Wild camping in the Netherlands: What you need to keep in mind

Miles of dunes, nature as far as the eye can see, countless Fietser and in the middle of it wild camping in the Netherlands, that would be something … but the whole thing is not so simple. In the country known for dunes, windmills, tulip fields and of course its cheese, many camping fans also get their money's worth. With a breathtaking landscape, the Netherlands offers perfect conditions for a camping trip. But is wild camping allowed at all in the Netherlands?

Find out what is allowed when camping in Holland and what rules you should follow during your trip below. We from Roadfans give you the best tips for an unforgettable camping vacation in the Netherlands!

Wild camping in the Netherlands on a beach full of cattle and surrounded by blue sea

Holland or nevertheless Netherlands – How is the country really called?

Often the question arises whether one talks about Holland or the Netherlands. Mostly one and the same country is meant. Especially in the colloquial language the word "Holland" is often used, although the country itself is called the Netherlands. Holland refers to the two provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. The designation Holland has itself however with the years with many humans in such a way natural, although one speaks naturally correctly of the Netherlands.

Why is the Netherlands worth a trip?

Welkom in Nederland! The unique charm of the Netherlands goes far beyond dunes, windmills, tulips and cheese. Miles of sandy beaches, river landscapes, small towns and historic villages are only part of the diversity of the Netherlands. Surrounded by nature and wilderness, it's hard to decide where to go first with your camper van. "Achter de wolken schijnt de zon" – especially in Noordwijk and Egmond aan Zee friends of the sun at the sea get their money's worth.

In the modern port city of Rotterdam and the traditional fishing village of Volendam there is also a lot to see. Shopping lovers should not miss a day trip to Haarlem. Equally diverse are the Dutch sights, marked by long history and tradition. How about a trip to Amsterdam to visit the Van Gogh Museum or the Anne Frank House?. On a road trip through the Netherlands every camping lover gets his money's worth.

Wild camping in the Netherlands with sunset on the beach

Is wild camping allowed in the Netherlands?

The legal situation in the Netherlands is in contrast to other countries clear, because the wild camping or free standing with campers is strictly forbidden and is prohibited. Campers are not allowed on private property either. If you disregard the regulations, you can face fines of up to 500€ per person.

Important: Many campers are certainly still familiar with the so-called "pile campsites" as a spontaneous camping option. However, these were already on 01.06.2020 officially abolished in the Netherlands.

Alternative options for wild camping in the Netherlands

You can't get the idea of wild camping in the Netherlands out of your head and you are now looking for a suitable alternative? In the following we present you a selection of possibilities for your motorhome vacation in the Netherlands.

Experience campsites right by the sea. Many pitches offer space for countless motorhomes. The green meadow offers a good contrast to the blue sky


Camping in Holland has never been easier with the numerous campgrounds in the country. In addition to campsites near the city, campsites in the countryside are very popular. Camping in places full of nature, solitude and green meadows, costs from 20€ upwards per night.

Parking spaces

Likewise, there are pitches a dime a dozen in the Netherlands. Most pitches are equipped with the most important and you can fill up your water, dispose of the contents of your toilet cassette and other waste properly at the numerous supply and disposal stations. However, not all campsites have electricity, toilets or showers and are more suitable for a short stopover. Mostly a pitch costs between 8 and 20€ per night, with a lot of luck you can sometimes find free pitches. It is also good to know that you are often not allowed to stay longer than 48-72 hrs.

Campsites at marinas

Special pitches at marinas are another alternative to wild camping and usually offer a power supply, WiFi and a sanitary block. With 10 to 12€ per night you are offered a cheap camping possibility, but you should consider that the ship operation continues and it could be a bit noisy during the day.

Camping on farms

Normally camping on private land is forbidden in the Netherlands. But even here there is a loophole to get as close as possible to wild camping. Many farmers make their private land available for overnight stays with suitable infrastructure. Camping in Holland on farms is especially good if you are planning a camping trip with children for a few nights.

Parking spaces

In the Dutch cities, travelers can also spontaneously find some places to stay overnight. In many regions, municipalities provide campers with specially marked parking spaces for their campers. Parking lots are not really an alternative to wild camping, however, they are often free and offer a short-term place to stay for a night.

At Roadfans you will find tips and recommendations on our website for suitable campsites in the Netherlands and pitches in the countryside.

A couple enjoying time in your camper and eating a watermelon

7 tips and rules for a wild camping vacation in the Netherlands

To have a perfect camping adventure in the Netherlands, you should follow some tips and rules in nature:

  1. At all regions you should show respect for the nature and the locals! The Netherlands has countless nature reserves and the locals are particularly concerned about protecting their environment!
  2. If you need information about accommodation, it is better to ask the tourist office once too often than too little.
  3. No open fire while camping!
  4. Do not leave garbage at your campsite! Dispose of your waste properly at the designated supply & disposal points.
  5. Avoid making a lot of noise when camping, so you don't scare away any animal inhabitants or annoy the local residents.
  6. Always follow the latest travel and safety advice, as well as news about the corona virus.
  7. You should avoid heavily frequented and touristy regions, especially in the high season.

