Ring in the spooky season with Travel Channel’s new Ghostober shows

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While most Halloween fanatics are gearing up for Freeform's 31 Nights of Halloween I'm undoubtedly most excited about Travel Channel's seasonal program titled 'Ghostober'. This year features a series of new shows that explore real-life ghost stories, some of the world's most haunted places and other unexplained phenomena with a variety of paranormal experts.

So if you're mentally prepared to be really scared, be sure to check this out The entire 'Ghostober' lineup from Travel Channel .

Be prepared for lots of ghost stories in Travel Channel's Ghostober series.

Like I said, I'm a total sucker for real ghost stories, and Ghostober is full of them.

One of their new shows is called Holzer Files, According to a press release, featuring a team of paranormal specialists who investigate hauntings from case files of the 'Father of the Paranormal,' Dr. Hans Holzer, investigate. It opens terrifying (and historic!) files containing documents and records from the 1950s again.

Another paranormal show called Ghost Nation features a team of respected ghost hunters: Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango.

According to the press release, they are helping baffled ghost hunters across the country who are currently facing challenging (and extremely dangerous) paranormal mysteries. Spoooky.

Source: courtesy of Travel Channel

Steve Gonsalves, Jason Hawes and Dave Tango get ready to investigate a Michigan home where a family is experiencing paranormal activity.

For something a little less extensive, on the other hand, here are two ghost adventures miniseries. The first is a four-part series called Serial Killer Spirits, Here they investigate locations that have been linked to various serial killers.

The other four-part miniseries is called Healing the Harrisville Farmhouse According to the press release exploring the infamous Perron family's home, it was featured The Conjuring.

. And get ready to investigate some truly haunted places.

There are so many notoriously haunted places around the world, and obviously the Travel Channel loves any opportunity to travel to them.

The scariest places reveals creepy spots like haunted ships and haunted theaters, according to press release Hometown Horror Investigates Unobtrusively Haunted Communities.

Source: courtesy of Travel Channel

Take a peek inside Britain's creepy Drakelow tunnels as featured in series premiere of 'Most Terrifying Places'.

Those looking for a little road trip can tune in Target Fear, as paranormal investigator Dakota Laden, Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures The crew travels in an RV to notoriously haunted locations.

And if you're looking for more mini-series, per the release, Haunted Salem: Live offers a live ghost hunt in one of America's most haunted cities Witches of Salem is a four-part docu-drama that shows the story of how Salem really went crazy.

Oh, and for those who already tune in regularly to Travel Channel, Mountain Monster has a new episode airing Wednesday, 30. October.

In the latest episode of the series, according to the press release, see the plucky trapper team investigate the creatures that lurk in Appalachia.

You can also investigate real-life ghost encounters.

If you want to hear some personal haunting stories, check out the new series titled My Horror Story – according to the publication, It contains 10 hour-long episodes in which ordinary people share paranormal survival stories.

The Dead Files also returns with new episodes in which NYPD officer Steve DiSchiavi and medium Amy Allan use their sixth senses to investigate notoriously haunted places by talking to locals both dead and alive.

Source: Courtesy of Travel Channel

Ordinary people tell their frightening true stories about surviving the unknown. From hellish possessions and blood-draining spirits to alien abductions and otherworldly creatures, these brave storytellers are deeply shaken as they recall their heavy encounters with dark paranormal forces. It's a wild, terrifying ride through the supernatural.

Travel Channel's Ghostober is clearly a gold mine for creepy content Check the Ghostober schedule to avoid missing any of it.

Or, alternatively, tune in to Ghostober on the Travel Channel throughout the month of October. See you there.