into neighboring Uzbekistan and beyond. Each guide and driver is experienced, knowledgeable and up-to-date on all regulations pertaining to foreigners, and every tour has been constructed with your safety and optimal experience in mind.

There is no lack of things to do in Turkmenistan. Go beyond imagination into reality by checking out some of the greatest adventures awaiting you: