Work and Travel in the Canary Islands – Tenerife

Work and Travel in the Canary Islands - Tenerife

Work and Travel on the Canary Islands I had not so on the screen. I had always seen only Spain as a whole. But I get many mails from readers who would like to do Work and Travel in Spain. A not insignificant number of them would like to do work and travel on the Canary Islands in concrete terms. Therefore, today I present you one of the islands: Tenerife.

Each island of the Canary Islands is unique

When I was working in Madrid I had many colleagues from the Canary Islands. Since I always wanted to travel to the Canary Islands and was therefore very interested in it, the "Canarios" always raved to me about their home and just how unique each of the islands was. The special thing about the Canary Islands is that every island is different. None is like the other and each has its own special characteristics. From there Work and Travel on the Canary Islands is an exciting option.

Tenerife – diverse and uniquely beautiful

Tenerife, for example, is the largest of the Canary Islands. Their landscape is incredibly diverse. The mountains on the island have allowed different microclimates to form at different altitudes, providing a diverse fauna. Within a few hundred meters the environment can be completely different because of these special climatic conditions.

So you will find on Tenerife, among other things, dry areas reminiscent of a desert landscape, Mediterranean and Canary Island pine forests, jungle-like wet forests and high mountains. The volcano "El Teide" is namely with 3.718 meters not only the highest point of Tenerife, but of whole Spain. Of course, Tenerife also has beautiful sandy beaches and bays to complete the landscape.

Highest mountain on Tenerife

Discover the beautiful nature of Tenerife

Since Tenerife is so incredibly diverse, you will also have many opportunities to explore the island in your free time or during a travel phase during a work and travel stay. Especially for outdoor enthusiasts there is a lot to discover on Tenerife. You can enjoy the incredible nature for example by hiking through the different forests and volcanic landscapes. In the El Teide National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and also on the rest of Tenerife, there are countless hiking trails. And if you need even more adrenaline in the mountains, maybe climbing is the right choice for you.

Cycling is also a great activity in Tenerife, whether you prefer to ride a normal bike through the beautiful landscape of the island, ride miles on a road bike or mountain bike through the forests.

Jungle on Tenerife

Exciting activities on Tenerife

When you do work and travel, you always feel like doing crazy things and trying new things, at least that's how I felt in New Zealand and Australia. There I spontaneously learned diving for example. With Work and Travel in the Canary Islands you have also this possibility. In Tenerife, for example, you can also go diving or practice other cool sports like surfing, stand up paddling, kayaking, sailing and especially kitesurfing. Canyoning, caving or paragliding are other exciting activities off the water that will get your adrenaline pumping. So you will definitely not get bored.

Pretty villages and lively parties

Besides some cities, Tenerife has many pretty villages that enchant with their old houses and narrow streets. A little road trip across the island, where you visit charming little villages, is absolutely recommendable. Throughout the year there are different "Fiestas" in these villages or in Tenerife in general. These festivals are often based on old traditions and are always colorful and cheerful. Probably the most famous festival on Tenerife is the carnival.

Village in Tenerife

Jobs in Tenerife

But what about work in Tenerife?? Part of Work and Travel in the Canary Islands is also working and not only traveling. On Tenerife you will mainly find jobs in the tourism industry or in the tourism sector. Jobs that have to do with tourists. The good thing about the Canary Islands is that the climate is quite uniform throughout the year and it is always warm. That is why there are always tourists on the island.

Nevertheless, there is also a high season on Tenerife, when it is easier to find jobs. Therefore it makes sense to work in the high season and travel in the low season.

Since most jobs are in the tourism industry, it is often not even necessary to speak Spanish to find a job. Especially if your job involves dealing mainly with German or English speaking vacationers.

To find jobs and accommodation in Tenerife, it is best to proceed in the same way as for Work and Travel in Spain.

Have you ever been to Tenerife?? Maybe you even worked there? What else can you tell about Tenerife and what tips to give?