Soccer stars live in these cities

The Frequent Traveller is all about traveling in style. The great soccer stars of today are, in a certain way, “frequent travelers” in their own right. After all, it is not uncommon for a professional soccer player to play in a wide variety of countries during his career. There are a lot of reasons for a change of club. Mostly these are of a sporting or financial nature. But a change of scenery can also be the deciding factor for a transfer. Who wouldn’t prefer Paris, Milan or Madrid to Gelsenkirchen, Wolfsburg or Dortmund?? We show where the most appealing destinations for professional soccer players are – from both a sporting and cultural perspective. These are the cities where soccer stars live..

Soccer and fashion metropolis Milan

“Milan or Madrid – the main thing is Italy”. Andreas Moller immortalized himself in the annals of German soccer with this saying. In fact, the Italian Serie A, above all the two traditional Milanese clubs AC and Inter, was the non plus ultra in European soccer. But it is not only because of the strong league that Italy is still very popular among professional soccer players today. This is especially true for Milan. Even though the two clubs have had a difficult time in recent years, the attraction has remained unbroken. This may be due in no small part to the wonderful city. Milan is one of the country’s most important cultural, financial and fashion capitals. Numerous historical monuments and works of art attract millions of tourists year after year. It is clear that even as a professional soccer player you can enjoy the dolce vita here.

the soccer stars live in these cities

The star ensemble of Paris

There is no lack of great cultural institutions and monuments in Paris. The French capital has been considered an epicenter of art and culture for centuries. This has not changed until today. Whether fashion, art or music – numerous artists are inspired by the “city of love. For some years now, Paris has again been playing in the highest league in the field of soccer culture as well. In recent years, Paris Saint-Germain has assembled a true star ensemble that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. While players like Lionel Messi, Kylan Mbappe or Neymar Jr earn… a princely salary in Paris, but the city is also likely to exert its appeal on the professionals. Many a player’s wife is said to have persuaded her husband, who is eager to leave, to continue playing for the French capital club. Manchester is not Paris.

Barcelona – Mes que un Club

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Located directly on the Mediterranean Sea, the Catalan capital is a meeting point for high culture and subculture. Great artists such as Gaudi, Picasso and Dali have left their mark on the city. Another great artist was also active in the city for years – Lionel Messi. Until last season, the ball wizard played for the great FC Barcelona since his youth. The club is much more than just a soccer club for its supporters, not least because of its history as the Catalan national team during the Franco era. To this day, Barca enjoys a charisma that would make any professional go weak. Although most of the club’s players live outside the city, for example in the posh suburb of Castelldefels, Barcelona’s glamour is sure to win over many a footballer.

The highest density of footballers is in London

When it comes to popular destinations and cities with a high quality of life, London, of course, can not be missing. The English capital is one of the most important cultural and commercial centers in the world. For good reason, there is a high density of outstanding business hotels in London. The pulse of time has been beating in London for centuries. The fact that it also has the highest density of professional soccer players in the world is due in no small part to the fact that several Premier League clubs are based in or around London. Clubs like Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC or Tottenham Hotspur belong to the absolute top clubs not only in England. When it comes to sports betting, Chelsea is definitely considered among the favorites to win the Champions League with odds of 6.00. Since the Premier League is considered one of the financially strongest leagues in the world, the clubs with mega salaries naturally attract the big stars. With the necessary small change you can certainly find one or the other beautiful property in the metropolis on the Thames.

With the income of the soccer superstars you can be sure that they can look for a nice place anywhere, but the big metropolises offer with their urban charm of course again quite different arguments. Hertha BSC Berlin has also tried to join the circle of “big city clubs” in recent years. So far, however, the metropolis of Berlin is still without a worthy soccer representation.