How to find the right solution for travel and expense management

How to find the right solution for travel and expense management

It's not about money (well, it's about money, too), but in this case it's about much more. All sorts of tools help you stay on top of spending and stay within budget, but if they aren't easy (and fun) to use, they won't get used. We all know that those doing the spending don't need any more obstacles in their daily lives. Employees have enough work. Travelers do, too – and they also spend the majority of their time waiting in line somewhere.

The tools you give them should help them get the job done in just a few clicks, while offering more than any predecessor. The tools should be jack-of-all-trades – from auto-completing expense reports to embedding AI to syncing seamlessly with your ERP system to ensuring safe and sustainable travel.

Choosing the right travel and expense management solution

That's quite a lot for just one small application. If you want to find the right one, take a look at the tips in this 2022 buyer's guide.

Start with the experience

Before COVID-19, we all wanted our employees to be happy and comfortable. Of course we still want to, but now it's more of a necessity. If employees aren't offered a way to do their jobs easier, better and safer, they will work elsewhere.

That's why the solution you choose should take as much of the tedious manual work out of the hands of your employees as possible. It should get everything out of the way that limits their productivity. It should also put an end to hours of searching for receipts and tedious typing of expenses. It should free up your employees' time so they can drive your business forward.

The right solution can also reduce your environmental footprint, for example, by directing travelers to more sustainable transportation methods or encouraging them to travel only when absolutely necessary. It should alert them to COVID-19 restrictions before travel begins and keep them informed as travel plans change and new risks emerge.

And because your teams can now work from anywhere, your travel and expense management solution needs to work anywhere, too. On any device. No matter how remote the location.

Make sure your solution keeps up with you

The buyer's guide describes the right solution as one that provides real-time insights into employee travel and spending patterns. It's no longer enough to know what happened last month. You need to know what's going on right now so you're always prepared for what's coming next.

With the right solution, you'll be ready for new payment types and meet the needs of new users as spending and expectations change. As work models and workplaces continue to change, the solution should also evolve with employee needs. And it's almost as important that the solution meets your organization's needs – from implementing new payment processes and policies, to ensuring the security of global transactions, to protecting against fraud.

He who asks, wins

You want to be sure your systems are capable of protecting your budgets, your employees, and your entire organization? You want to ensure compliance while better controlling costs? You want to ensure that the cost-benefit ratio is right? If you want to know where to find a solution that can do all that, just ask.

The buyer's guide includes the top ten questions you should ask vendors. It is an excellent starting point for your search or at least helps you find out what you are looking for.