Current speed limits and toll costs for motorhome tours

The Dutch authorities are very strict when it comes to speed limits. Often people experience a nasty surprise at home after a vacation in the Netherlands, when you realize that you have committed a traffic violation.B. committed by driving too fast.

While other countries are very accommodating, the Netherlands charges hard. You can expect to pay 10€ per kilometer to the Dutch Ministry of Transport, Infrastructures and Environment for each kilometer you drive too fast.

In general, you should have the following information in mind for motorhomes up to 3.5 tons:

  • in built-up areas: 50km/h
  • outside towns: 80km/h
  • on highways: 100 km/h (between 6 and 19 o'clock) and 130km/h (between 19 to 6 o'clock)

While traffic violations in the Netherlands hit hard on the wallet, there are no costs for tolls. With the exception of two tunnels, which are chargeable. This is the Kiltunnel, which runs from Dordrecht to Hoekse Waard and the Westerscheldetunnel, which runs from Zuid-Beveland to Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.

Current traffic regulations in the Netherlands

In addition to the speed limits and toll costs described above, you should also be aware of general traffic regulations in the Netherlands.

The cell phone at the wheel is expressly forbidden in the Netherlands and leads to expensive fines. Alcohol at the wheel should also be avoided, there is a tolerance limit of 0.5%, but you should not test it out. Generally, when driving, seat belts are compulsory and you should always have a warning triangle and a first aid kit in your motorhome.

A motorhome is on the road on a highway

10 facts about the Netherlands

  1. The Netherlands is on the 7th place of the cheapest camping countries in Europe. (Source: ADAC)
  2. On average a family pays 40,48€ for a camping pitch in the Netherlands.
  3. With an area of 41.543 km² the Netherlands offers a lot of space for camping.
  4. It has a temperate maritime climate with mild winters and not too hot summers.
  5. The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam.
  6. In the Netherlands there are 18 million bicycles, more bicycles than Dutch people.
  7. In the interior of the country more than 35.000 km of cycle paths.
  8. The Netherlands is one of the flatter countries and the highest point is 322.5 m high.
  9. About 1.000 traditional windmills have their place in the Netherlands.
  10. In the Netherlands you pay with the Euro (€) currency or conveniently by card payment.

Dutch specialties you should try during your camping adventure

Besides a lot of nature, historical buildings and traditions, the Netherlands also has a lot to offer in terms of culinary delights. Let yourself be enchanted by the Dutch cuisine according to the motto: "Lekker, nog lekkerder, Nederland". Enjoy the traditional specialties on your way, for which Holland is known:

Vla is a famous Dutch pudding, which is available in different flavors.


Kibbeling is a deep-fried codfish coated with batter and dipped in a little remoulade when eaten.


Poffertjes are mini pancakes covered with a little powdered sugar.


Stroopwafeln are a mixture of waffles and cookies. The sweet syrup waffles are a delicacy for on the road.


Bitterballen are breaded and deep-fried meat ragout balls.

The Netherlands is often called the stronghold of cheese. Friends of the good taste of cheese are in good hands here and can test themselves through the variety of cheeses in the Kaaswinkels.


Frikandels are deep-fried meat products made from minced meat and are often eaten with French fries. It doesn't take long to find a frikandel, because now you can get the Dutch meat sausage on every corner.

With the right basic equipment, cooking in a motorhome becomes fun

Recommendations from Roadfans for your camping trip

The Netherlands is worth a trip with the camper, but based on our many years of experience, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

First of all, it is advisable to start planning your camping trip in Holland at an early stage. Most of the time, when making a travel plan, one or two bargains arise that can save you money.

Furthermore you should consider the season and areas in your planning. Since the Netherlands is a very popular camping country in the high season, you should stay away from busy cities. We therefore recommend that you choose a campsite in a more rural location.

For a road trip through the Netherlands, small and compact motorhomes are particularly suitable for city trips. At Roadfans you will find suitable rental models in the "Escape" and "Journey" categories. For a camping trip in the landscapes of the Netherlands, larger motorhome models are particularly suitable.

Larger models, such as our "Space" and "Independence", are particularly suitable. If you need more information about our current motorhomes at Roadfans, you can find the different rental categories on our website, as well as our purchase categories.

If you follow the Dutch rules and our recommendations, nothing should stand in the way of your vacation! Most importantly, enjoy your camping trip and get to know the diverse world of the Netherlands!

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