2022: Dance show premieres Havana Nights – It really is like being in Cuba!

Remember: Enthusiasm storms because of dance show Havana Nights – Dinner premiere in Hamburg pointed out in my experience report – It is with lies, fraud and theft really, like on Cuba! Meeting in person in Cuba and talking with the dancers in Hamburg, I learned what they really say!

Whether salsa, dinner, show or flair – THE real life is credibly told on stage and so it really is, as in Cuba. Nothing is perfect, every mojito tastes different, the waiters sometimes in full action – that's why I love this evening! The media premiere and the celebrity opening of the Havana Nights are over, the first excitement of the organizers has subsided.

At the moment Corona is blocking the 2022 tour again, but the dates remain on 07.03.2022 in the Laeiszhalle exist:
November, 2015, Bahrenfeld harness racing track. Once again on 7.03.2022 at Laeiszhalle.
When the question comes from the moderator who accompanies through the evening : "Who has been to Cuba…!?", then only a few raise their hands.

I, however, can write an entire book about my travels for years through the communist state of. Often in the TV everything is represented differently, than it concerns the truth. For 5 years (2005-2010) I was there every now and then for a month and experienced the socialist misery and legacy of Fidel Castro, had to feel the rip-off story and the persecution mania that the PNR (secret police) fomented there, to see the food shortage that the population suffered from and to dance along with the despite all this unbroken joie de vivre, which is not only in the music but also in the people themselves.

From when can we go again to the Havana Nights dinner show?

Cuba is (not only) theft, fraud and corrupt police

I came forward because of the follow up from the presenter who wants to know the following: "What is remembered by whom when he or she had bad and good experience(s) on CUBA?" Sure, the eternal summer, NOT the food. When I was able to give my personal story in a little more detail, I confirmed to everyone that "drugs, thefts, murder, fraud and corrupt police make it still very unsafe to live today, especially in Havana!" And that's exactly what the story being told is about, as it's danced off on stage.

That's why I'm even more pleased today that more than 30 well-known dancers are able to leave their country with a twinkle in their eyes to travel around Europe, presenting it as it really is. And that is exactly why it is credible.

Meeting in person after getting to know each other in 2015 in Hamburg, by HAVANA NIGHTS and following the invitation to Cuba – A little out of focus and me with a fat belly – Dancer Carlos and ME, as an editor editorializing an adult PINATA children's birthday party on his pool property…

Even the dinner is Cuban!

The soup is served in a kind of pot, so you have to help yourself and pour it into the bowls, chicken, rice and beans – that's what the main course consists of, just the food that the locals get on the table every day and the dessert is Caribbean sweet.

Sure, the Palazzos are more exclusive, but Havana Nights has what the others do not: The flair! A mega dance and dinner show and an after-show party where things just heat up. We partied with the crew until the wee hours of the morning!! Wow, that was cool.

Chicken, rice and beans - The main dish is just like the one in Cuba

Chicken, rice and beans – The main dish is exactly how Cubans get it on their plates every day…

Havana Nights – SO was the dance show Hamburg

Havana-Nights has exclusively booked the "Queens Show Company" (who can no longer be found) who have re-formed and are really dancing, dancing, dancing! Star performers from "Circo Nacional de Cuba" also complement the fast-paced program. They all show in 3 blocks what really sets the Caribbean island apart, besides stealing and ripping off, and why some Europeans are so fascinated by the passion and skill.

Behind the scenes of Havana Nights

Behind the scenes of Havana Nights, the dance show in Hamburg, Germany. I had the opportunity to talk to the sporty guys and gals in person and learned some private stories about them. They described to me the change that is just taking place, which has been made possible for years by Raul…
"So slowly we are recovering from a political disaster in which we still find ourselves!", said one dancer to me, who does not wish to be named. Carlos, a dancer from Havana whom I met personally behind the scenes, broke his bones while dancing and had to have surgery at Eppendorf Hospital, so he raves about the medical care in Hamburg. Years later, I visited him at his home in Cuba…

Here's what Havana Nights was like in the big marquees at the Bahrenfeld harness racing track…

Jorge Gonzales protested: "This is not only Cuba!"

(Almost) everyone was touchingly taken care of during the premiere, including the invited celebrities at the GALA premiere. Some of the guests of honor were Cuba's ambassador to Hamburg and former refugee from the communist state, Jorge (Hoche) Gonzales. He said to the question whether he had a few tips to the way of life that it is "here, in the palace tent, nevertheless, very warmly!". Perhaps that's exactly how it should be, since the sun shines more than 300 days a year in (still) Fidel Castro's empire. And, when given the micro again, he did say a bit more energetically, "THAT what's on display here at the Stage is not just Cuba. Because the real mentality is a completely different one…" It had been presented too one-sidedly what one could experience there…

With the release of the internet and the current changes due to the economic softening of socialism, both sides are now benefiting, Germany and Cuba. For travel facilitators have now ensured that the European premiere of the Caribbean dinner show, 2015 in Hamburg, has been a small highlight in the Hanseatic city.

The bottom line

People in Cuba live every day as if it were the last, and that's exactly what we did, for one evening!

Enthusiastic applause during the finale: "If you liked it, tell others, if you liked it, tell them too"!" Yes, we enjoyed it and enjoyed it as well.
Havana Nights is a real and true tip and an evening you MUST go to! If you have never been to the Caribbean island or are planning to fly there, you can already see and experience the joie de vivre in the Grandezza palace tent. LIVE! In addition, there are the quickly chopped drinks or live cooking at the built up market stalls, cigars home-rolled, for 12,-€ or hats, times just quickly made!

Nothing is perfect here, so no one gets mad when complete glass trollies fall over and shards on the dance floor bring good luck!
The after-show party has it all, because now everything is brought out once again, which is typical for Cuba.

Moved from 2021 to 7.3.In 2022, two shows will now be held at the Laeiszhalle, where we may have to forgo the dinner show and focus on the dance performances.