Austria: Career opportunities in tourism

Tourism is one of Austria's strongest economic sectors. Natural mountains, lakes and historic cities make Austria a popular destination for sports enthusiasts, families and culture vultures. In order to be able to continue to attract this range of tourists, the Austrian tourism industry is investing heavily in the sector. For skilled workers, Austria therefore offers a wide range of career opportunities in tourism. But also career changers can gain a foothold in the tourism sector.


Tourism in Austria – a booming industry

Skilled personnel are in short supply in the growing tourism sector and can look forward to positive job prospects on the labor market. At the same time, career changers are often sought for jobs in the kitchen, housekeeping and gardens.

Ten percent of all employed persons in Austria work in the tourism industry. The number of restaurants and lodging establishments is increasing, including above all the number of beds in the 4- or 5-star category. However, as the quality of hotels and catering establishments increases, so do the demands on employees. Continuing education can therefore be a key to gaining a foothold or even a career in the Austrian tourism landscape.

Tourism professions in Austria

The tourism industry is huge and offers numerous job opportunities in the following areas:

  • Leisure industry (z.B. (e.g. animation, mountain guide, golf instructor, ski instructor)
  • Gastronomy (z.B. bartender, cook, sommelier)
  • Hotel industry (z.B. Receptionist, hotel clerk, hotel manager)
  • Management, marketing, destination (z.B. Tourism manager, tourism manager)
  • Travel organization (e.B. tour guide, business travel agent)
  • Event management (z.B. event manager, trade fair hostess)
  • Tourism transportation (z.B. flight attendant, mobility service agent)
  • Wellness and health tourism (z.B. nutrition trainer, masseur, fitness trainer)

Further training opportunities for optimal career prospects

If you want to advance in your career, the best thing to do is to continue your education. This also applies to the tourism industry. The following are interesting career prospects and continuing education opportunities in the tourism sector:


Bartenders profit from the booming afterlife in bars, clubs or ski lodges. Tipping is an important part of their income, which is added to a basic salary of ca. 1.400 to 1.700 Euro gross added. Those who have a high school diploma or. has a tourism education, can attend a bartender school or complete an in-house training course. This profession is therefore also ideally suited for career changers. Click here for more information on bartender training.

After an apprenticeship in a catering company or after attending a hospitality school, a promising job as a chef beckons. Thanks to various further training courses, for example in the areas of vegan cuisine, herbal cuisine or patisserie, you can stand out from the market. The starting salary after the apprenticeship is usually between 1.400 and 1.600 Euro gross.

Restaurant Specialist:

Entry into this profession is possible after attending a hospitality school or. after an apprenticeship in a hospitality business. For restaurant specialists, further training to become a sommelier or foreign language courses are suitable, for example. In addition to their salary of approx. 1.400 to 1.600 Euro gross restaurant specialists receive tips.


A tourism training or. Attendance at a technical college qualifies receptionists for their work in hotels or at trade fairs. They usually earn between 1.400 and 1.600 euros. Continuing education courses in hotel management lend themselves to this profession.

Hotel Clerk/Hotel Manager:

People train to become hotel clerks by completing a three-year apprenticeship or by attending a hotel management school. Further training in hotel management or hotel marketing is offered by various academies.

Tour guide:

There is no classical training to become a tour guide. As a rule, a tour guide has a tourism education or a lot of practical work experience in different tourism fields. If you want to further your education in this field, you can complete an advanced training course to become a tour operator, which can increase your income from up to 1.900 Euro gross further.

Event Manager:

A career in event management is usually preceded by a degree. Suitable subjects are tourism management, business administration or similar. Meanwhile, various universities of applied sciences also offer special courses to become an event manager. The salary varies greatly depending on the area of activity, but can be up to 2.400 euros gross. More information about the event management training.

Nutrition trainer:

It takes two semesters to become a certified nutrition trainer. In most cases, a minimum age and a completed education are required. The course is subject to a fee. More info in this article: Become a nutritionist.

Fitness instructor/fitness trainer:

Fitness trainers work in large hotels, leisure facilities or wellness resorts. Various training courses are aimed at newcomers and those changing over to the fitness sector. Fitness trainer training courses are subject to a fee.

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