Vacations in Andalusia: How to find the perfect accommodation

Lounging on the Costa de la Luz

Spain's south is not only worth a trip in summer. The region of Andalusia has a lot to offer during the rest of the year, besides the much better weather compared to Germany.

Pack your family or friends and spend together a few beautiful and relaxing days in a vacation home on the Costa Tropical, the Costa del Almeria, the Costa de la Luz or the Costa del Sol.

From a quaint finca to a state-of-the-art villa with ocean views

The selection of vacation homes in mainland Spain is gigantic. Especially in Andalusia there is almost nothing that does not exist. Whether it is a small vacation home for wintering or a huge high quality equipped villa for group travelers: With a little research you will find the vacation home in Spain that suits you at reasonable rates. Most houses are built in the style of the region and offer a pool to cool off and a shady spot for a siesta. Most of the vacation homes are located on the Costa Tropical and the Costa del Sol. But also in the hinterland around Cordoba there are beautiful and especially quietly located objects.

How to find and book the right vacation home in Spain

Finca in Andalusia

Finca in Andalusia

Before you start looking for a house, the most important key data should be determined: When should the vacation take place, where, with how many children and adults? If you have finally clarified this question for yourself, you can start looking for the right vacation home in Andalusia. You should not only look around at one vacation home agent, but take a look at what several providers have to offer. Mostly narrowing down the search with the key data is a piece of cake. So you will see only houses that are still bookable for your trip with the family or for group trips with friends at the desired time. Due to the difficult economic situation in Spain, the demand by the Spaniards themselves is rather low, which has often led to the lowering of the price level for the vacation homes. Nevertheless, you should book in time – at least six months before the beginning of your stay.
Especially when organizing group trips, it is important that you make the choice of the vacation home together with all fellow travelers. For this you should all already meet once or twice before the vacation. This way the group will get to know each other before going on vacation to Andalusia.

Andalusia: Relaxation for body and mind

How and where you will soon spend a relaxing and restful time with your family in a vacation home in Andalusia, you have now determined. Therefore, finally, a tip on how to best reach your destination in the south of Spain. Mainly depends on the number of people and the length of your stay. Airplane and rental car compete with your own car. As a rule of thumb, the following sentence is easy to remember: The more time and more people, the more worthwhile it is to travel by car.